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Carleton Sheets No Down Payment Complaints
Total Complaints: 87
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Twyla writes:
I've never thought this product was a scam but my credit card information WAS given to another company AND I returned the Carlton Sheets coursework WITHIN THE FREE TRIAL period, only to find that they continued to bill my credit card for well over $300 and claim to have never received my returned merchandise. I have an attorney and am fighting the charges on my card simply because I know that millions of dollars are made annually by businesses who claim their "no hassle guarantee" and then milk honest, hardworking people out of millions of dollars, claiming they never received the merchandise back. Personally I don't allow myself to be victimized in this way and you can bet it will be the LAST time I ever give my credit card to anyone off an infomercial. His coursework may be worth every dime, but his marketing practices are not what I consider ethical or within the law. My credit card company said she has literally hundreds of people with this same dispute each month, and Carlton Sheets has trained his people well in dealing with this. THEY ALWAYS contest a dispute, and of course the mastercard and visa companies side with the merchants if you cannot produce whatever information they claim they need. In my case it was a return receipt from the post office. I never thought to get one, since I've known this system to be around for so many years...in short, if you don't truly intend to buy and use the system, DO NOT give your $9.99 for a quick peek. It will cost you dearly and you'll end up without the real estate course OR your 300+ dollars.

Suzy writes:
I have purchased Carlton Sheets program by phone and received the kit.  They neglect to tell you that they charge $547.00 for this product all taken from my credit card ALL AT ONCE WITHOUT MY KNOWLEDGE, supposed to have been in three payments.  They also added $84 a year for the newsletter plus $9.00 a month for the FREE helpline.  I consider this false advertisement.  Lots of hiddden costs so if you give them your credit card number expect many hidden charges to appear without your permission. I have cancelled my future charges from Carlton Sheets but the past charges they will do nothing about and I am livid.  I also read that Carlton Sheets is not in the Real Estate Business anymore and I can see why.  He bilks his so called clients. Wonder what else they can find to charge us for????

Reggie writes:
I ordered the Carlton Sheets CDs (green cover).  I was charged the price for CDs but only received cassettes.  My requests to rectify this were ignored.

Richard writes:
I ordered the Carlton Sheets program for $299. I was shocked when I received my credit card bill for $599.87! I am not disputing the charges with my credit card company. Yes, they try to sell you a bunch of additional things and charge your credit card. Do Not buy this program.  I regret it.

Christa writes:
I ordered the Carelton Sheets program in June 2003.  The claim on tv said that I could keep it for 30 days and return it.  After I received it my husband lost his job so I never unpacked the box because I knew it had to go back.  I call the customer service number gave them my information the customer service rep told me I had until September to return it.  I told her I knew I couldn't keep it so I would like my authorization number.  I took the box to UPS and insured it for $400.  I did exactly what they told me to do.   Now in October 2003 they pull $94.91 out of my account.  I call customer service they said that a cd was missing in the box.  I knew that was a lie because I never unpacked the box.  He told me I couldn't get my money unless I returned the cd.   But I never unpacked the box so I dont have the cd.  The manager yelled at me said I stole their cd and I wasn't getting back anything.  I am very upset and I dont want this company to get away with treating people this way.

Russell writes:
I was sent extra materilals that was not listed on the orginal order. they  would not except my request to return the unopened items. P.I.E. is the scam artist here, I have delt  c. Sheets in 1989, no problem.

Sherry writes:
In August of 2004 I ordered the realestae program from Carlton Sheets.  Within two weeks I knew I didn't want to keep it so I called them to let them know I was going to send it back.  They were very pleasant on the phone and told me that since I had called so early on that as long as it was back by sometime in the first week in October.  They had it back in thier office before October 7th.  I am disabled and dependent on others to take me to the post office, and then I had a setback physically so I didn't get to the post office until October 1st.   The next thing I knew they were withdrawing $110 monthly untill they had all they wanted.  I got a letter telling me that I had not sent it back in time and if I wanted they could send the program back to me since I had to pay for it anyway.  I am still trying to get my money, but after reading all of the complaints against them, it doesn't look promising.

John writes:
I ordered Carlton's No Money Down course about a year and a half ago on the $9.99 trial offer.  When I ordered I was upsold on some product from another company. This other product was supposed to be billed at$8.00 per month for 12 months.  I received the course in about 4 days just as promised.  However, instead of $8.00 per month my credit card was billed $96.00 within 1 week after I received the course.  When I called back to complain about the charges I was told that they never told me it would be billed at $8.00 per month and that I misunderstood. Liars!  Whatever confidence I may have had in Carlton Sheet's integrity was instantly gone.  Fortunately I have a very good bank and they agreed to reverse the charges on my card.  As for the crooks selling Carlton Sheets' course,   they gave me the run-around when I tried to return it.  They refused to give me an authorization number to return the course and promised my an additional 30 days to try the course at no charge.  Then they immediately tried to charge my card for $125.00.  I simply closed my bank account and opened another one; one to which they did not have the number.  I'll never trust these people again.  There may be some honest ones out there but after this experience I am afraid to trust any of them.

Sarah writes:
I ordered the course just as everyone else. I called prior to my 30 day trial offer ended and got a return Auth. I sent the course back and calle dto let them know. About 2 weeks later I was charged $142.00.I called to to find out what the problem was and customer service then told me they never got it. I called UPS and it was tracked to being signed for by someone at Calton Sheets and someone from UPS called the customer service number and faxed them a copy of the del. ticket. I then spoke with a manager and they told me she couldnt find the course but due to having a reciept they would credit me back no later than 2 weeks from the time of our conversation. On the 2 week mark I called my bank to insure it was credited only to find out that they had deducted another $114.00. I then called customer service but only to be treated like a thief! The guy that I spoke with told me "sorry we never got it!" I told him of the conversation I had with the Manager and that UPS had called them to let them know it was sent and it was received by them. I told him I didnt think it was very nice to treat people this way he then told me "I dont think its nice to steal  my course!" I just about died!!! I would say in short this course and the people behind it are awful!!! They lie and steal your money. I called the DA in IL and filed a complaint, it may not do any good but if enough people do it we may be able to save someone else from felling for this scam!!

Michel writes:
I was currently fired from PIE who works for Sheets and I was fired because I got in my bosses face about how the customers are treated and scammed. Sorry to all who have had to deal with this. STAY AWAY, THIS IS A SCAM!!!

Rick writes:
Hey, who in the hell is protecting this guy? He is the biggest damned liar I have ever seen or heard in my life!!!! I was basically told from HIS course to borrow money from friends and/or family since my credit is non existant! DUH! Biggest ripoff I have ever encountered!!! I'm thinkin lawsuit! So if the SOB reads this, maybe then I will finally get my home! Lyin sack of SHIT!!!!!

James writes:
5/5/05 I just got a call from a collection agency saying that I had slipped through the cracks and that I owed a payment of 69.95. They would not say who they where from, only a collection agency. I paid for the course in full and did not use a credit card to do so, and if I did, I don't have it any longer. They then said that they would show the account in dispute. As I thought about it, I think this is a new scam!Watch out, as I think they are after credit card numbers.

Carolyn writes:
You want to be charged and charged and charged until they are stopped by you closing your account then get Carltons infomercial Program! My bank account was just charged 2 95.47 today and tbis is suppose to be a monthly payment .. The woman I talked to said my payments were to be paid on the 4th ..Well lets see my bill says the 7th..Nice huh?? This account i only use to pay items I get so i keep no extra money in it..It is seperate from our household acount..So now this so called monthly payment system just cost me 64.00 in bank fees.. DO NOT GET THIS PROGRAM unless YOU CAN PAY ALL AT ONCE!!!If you get payments they will take till you stop them

Justin writes:
I ordered the Carlton Sheets Program and it took 2 1/2 weeks to get to me. I even forgot I ordered it. I looked at it for 2 weeks and decided it wasent for me. I called to get return # and the service was very poor and very unprofessional. They would not take my package back because they said I was past the 30 days and when I explained I didnt receive the package for a long time after I ordered it the woman got real defensive and told me that wasent their problem. But then she told me I was within the grace period but my grace period would be up before the package would reach them so they were going to charge me anyway and then I got mad. I just gave them a piece of my mind and paid my credit card up and cancelled the card. Now I get snail mail from PIE about how I owe them $329. Not and if I see it come up on my credit report I will do something about that. I would never buy anything from this company or any affiliates. Professional business is not run in this manner. The program wasent anyone on the internet couldnt research and find out for FREE anyway. If you want to know what is in it I will tell you and even give you the good information out of the product just  email me.

Perry writes:
We ordered Carleton Sheets in 2004 for the trail period.  We returned unopened product before the trial period ended.  They billed us before 30 days was up on our credit card. They told me that everything was great, no worries.  The next statement we noticed another payment was taken from our account. Plus a $9.95 fee was charged for the call I made to them regarding our problem.   2 weeks later, they refunded 114.00.  I called them about the other charges, was put on hold for a very long time, they told me they NEVER took the 2nd payment although I have my statement.  I have yet to get credit for the other payment and AGAIN~ they scammed me for another $9.95 when I called asking about THEIR mistake.   UNETHICAL BUSINESS MAN~ I wonder how many more people he has SCREWED out of their money???  I am sure EVENTUALLY they will get theirs.  We can all prove what we're saying~ ISN'T THIS BLATENT THEFT BY DECEPTION?

Larry writes:
Just got a bill (5/10/05) from a collection agency call Pinnacle Financial Group for the amount of 149.00. The bill has very little information about who has contracted them to collect, but did say AMS and offers a 800 number to call. After a couple of calls they finally answer. After asking for a supervisor, I am told this is a change for a partial payment of $149.00 back in 1999 that was never billed. I am told that this was an accounting error that slipped through the cracks. That's 6 years ago. This person can't even tell me which credit card I used and I sure don't have any statements from that far back. The person can not even offer a   contact number for me to call. Has anyone had this happen? I think this a scam, but what if is not? I can't believe any company would have this poor of accounting practices to stoop so low to attempt to collect something that old.

Stanley writes:
Purchased over 4 years ago. May of 2005 I receive a notice from a collection agency stating I owe 104.90.. The collection agency is PFG or Minnesota, they were very rude and not cooperative.  They stated I have to prove from 4 years ago that my credit card was billed.  I asked who keeps records that far back and the person did not want to hear what I was asking and hung up.  It appears from what I am reading, this Carlton Sheets company is not on the level.   Beware.

Zelica writes:
I ordered the product.  They sent it.   I gave them my credit card and they deducted 83.00 3 times.  I returned the product in the alloted time but they said I did not.  What do you do?  I have to cancel my credit card and get a new one.  It is wrong that I can not even deny the charges.  They have to know somebody.  I want them to send the program back, since I paid for it.  When I get it back, I will sell on e-bay.  anyone else that has to keep it should sell on e-bay and get something out of it.  The DVD's said the same thing over and over again what they say on the infomercial.  It does not give any real usable information.  PLEASE DO NOT GET THIS PRODUCT!!!!!!!

Linwood writes:
They may think they are getting away with stealing money from hardworking people, but there is a God in heaven and sooner or later they will all be judged...People who have been scammed, be of good courage and pray for your enemies for you will heap burning coals on their heads!

Jack writes:
I bought the Course back in 1999. Nothing I could use. I wasted $300, but learned a valuble lesson, never to buy anything from an infomerical. I have to admit their infomercials are very convincing. About 3 years ago I started getting phone calls form collection agencies saying I owed them money. I told them I didn't oew them money and that I wouldn't give them a dime. They went away and did not report it to nay credit bureau. Now I am getting calls from a computer six years later saying to call "Sean Lee' at a toll free number. When you call there is no Sean Lee. It a collection agancy saying I owe PEI $69.95 from 6 years ago, but they are willing to settle with me for $50. I think it's a scam to get your credit card number. I told them to go shit in their hat and not to call me again. They said if want them not to call again I have to write to them with a request not to call.

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