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Carleton Sheets No Down Payment Complaints
Total Complaints: 87
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Ben writes:
I ordered his course and found a lot of information gaps.  He says it's a step by step guide but I found it not to be.   I bought a book from Amazon.com on how to invest in property and the book told me pretty much the same thing as Carlton's course, plus other stuff that I didn't know.   I could have slapped myself.  It never occoured to me to go to a library first.

Marcea writes:
I ordered the Carlton Sheets package from the informercial number this morning.  After reading these complaints, I decided this is not the product for me.  So four hours after I ordered this product, I called the customer service number and advised them I was cancelling my order and to not ship the product to me.  The customer service representative advised me that that I would need to call back tomorrow because I would not show up in their computer for 24 hours.   She then told me that typically the packages are sent to the shipper within 24 hours and that if I called tomorrow it would be too late to cancel it.  I advised her that I would be sending it back.  Based on everyone's complaints here, I did call my credit card company and closed my account.  I wish I had read these complaints before I ordered the package.  Thanks to everyone!!

Chadd writes:
I am outraged.... I wish I had read these other complaints before I ordered this crap. I received my first bill before I even received the program. I never opened the box and called two weeks after finally receiving it. After telling the guy on the phone that I didnt want this and I wanted to know how to return it as I knew if I didnt return it the "proper" way, I would be assed out. Well he proceeded to tell me that the computers were down but he would give me an extended grace period of 30 days. I then received a bill in the mail from "The Hume Group" staing I owed almost $600 more. When I called to find out what these charges were for, a rude woman told me I had ordered it. I told her to prove I did, she told me to prove I didnt! Can you believe that? This is America, and Americans dont take things laying down. Why are we simply writing about this, why arent we getting together and taking action. This is a scam and I see that ALL of the collection agencies invovled are different and it would seem they are passing our information around to each other. This is ridiculous. Lets stand up for ourselves... Write me at... @hotmail.com I am not afraid of these people, as a matter of fact they should fear the power of the American people when we unite!

Drew writes:
I ordered the package from a tv ad. they said it would be there in 3 to 5 weeks. well about a month went by and they called and i told them i hadnt recieved it yet. well a week or so later they called and said some one signed for the package of a different last name up in the office. so i went up to the office and they told me they didnt have any package for me. well another week or so went by and they called wondering why a 200 some dollar payment was declined from my debit card and i told them i didnt have money in there because i never reciceved the package. so ups called a couple days later and said they had the package and i told them to send it back to sender. well i get a letter a few weeks later saying that they cant refund the 9.95 or stop me from having to buy the program when i never recived it, never was opened or anything. i dont want it never got it and am willing to take whatever steps necesarry to stop them from trying to force me to buy the product I DONT EVEN CARE about the 9.95 anymore!! HELP

Rose writes:
Well, I am surely glad to find this place with so very useful reviews, and definately won't buy anything in the future before reading the reviews here. Of course I learned it the hard way after buying the "no downpayment" baloney and now having these collection agency API calling and saying my credit card is rejecting a charge...my husband and I paid the program in full, but now they say there is a pending payment and that's just as false as their "now downpayment" theory which doesn't work nowadays anyway. They are also calling to get us into the "Coaching program" which is just a way for them to get some easy $2000 or more out of people for absolutely nothing. If you like real estate, forget about this course, go to a real estate school and you will learn all the truth there is to it and later get your broker license to start your real estate business, there's just no way around that. Anyway BUYERS BEWARE of these scam.

Cynt writes:
I feel as if we all need to do a huge lawsuit .   There are so many people that have paid their money for the course and it is still sitting in the box because they were forced to buy the course after ordering it .   After reading these complaints , it seems as if everyone has had the same problems. I've even had personal coaches to call and try to get me to pay them thousands of dollars for them to coach me through the first sale. If i had money i would not have ordered this course.  I am really to embarrased to let my family and friends know that i was such a big sucker.  Any top attorneys out there to this on.

J writes:
I wish I had seen this site before. I have spent the past hour trying to cancel this product. Only to be told it takes 24 hrs to show my order in their system. I did call my CC company and notified them & once a charge shows up in their system, I can dispute it.  I will have my CC work with me, but then I hope they do not start sending collecton notices after me.  Why is this guy in business?  I really feel stupid and am not a educated person, trying to find a new product.   STAY AWAY FROM THIS COURSE.

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