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1/30/2007 - Steve writes:
Regarding the infomercial leading to the Biz-opp Meeting, John & Greg Rice made statements on TV that they were going "teach us how they did it". An outright lie. And had I known that Russ Whitney was behind this, which was never disclosed prior to purchase, we never would have attended said meeting. Additionally, I was told over the phone that we were part of a marketing test to sell part of a so called $1700 course for $199 for introductory material. This was obviously not disclosed at said biz-opp meeting. After studying the material, it was too simplistic, no full information, referred to material not provided, not feasible ideas resulting in loss of time and money. As if that wasn't harm enough, no place was given in a timely notice whereby we would receive the 3 day training workshop that was included. We requested a REFUND. It was denied by Russ Whitney & Co., in response to our Third and Final Notice, that we had 3 days to request a refund. They told us at the seminar it was 30 days. Moreover, we contacted Florida Dept. of Consumer Services which was no help at all. They suggested we file suit, which is what I intend to do. Don't waste your time or money!

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