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Chitosol Complaints
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Joe writes:
This is a warning for anyone doing business with Beacon Marketing, the maker of CHITOSOL. I had a very bad experience with this company when I tried to get my money back. They would keep telling me that the check was in the mail when they had no intention of refunding my money. This went on for several months and I still have not been paid despite several contacts with them and Pay Systems who was soppost to handle refunds. I believe that Beacon Marketing has since changed their name to Gold Shield which leads me to believe that they are trying to hide or conceal thier questionable business practices. Please alert others that this is a bad company to do business with and you are not likely to get a refund. 

Marti writes:
I had ordered the product and was very unhappy. The vitamins made me extremely sick for weeks! I sent the product back (in the proper time period). I was promised a total refund of $200. The company changed over and everyone who had ordered the product when I did, had lost their money! The company refuses to pay and we all had to suffer!

Cynthia writes:
I ordered this product on 7-25-01 Payed 132.90 for a three month supply. Used for 3 weeks, and had problems with my system, Had a 100% money back garentee. When I called the Co. They said ship back remaining amount and we will send you your refund. Well did so and several weeks later recieved a letter from and attorney saying that they were filing bankruptcy and restructuring their company, and I would receive my refund as soon as all was settled. it has been well over a year and still no refund or contact. How do I get this resolved, I truely fill I've been had.

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