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Comprehensive Formula Complaints
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12/14/2006 - Neil writes:
My wife ordered pilates and all of a sudden we are getting boxes full of vitamins we never ordered.and we can't call anybody to send it back.

7/21/2006 - Edith writes:
I got mixed up with this ordering a pilates workout. I was offered to try this product for $1.00. I called to cancel any further orders and received the product anyway. I called again after being charged 33.34. I was told that the returned product had not yet been received. I was charged again two days later in the amount of 68.00. I am in the process of contacting my bank to stop any further charges. This is a complete scam.

7/7/2006 - Charlene writes:
I originaaly called them to order the Pilates cd that I saw on a tv commercial,was asked about the vitamins at which time I told them I did not want, a month or so later I received them anyways.I called them to returned items & get credit on these vitamins and was greeted by a very rude young girl that also hung up on me. I was informed they would credit me on the 2nd call I made but will have to wait & see. But these people are very rude.

Rick writes:
Since my first purchase back in June of $15.90, my account has been charged 2 more times, once on 7-26-02 and again on 8-10-02, and I've not received any more product. And I don't want anymore but I don't have any information as to who to contact to cancel. 

Jeri writes:
My husband and I saw the commercial on Comprehensive Formula and thought we we would give it a try as he was having trouble sleeping, and my energy level seemed low. Mary Lou....something (the lady that used to be on Taxi) was the guest host, and knowing she is concerned with fitness, and also having written books on the subject, we felt she was believable. They were offering an introductory 60 day supply for the price of a 30 day, so I ordered one for each of us, as they come in men's & women's formulas. After being on the product for a month, neither of us felt any better than taking regular store bought vitamins (and they're much cheaper!), so I phoned and canceled. They charged our card for another shipment! When I phoned their customer service, I talked to a young, and very rude girl by the name of Brittany. She basically said..."no, that's not how it works." We break the payments into two monthly payments, and that is what the second charge is for. Well, that's not what was on t.v., or what I was told when I placed our order. I asked them to credit our account, and was told "No." I am currently working with my credit card company to try and reverse the charges, but due to the infomercial format, I don't think the credit card company is going to be able to help. So, thanks for nothing, but wasting $60!!!! Don't order!  Not worth it.....especially the aggravation.

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