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Coral Calcium Complaints
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1/22/2007 - Juergen writes:
Yeah Coral Connection is owned by Blair/Robert Bremner from Mechanicsville, VA...I still have some of their bogus silver solution and coral calcium tea bags. Man, I can't believe I got scammed...

Brad writes:
I saw this program on television promoting this Coral Calcium.  It spoke of great healing factors.  I went ahead and ordered 3 months supply.  That was January 18, 2003.  I have not received the product and I'm not able to reach anyone concerning this problem.  My credit card shows a deduction, but no product has been delivered.  I was scammed.  Don't anyone order coral calcium off the tv. 

Maria writes:
I ordered a two-month supply of Coral Calcium, with a book, on 2/17/03, from the Shop America network on TV using my debit charge. The amount was deducted immediately, but I never received the product, and there was no contact information given when I called my bank. Is there anyway to contact this company?

Carolyn writes:
I saw an infomercial with Kevin Trudeau and Bob Barefoot about these vitamins and ordered 50 bottles for a total of a little over $500. The fulfillment center answering the phone was Shop America. They lied to me telling me it was shipped 2/24th and again on 3/20/03.  They would not send it other than untrackable post office bulk mail.  Their customer service number is 1-847-465-3770! This has got to be a scam. There is no way to get this product and they continue to lie to me. P.S. All I want is the 50 bottles I ordered.

Jane writes:
I watched an infomercial with Bob Barefoot and Kevin somebody about the benefits of coral calcium.  I think the infomercial was to sell Bob Barefoot's books, but on the show, they gave a number to call to order coral calcium.  Well, I thought I would receive Bob Barefoot's coral calcium.  I spent 300.00 for two sets of his books, 3video tapes, and 3 audio tapes, and 10 bottles of coral calcium, and a lifetime purchase price of 14.99/bottle, and was told that every person I give my order # to will get the product for 14.99.  Well, the product was not Bob Barefoot's.  It was from a distributor, Today's Health, and the product name is Coral Calcium Daily.  I emailed Bob Barefoot & he said this was not his product and that many companies are claiming to be affiliated with him without permission.  He did not answer my question about how I could call during his infomercial, and not receive his product.  Of course, his product is being sold for 34.00 & I thought I was getting a preferred member price for purchasing a "Friends and family membership". I really feel ripped off.  Does Bob Barefoot need to give permission to televise this interview? I still don't understand how I could call during his infomercial and receive a different product.

https writes:
I purchased Coral Calcium through the websitewww.authenticcalcium.comand have not received my product yet.  I printed off my confirmation order but I never did receive an email from them verifying my order.  STRANGE!!! Because I have always received a confirmation order from anything I have order on the web.  Anyways it has been over a month and I still haven't received my product.  So I went back to the website.   WEIRD!!!!  No such site.  Since I printed off the confirmation order, the bottom states//gw1.securedpayment.com/cgi-bin/calcium/cart.plso I went to that address.  WEIRD!!!!  There's the confirmation order but when I click on any of the links regarding the online store -- NO SUCH WEBPAGES!!!!  What is going on???  I paid via credit card.

George writes:
Ordered the product from an infomercial. Was told it would ship in three business days. Four weeks passed and no pills. Called the phone number. "We are sorry. I will see that they are shipped tomorrow". I gave instructions that no mor orders were to be shipped untill I received the first order. Waited two weeks and called again and told them to cancel my order and refund my money. I was told I had not waited long enough. Would not refund my money. I contacted my credit card company and had them back charge Shop America's account at the billing bank. Still have not received a shipment nor heard from Shop America.

Sarah writes:
After suffering from digestion problems for years, I was up one morning in January and saw Bob Barefoot on the Kevin & Debbie Show (or Ken & Debbie)....After listening to all he had to say, I thought this was a sure cure.  I do believe in homeopathy and herbs and vitamins curing things, so I thought I'd give it a try, its all natural, how could I lose??  Well, I ordered 2 bottles and got put on automatic delivery and would be charged $39.99 a month.  I also ordered a book. Well, by the end of March I still had not recieved anything, and my credit card was charged....I called up my credit card and they said it was Shop America...so I called them and they said that the product was on backorder and that the book I ordered was too, so they credited my account for the book. Well it is now June and I still haven't recieved my coral calcium...I called shop america again, and they said it was shipped back in February...I never got it...so they said they would credit my account for it. I hope they do...all I wanted was the coral calcium.  But waiting 5 months I gave up.

George writes:
Ordered the product and never received it. Calls to the 770 area code number got no results. Tryin to get credit card company involved. The org is in elk Grove Village ,Il as best I can tell. $67.80 charged to me. Believe non American sect may be runing a scam and sending the money out of the country. Where is the FBI?

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