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Core Rhythms Complaints
Total Complaints: 54
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2/6/2007 - Nkauj writes:
I saw the infomercial and thought wow - i love to dance and i was looking for a great workout video too. i jotted down the 800 # and called. i knew i should've hung up when i heard the automated service. I too then gave my debit card number and expiration date. when i verified my home and email address and thought i was done with my order it prompted me to order cd's not once but 2 times. i knew exactly what they were trying to do. so i listened to the AUTOMATED voice for the whole 20 minutes to make sure that i did not order anything more than the video 14.95 plus shipping and handling. after i dialed #2 to select no for all the OTHER offers it said for me to say my email address and that i would receive an email address confirming my order. and hung up. i called lastnight the 800 number that was given to me and got a customer service rep after waiting 21 minutes! He said that what i had done was order diet pills - i can't take pills so why would i order them. he said that once i receive my order i can simply return it and get my money back. i said to him ok - so what you are saying is that once i get my order and return it and pay shipping and handling you will return my product? if it hasn't shipped why can't you cancel my order all together and credit my account. he stated that it is on it's way and that he has no access to it but what he can do is give me an invoice number so i can reference it on the package to get my refund and he provided me with a fax number so i can fax my receipt for the shipping and handling. for all those are thinking to get this product, please DON'T! I spoke to my bank and I will be getting a new card incase in the future they THINK they can charge my checking account!

2/6/2007 - Patti writes:
As soon as I tried the email address a popup with infoscam came up. I cannot get into it to cancel order. I called the custormer service number to cancel. All I got was a recording and music. No one answered.

2/1/2007 - Sue writes:
I ordered for $14.95, I am on Soc. Sec-so I only get a check once a month, the next morning I tried to call the number to cancel and after a recorded message, got disconnected, tried to call back a few more times, and again the next day to cancel. Three days later thye took money out of my acct. (debit-visa) which almost broke me and I still can not get ahold of them to cancel,of course I dont have the order but now I have to go and make sure at the bank somehow that I am not charged anymore from this place after reading all the people they have scammed. I dont usually order and I wish I didn't and never will again

1/24/2007 - Phinnette writes:
I called the number in response to an infomercial. An automated process began. It asked if I was interested in buying the production for $14.99. I said yes. Then it asked for my credit card information. I entered it. Then it asked if I wanted to continue receiving additional CDs. I said no. All of a sudden it said your charge is 69.00 has been processed and said thank you. I called my credit card company but the charge had not gone through yet. So I had to wait. I recieved the package within days and I tried to call the toll free number for customer service. It is telling me that I do not need to dial a long distance access code for the number I dialed. That's all. I can't reach anyone from this company. The website has blurred pictures and no good contact information. the website is []. My credit card company has launched an investigation, and I suggest that no one buys from this company.

1/18/2007 - Hope writes:
I too have been overcharged by this company. Like everyone else, I thought I was ordering a 14.95 DVD plus 9.95 (S&H) and was charged an additional 40.00 without my consent. I have reported this to my financial institution ahd have started the necessary paperwork to get my money back. I also spoke with a rep from the company on today. She tried to convince me that I ordered their "non-membership" package which really upset me. I was sure I only ordered the T.V. offer and nothing more.

1/18/2007 - Allison writes:
This is a total SCAM!! Do not order this product - you will be completely sorry if you pick up the phone. My story is no different than the others. I will dipsute the charges, contact the BBB, and hope that you read these complaints before you, too, order and get ripped off. Right after I hung up, I immediately contacted a girl named Seleena who promised my order would not go through. I phoned three times and talked with three different people who all promised that they would make sure the order didn't go through. Guess what. A charge of just under $90 showed up on my credit card!!! This is unbelievable and I am so upset. This company should be shut down!!!!

1/11/2007 - Stephanie writes:
About a month ago, I went online and purchased "Core Rhythms", which is a dance work out (I was inspired by "Dancing With The Stars"). Anyway, I paid the entire $39.85 because I didn't want to do the two monthly installments of $19.95. Well, yesterday I checked my Bank account and saw that Core Rhythms charged me $24.95 which is a discounted fee for the second DVD, (automatically sent) that is on the way to me per the customer service person I spoke to on yesterday. Now in order to get reimbursed, I have to wait for the DVD to get to me, pay postage to send it back, and just pray they give me a refund. They will probably say they never got it. This is the kicker! Little did I know that when I made the original purchase last month, I was also going to be hit with a $14.95 charge from a vendor called "Passport to Fun". This charge was taken out of my account today! I immediately called Core Rhythms and they claimed not to know of the company. I went online and looked up Passport to Fun and got an 800 number. Well, to make a long story much longer, Passport to Fun's rep. told me that they were affiliated with Core Rhythms and that when I made my original purchase, it was noted that I also wanted to try their product, which is some kind of discount program that I never even saw upon purchasing the work out DVD. Saying all of that to say this; I am just trying to spare anyone a bunch of hassle and consumed money. Lucky for me, I keep extra cash in my account or else I could have had bounced checks since I didn't count on $39.85 coming out of my account. DO NOT USE CORE RHYTHMS!!!! Boycot them!!! Thanks for listening.

12/21/2006 - Tony writes:
Came close to being scammed also but I did not use my debit card like so many here. I new that there would be a S&H charge so when I ordered the product I used my citi bank card which allows me to generate a temp credit card number that can only be charged up to a specific value. I figured on about $10 dollars for S&H and generated a number for $25 before calling. Like everyone else I got on the system and was blown away by the fact that it was totally automated. However, I did recieve the DVD and was charged only $25.00. The credit card number I gave them is know no longer valid and can't be charged further, well after two month I still have my DVD and no additional charges. I will always use my Citi card in the future to order on-line or over the phone because after reading the other problems here I relize I could have really been taken.

12/20/2006 - Elsa writes:
I ordered Core Rhythms on a Saturday and first thing the automated call did was get my credit card info. It was all down hill after that. I learned I was going to get billed every month. (I only wanted to order the $14.95 plus $9.95 shipping) a one time only thing. Now I stay on the line hoping I will be given an option to cancel. But all I get is "do you want to order this,"do you want to order that?" I respond no twice to each offer and it acknowledges I do not want. It gives a customer service number and then ends call. I immendiately call the customer service number to cancel and am told I cannot cancel because the order is not in the system yet, to wait until Monday. On Monday, I call my bank and notice $75.56 has been debited from my account. The bank tells me it is Core Rhythms. My bank was very upset when I told them my story, so we called Core Rhythms together. First we are told the order is not shipped yet, but the computer will not let them cancel. She then tells us I have 72 hours to cancel. The bank lady rips Core Rhythms a new one and demands to talk to the supervisor. I am informed that in addition to the video, I ordered vitamins and other stuff!! I am so pissed off. They offer to refund half the money now and half later, after they receive the merchandise back and they haven't even shipped it yet! My bank refused to make a deal since it is their fault. What it boils down to is I won't be getting my refund anytime soon, because after they refund, Mastercard has to do their thing which could take weeks. Core Rhythm STOLE from me. Because of them I have a lot less money for Christmas. I wish some lawyer would go after them because I am sure there are plenty of others out there that was ripped off. Their infomercial is misleading and never tells you that you are obligated to buy this stuff every month.

12/19/2006 - Shaine writes:
I like the video's themselves, & haven't attempted to stop the membership, but there is a definete concern w/ their practices; on the website when you first order it is very misleading & even when you get a hold of a live person to talk to they really don't have a good explaination as to why the price you are quoted & the price you actually pay really doesn't make sense. My advice to people would be if something doesn't seem right, no matter how bad you think you want, need, or have to have something, when you get a red flag stop, & start researching more thoroughly. Now that I've read all the complaints, I am going to cancel my membership & get a new debit card through my bank if I have to take it that far. Can anyone tell me where else I can get the video's? email me @ []

12/15/2006 - Denise writes:
I SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO MY HUSBAND!!!! NO MORE INFOMERCIALS FOR ME! Tuesday,December 12th: Saw the infomercial with reputable dance champions and price of 14.99 (paid attention and no mention of 2 or 3 payments of 14.99). We both took latin dancing in the past and know how much fun it really is. Called and was surprised by voice automated system using recordings of the famed dancers voices. Provided credit card number and expiry date for the 14.99 charge. Then offered membership which I declined. Then free bonus offer asking to state if I was male or female. Declined. Offered 5 bonus offers. All declined by pressing 2. I was too afraid to hang up in case I started receiving all these products such as magazines if I did not continue with pressing the 2 to decline. The automated voice system ends with the voice announcing my credit card would be billed 69.99. No tracking number is even given. Just an e-mail address and customer service phone number 1-866-777-8151 (remember no tracking number has been given.) Immediately e-mailed them at [email protected] within 15 minutes of hanging up insisting the order be cancelled. December 14th Received the e-mail back today from my e-mail server stating the receipient's computer rejected my e-mail entitled Cancellation of Order. I phoned MasterCard. They received a notification from CoreRhythms company of charge for 99.99 US (converted from Canadian) December 13th. Instructed me to call back next Wednesday at which time they will receive the actual paperwork they require from Corerythyms to put the charge through. If they do not receive it, then no charge will be put through. Advised to send item back via registered mail if and when it is received. Will not investigate until effort has been made on consumer's part to attempt to resolve with company. Keep all correspondence, receipts, etcetera. I can not believe these dancers would allow their reputations to be soured so greatly. I hope to resolve this with the company but wished I would have seen this site first to avoid the whole scenario. My next step is a call to them tomorrow morning followed by another e-mail which may not be rejected if titled wanting to order more. Thank you to all who contributed. You will likely save others a lot of headache and money. I wish I were one of them. Thank you to the person who included the better business contact number for your state. I will be contacting our area's better business bureau here in Canada, the television network it is being aired on, and government to see what actions can be taken on behalf of those who have contributed to this site. I also think the international dance community might be contacted at some point by someone. As I live in Canada, it will not be me.

12/9/2006 - Rachel writes:
I bought Core Rythms about a month a half ago and I am being charged again for something I never recieved. I called the company and said i wanted to cancel and nothing has been done. I am going to the bank today to file paper work for fraud so they will no longer be able to steal from my account. Go to your banks stop trying to call the theif!!

12/9/2006 - Lonnie writes:
I saw the commercial , and immediately I had to have it . Called the number given and paid with my credit card which was for the 14.95 video.My phone battery was low it disconnected. Once I received the battery charge, immediately called back to talk to a live person , maybe I could get the authorization code. But no that damn automated system came on again and again I called my bank everyday looking for the 2 day posting of 14.95 plus shipping no such thing. 3 days later I received this charge of 79.00 on my account that is bull. This is horrible , I have not received the video yet but you can guarantee they will not use my credit card again .

12/8/2006 - Leisah writes:
My partner ordered Core Rhythms as a trial offer and didn't cancel in the required time so we were billed several times. I called to cancel the service and I have just learned that we received yet another charge and another video in the mail. I will attempt to get a refund again, but all infomercial predators should be held liable for fraudulent claims and poor business conduct.

12/8/2006 - Giovanna writes:
I would like to cancel this membership. They have debited my account before receiving this product. I have emailed them regarding canceling this membership, but I have not received a return response. I have threated to report them to the BBB. Can you please help? Giovanna

12/6/2006 - Jennifer writes:
I just want to say THANKS to all of you who wrote complaints. You likely saved me a huge headache. After hearing a friend tell me about the video, I went to the Core Rhythms website to check it out. I selected the $14.95 option (knowing about the membership for future videos, but figuring I'd cancel right away). But, when I went to check out my total was more than that. Couldn't figure it out so I called their 800 number and learned the truth about it being TWO payments of $14.95. That struck me as a being a bit shady. Then I found this site and read all of your stories. I've decided NOT to chance it. No video is worth as much trouble as all you have been through. And, I figure if 38 people have complained, there must be TONS more out there who didn't know where to complain to or just didn't want to take the time. So, again....Thanks.

12/4/2006 - Laurie writes:
I haven't even had a chance to use the DVD's yet, but so far it has been a frustrating experience dealing with this Company. Their promise of ordering a DVD for 14.95 plus S & H, is false. This is the price for a membership that you are not told about until you are done placing your order. It was difficult to cancel during the automated order process after I discovered there was a membership requirement. I'm not even sure what happened but I card was zapped for $109.00! This included a supplement that I did'nt want, but pressed a wrong button for. Although the Customer Service people have been professional and seemingly helpful, I'm still waiting for a credit to my account nearly two weeks and 4 phone calls later. My real complaint is the false sort of advertising that they use when trying to sell this product.

12/4/2006 - Subita writes:
I just received the core rythms 2 weeks ago. After reading the complaints, i called customer service only to find out that in order to keep, it is NOT $14.95 = $9.95 shipping and handling instead, an additional $14.95 will be charged and only then you can cancel it. If you return it, you will pay for shipping yourself and who's to say that you will get your money back. I reminded them that we are not stupid consumers but they are scamming by taking advantage of busy working individuals. Too bad for the intructors because they are good.

12/4/2006 - Cindy writes:
First the infomercial said the package mailing fee would be waived. I have tried calling to cancel and going on line to cancel but all I get is more infomercial. I am now on hold to speak with my credit card company to prevent more charges. I have no interest in paying 24.90 per month for DVD's.

12/4/2006 - Claire writes:
I ordered this program through the website after watching the infomercial. I read the website very carefully and took pains to order the one-time, non-membership option. Nevertheless, I am being billed monthly in addition to the "one-time" fee I paid up front. I have had no response to my attempts to contact the company through its website.

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