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Core Rhythms Complaints
Total Complaints: 57
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12/4/2006 - Subita writes:
I just received the core rythms 2 weeks ago. After reading the complaints, i called customer service only to find out that in order to keep, it is NOT $14.95 = $9.95 shipping and handling instead, an additional $14.95 will be charged and only then you can cancel it. If you return it, you will pay for shipping yourself and who's to say that you will get your money back. I reminded them that we are not stupid consumers but they are scamming by taking advantage of busy working individuals. Too bad for the intructors because they are good.

12/4/2006 - Cindy writes:
First the infomercial said the package mailing fee would be waived. I have tried calling to cancel and going on line to cancel but all I get is more infomercial. I am now on hold to speak with my credit card company to prevent more charges. I have no interest in paying 24.90 per month for DVD's.

12/4/2006 - Claire writes:
I ordered this program through the website after watching the infomercial. I read the website very carefully and took pains to order the one-time, non-membership option. Nevertheless, I am being billed monthly in addition to the "one-time" fee I paid up front. I have had no response to my attempts to contact the company through its website.

12/3/2006 - Shamara writes:
I ordered the Core Rythyms dvd set after seeing the infomercials. I just had a baby in September and was eager to loose the weight. We are now in December and I still have not received the Core Rythyms set plus they billed my debit card twice for a product that I still have not received!! I am furious! I hardly order from these TV commercial things and now when I finally do I get ripped off! I would like to know how and where I can get back my money because right about now I am just about ready to sue these sons and bitches.

11/27/2006 - Kendra writes:
I have purchased the Core Rhythms dvd set back in October. I thought this product was a one time thing - you buy it and then recieved. However TODAY I recieved another core rhythms (salsa blast) for a fee of $19.95, therefore every month I would be recieving a workout video that was hidden in the intial infomercial. This is ridiculous and I will never buy something like this or order through this company again. It's a rip-off! DO NOT BUY CORE RHYTHMS!

11/26/2006 - Lynn writes:
I took the chance and ordered Core Rhythms program Sunday, 11/26/06. There was never any mention of receiving a new CD every month, at a cost of $19.95 plus S&H, until after my order was completed and credit card information had been provided via the automated ordering system. I am FURIOUS about this. There was no hint of monthly mailings in the infomercial. I will absolutely dispute any charges with my credit card company the very instant they hit my credit card.

11/25/2006 - Michael writes:
I've ordered the Core Rhythms product twice. The first time delivery was slow and after contacting customer service they seemed not to have the order at all. I resubmitted the order in all it took approximately 8 weeks to receive product this was in Feb 2006. At that time there was no mention of subscription or any attempt for additional billing. The second time I ordered the product as a birthday gift for a friend and had it shipped directly to the friends address in a different state. After the intital charge I noticed a second charge from core rhythms for the same amount subsequent months. I had the credit card company place the charges in dispute. There were no additional products delivered to me or my friend. I would not recommend the product based on these practices alone. BUYER BEWARE.

11/24/2006 - Carol writes:
I too have been very upset by core rhythms. I decided the worst of all evils, was to join the membership, and then cancel it. The infomercial says "you can cancel anytime" I tried to cancel and they said I could not yet cancel it and that they already sent the next video out. This was before I even had the trail of the first ones. Well I like the videos so much I keep getting a few of them. Well called and the guy asked me why I wanted to cancel. I told them I was having money issues. He then said well we can mail them out less often, I said okay every 4 months then. I went to the mail box this week and to my suprise I recieved another DVD. I tried to call them and another guy told me that it was sent before the change, Well funny but the call I made was right after my previous order, there is no way they had already sent it out. I now see that [] is selling it. I wish I had waited and ordered through them. beware!!!

11/13/2006 - Marcy writes:
I saw the informercial on 11/2/06. I tried to cancel while ordering but the automated system would not allow it. The system gave me the customer service line which of course says that they cant cancel until the order is processed which takes 24-48 hours to process. If you call, allegedly, within this timeframe they will cancel order. This is a bold face lie. Everytime I called during the 24-48 grace period I was told they didnt have the order. Then all of a sudden the $79.85 appeared on my credit card instead of $14.95 + 9.95 S/H. Please contact the better business bureau, if they receive enough complaints they will turn investigation over to the state's consumer protection agency. This agency has the power to shut down this agency and impose fees against the company's bond paid to state. Company address is Dance Sports Videos, LLC, Core Rhythms, P.O. Box 8324, Van Nuys, CA 91409. # 866-777-8151. Good luck getting our money back.

11/6/2006 - Rebekah writes:
I ordered core rhythms thinking my credit card would be charged the amount they said on the infomercial (around 30 I think) and got charged 79 something! That's over twice as much! I've been too busy to try to get my money back so I just said the heck with it and let it go. Now that I'm reading about everyone else getting scammed as well I'm tempted to call the 1-800 number and get my money back.

10/30/2006 - Lindley writes:
I didn't even order the Core Rhythms DVD from their website or their infomercial line. I ordered it from a different website because of all the bad press about credit card scams that the Core Rhythms company had. I even wrote to them, via email, about the scam and their reply was, "Well, if you have any questions in particular that may help disprove that feeling, please feel free to ask." After responding that the reply wasn't well worded, I ordered my single DVD from another company. Sure enough, month after month, I have been charged by Core Rhythms a fee for DVDs that I am not even receiving! I first called my credit card company and told them about the scam and my due diligence to prevent it. I did call Core Rhythms 866 777 8151 and they explained to me that they were the only ones allowed to distribute the DVDs. The worst part is that they had all my credit card details and my mailing address (etc.) as if I had ordered the first DVD from them. They promised to refund in 3-7 business days. I will let you know.

10/28/2006 - Renee writes:
They continue to charge my credit card monthly after I cancelled. the said that they would not charge me again that was 2 months ago.

10/28/2006 - Janet writes:
I just finished watching the infomercial and I was so excited I even took notes about what I was going to be getting for the $14.95. I knew there would be a Shipping and Handling fee but didn't see an amount on the infomercial. When it ended, I got out my debit card and dialed the 800 number where I was told by a voice system that I would pay $14.95 plus $9.95 S&H (okay I expected that) and then 30 days later another $14.95 to keep the product. WHAAT? Wait a minute. I hesistated as the voice kept repeating the question and saying it didn't get my response. Quicky, I calculated that my $14.95 plus S&H had become..$40, That's $40 that I never intended to spend. Finally, I just hung up. I then came online to look at their website and did a search on Core Rhythms. And then I found infomercialscams.com and read all your recent posts. I am so relieved that you saved me the grief of dealing with this company. I have been burned before and I know exactly how it feels. I'm sad I can not get these great DVDs at the price they were offered on TV. If they were offered at $40 I may have considered buying them, but I hate being lied to. That is false advertising. To the lady who said we are wrong to think we could get 3 DVDs for $14.95 plus S&H, I say they are wrong to tell us that we could buy them for that much. This type of false advertising and order pushing, upselling and automated robbery must violate some law, and it not, then there needs to be a law against it. Thank you all for your posts.

10/22/2006 - Donna writes:
I too went thru the same things as the other complaints. It has me so upset to write everything here, will give me a heart attack, really. It's so stressful. I too ordered Core Rythms for $14.95 plus S&H. Yes, Len Goodman and Tony Dovolani and Mary Murphy endorsed it. I respect these dancer/choreographers and thought the exercise would be a fun way to work out. When ordering thru the automated system, I too gave my credit card number first, then they start TELLING ME they will send me a dvd every month and of course my card will be charged. At that point there was NO WAY OUT of the system to cancel. I was able to opt out of the vitamins though. Well, I called the Core Rythms "800" number listed under the charge on my credit card and GUESS WHAT, THE NUMBER IS NO GOOD. They automated voice said to dial some 10-10 number to find the new number. I was so stressed out and spent so much energy trying to work this out, I just dropped it for now. It's infuriating the way Core Rythms has represented themselves. Very poor business people. The Core Rythm people have destroyed their reputation. Still totally shocked Len, Tony and Mary endorsed this dvd. Wow, wonder if they know about this and how people are viewing them now. As a business owner myself, since 1987, reputation is EVERYTHING and WORD OF MOUTH is huge. Yes, this is a bait and switch. It totally disgusts me to make a deal, take a credit card, then add on to the credit card without permission. It's robbery! How dare they! Prior to this have only ordered once from informercials, because of my skeptism. Had tried to order Bare Minerals with a live person and gave my credit card and they tried to TELL ME they would charge more for additional products and I said forget it and don't charge my card and they didn't, but the SWIVEL SWEEPER people pulled a Core Rythms episode on me only worse. Don't buy Core Rythms, Bare Minerals or the Swivel Sweeper or you'll surely get RIPPED OFF!!!!!

10/21/2006 - Kathy writes:
I saw the infomercial today and was very excited about this product. I proceeded to order it and quickly found out that as soon as they got my debit card info, they kept trying to sell me Hoodia, and discounted dining cards etc. When I tried to select the "no" option,it would not take it. I still don't know what the final total is that I will be charged. The thing that gets me is the ringing endorsements given by Len Goodman and Tony Dobolani of Dancing with the stars! I thought that these "experts" lended credibility to this product. I was sorely mistaken. My bank has now blocked my account and it will be closely monitored because of the way this company operates. I saw your postings right after I bought the porduct. Thanks for alerting us.

10/21/2006 - Ju writes:
This company and its product is a scam. I am filing a credit card dispute of the charges. The CC company told me that if the company has not credited my acct in 30 days, that they would. Gary at core rhythms told me that i would recieve a credit of $79.85 in 1-2 days. Its been a week and nothing but the original charge is on my CC billing statement. I would love to see this company sued and run out of town!

10/19/2006 - Karen writes:
Buyer beware, very mis-leading ad! Like the 20 who have complained before me, I fell for it. (notice, there are only 4 defenses written)With an automated order, there was no way to stop it, and suddenly I found myself charged $79 for a dvd I thought I was paying $20 for! Yeah, if you do your homework, and listen closely, you will not be stupid enough to fall for this. However, a reputable company is honest, and will not hide behind tricky wording. I DID get my DVD, but I was so annoyed at the company, I called and said I wanted to send it back. I spoke to Juana, a very nice woman, and she tried to explain (in a somewhat convoluted fashion) the reason for the unexpected high charge. She told me $30 would be taken off my bill, but talked me into keeping the dvd for the full 30 days, and then to return it for a refund, minus shipping. It took 2-3 weeks, but I WAS refunded $30. About 5 weeks ago, I mailed the unopened dvd back to the company, requesting a refund. I have not heard a word since the. PLEASE THINK VERY HARD BEFORE BUYING FROM THIS COMPANY!

10/18/2006 - Lilly writes:
I am heated right now! I just spent the past 4 weeks trying to get back my $140 from a weight loss Lipozene scheme and now this! I was so excited when I woke up Saturday morning to the Core Rhythm Infomercial and it was only $14.95 + $9.95 s&h. Well it's been 4 days since I've ordered and logged on to my online banking and WHAT DO YOU KNOW... $79.85 CHARGE BY CORE RHYTHMS. I called immediately but they're closed right now. Then I get on the internet to look up some reviews and what do you know again... all of you people in the same damn shit as myself. I am so fed up with these people stealing peoples hard earned money. I just can't be polite anymore, I plan on being a real bitch on that phone with whatever poor soul who answers that phone. I will get my money back and I am not letting this one go, I will report to BBB and to whatever other agency there is out there!

10/16/2006 - Stacy writes:
OK, the verdict's still out on this one. It feels like a complete scam while you're calling, and it partly is. I don't know about the illegality of taking someone's credit card number via automated system, but it is definitely scummy. First, you think you're getting a product at $14.95, then suddenly your only 2 options are $80 or $40 with more exercise DVDs coming every month. (Is there anyone that offer would appeal to? Who needs new exercise DVDs monthly?!?) I ended up picking the latter option, though, bceause I didn't want to get stuck with an $80 charge for something I meant to buy on a cheap whim -- which it would have been at the advertised $14.95. So, since they said they recorded the automated ordering calls, I cursed a blue streak while I was held hostage by a recorded voice offering me diet supplements. I was afraid to hang up, because God knows what they would charge my debit card. (I know, stupid me used a debit card; so much for trust). I just called their customer service department, first thing on a Monday morning. I spoke to a guy there, trying not to blame him, as he just works there, but I told him that I was reading this informercialscams.com website, and that I'm worried that I won't get my money back once I cancel. He did not sound surprised about my complaints and worries, and told me that he deals with people calling for the same thing every five minutes. He told me that as soon as I get my order, I should call with the order number and cancel the additional DVDs. Fingers crossed that that actually happens!

10/16/2006 - Dawn writes:
I fell for it! Hook-Line-and Sinker!! Since I just turned 40 and I have no rhythmn, after seeing the infomercial I thought what a great way to get some exercise and learn to dance at the same time. Please! Core Rhythm ripped me off! I purchased only one video, paid extra to not be on the monthly video plan and still they sent another video and charged my bank account! I hurried and found the web site again, called the number and voiced my concerns. Did they reimburse my account for the extra video I did not want. HELL NO!!

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