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Core Rhythms Complaints
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9/26/2006 - Marsha writes:
Sadly, I have nothing new to add to all these postings about dealing with the billing problems. It's too bad because I actually like the video and exercise I get from the dance. I think it's probably time we all contact our states' BBB and attorney general with our complaints. Meanwhile, I'm trying now to cancel the vitamins and additional dance videos, which I know I also did not request.

9/24/2006 - Melissa writes:
I ordered Core Rhythms 9 days ago and the product still hasn't arrived. I checked my credit card and it was charged over $86! I, too, believed the $14.95 + another $14.95 if I choose to keep it. I will call them tomorrow, but from the other emails I am reading, I am completely discouraged. I will report them to the BBB this week if they do not refund my money entirely.

9/22/2006 - Annelise writes:
Bait & Switch. Ordered through infomercial Core Rhythms dvd (1) for $14.95 + $9.95 S&H. Was charged $79.85 + ongoing monthly commitment of $19.95 for Additional videos. On phone order only mention of additional $9.95 S& H charge over $14.95 price of DVD. CC Maxed out. WHen I called them, they had no explanation and said that they could not refund $$. I said this was a typical Bait & Switch scam. Asced for Sprvsr. Operator came back and offered 40% refund. I refused and demanded they refund 100% and not ship item. False Advertising. & no disclosure of actual price. They said, too late. Item already shipped. I said, I'd refuse order when it arrives. Asked how it was shipped, they said UPS. Item arrived in regular USPS mail. No chance to refuse. Called CC co and disputed amount. Waiting for response.

8/30/2006 - Rose writes:
I ordered this product assuming that I was being charged the $14.95 per motnh for two months as stated in the infomerrical- I paid by Debit Card. Two days later I received an email from my local bank telling me that my checking accout was overdrawn and requesting my approval to transfer funds from savings. When I looked into what had caused the overdraft it was Core Rhythms. I immediately called them and they told me they would process a credit immediately and cancel my order. They told me it would take aprox 2 days. 2 Days later I called again and was told the order had shipped and to return the item when I received it. I did not let the call die out- spoke to a supervisor and was told the credit will be here this Friday. Trust me if I do not get the credit I will contact the Media which I know very well.

8/9/2006 - Vera writes:
I ordered the initial video and opted not to accept their membership... without my permission they charged my credit card for a membership that I out-right refused. I rang them up with my credit card company on the phone and demanded that they refund my money and don't ship me a video that I had not ordered. He initially tried to get me to accept the fact that the video had not left the warehouse and he could not stop the shipment because it was already processed... hog wash and I told him likewise but it not such diplomatic words -- I demanded to speak to a supervisor…the supervisor got on the phone and I informed him if they did not credit my card and do whatever he needed to stop the video shipment then I was going to report them to the BBB and whoever else I can muster up. After tit-for-tat and my increased fury, he offered to credit my card for the amount and for me to refuse the shipment once it came. If I don't see the credit on my card by tomorrow then my fury will turn into rage – I will pull out all of my media contacts across the US and ensure that all know about their deceit and trickery. I find their business practices unacceptable. I am writing a letter to every international dance commission where the two solicitors of this video dance and will attach the complaints of this and other websites – we’ll see if the negative-press will make them implement better business practices. They’re supposed professionals, they should be enormously ashamed of themselves. Let the truth be told, the video is not earthy-shattering – it’s mediocre at best!

7/24/2006 - Betha writes:
I saw the commercial yesterday 07/23/06 and it said if you call now you get the workout video for $14.95. After calling and going through all the prompts and getting tricked I felt I was tricked into using my credit card versus utilizing the mailing address like I initially planned to because it would cost more. Once they got all my information then you were told you only get the 1st video for $14.95 if you join up for membership. After that you get a monthly video sent to you or $19.??; otherwise, you are charged $69.90 for the supposedly $14.95 video you wanted with an additional $9.95 for shipping. I called their customer service to cancel my order and they said I had to call back because the orders from yesterday had not been downloaded on their system, but I bet my credit card company information is on there. Once they got you there is no prompt telling you you can cancel the order. It's like a venus flytrap, so do not call and warn your friends.

7/22/2006 - Susan writes:
I too, after reading the stories on this website feel like I have been ripped off.......especially there is no "contact us" on the Core Rthyms website to contact them. I have contacted the television station about this also. I feel they are unethical and sleezy.

6/28/2006 - Annie writes:
Scam? Scams plural! After I spent ages on the phone complaining about the automated rip-off being charged nearly $60 instead of the 2 payments of $14.95 I was given a return code to write on the outside of the package and told not to open the package, and just send it back. But when the package arrived, it had a phony name on it so I opened it. Inside I found out it was Core Rhythms. I called and was told that because I had opened the package, I was going to be charged $7.95 for shipping! Plus I had to pay the return postage!!! Beware! Core Rhythms is not just the overcharging scam, it's also the phony return address/shipping charges scam. Core Rhythms is MULTIPLE scams!

6/18/2006 - Proberta writes:
Warning! Core Rhythms scam! I had the same experience as the other people who got caught in the Core Rhythms scam. I began the automated ordering process but near the end found out that I was being charged twice the $29.95 price the infomercial offered. Since it was an automated system I couldn't cancel the order. I called the customer service number, which did not answer, and by the time I did get thru, surprise(!) I was told that my order had already shipped and that I was free to return the item but I would still be charged for shipping and handling and would also have to pay the postage to return the item. If this happens to you, contact your credit card company immediately and cancel payment, and if possible refuse to accept shipment from Core Rhythms. Maybe this can work for you, if you act fast enough.

6/2/2006 - Vansant writes:
I called to buy this product seeing that it was advertised for 2 payments of $14.95. When I called it was an automated service with no option to cancel. I didn't find out until the end of the call that due to the fact that I didn't want to be part of their program, I would as a result be charged what they call full price of $59.95 plus $7.95. I had no choice but to accept. In the beginning of the call I gave them my credit card number because I thought that I was going to be paying the 2 payments of $14.95 for the product- when I found out at the end of the call the real price of the product I was afraid to hang up because I wasn't sure what program they would sign me up for (program 1:the "real price of $59.95 plus $7.95 shipping" or program 2: "The Core club of 2 payments of $14.95 plus $19.95 a month plus shipping for the additional videos they would send you each month")... so I completed the process. The next day I called the number given to cancel your order and conveniently my order was not in the computer system yet. I was told by the customer service to call back and that it could take 24 to 72 hours. So I called multiple times a day- each time being told that my information was unavaliable. Then I call today and they say sorry- your order has been shipped out. They then tell me that if i want to cancel my order , I now have to wait until I receive the product - write a code on the box- then put return to sender on the package and at some point I will be refunded all of my money minus the $7.95 shipping and handling. WHAT! When I asked how long it would take to get my money back- they could not tell me. This is the such a scam. I have no idea what to do now- but I know that I will tell everyone that i see that this company and product is a scam and they really screw poeple over. I tried everything that i could to cancel this product- but they made it impossible- they should be honest with their customers and tell them that once they get your credit card info. there is no turning back and they will rob you of as much money as they can. They are crooks! Don't buy this product. Go to a real store and buy a dance video from there... not this crap.

5/27/2006 - Tammy writes:
What a crock! I was trying to order the Dance-Workout videos and the only voice I heard was automated with no real way to get out of it without knowing if your credit card is charged or not. If you don't agree to their membership you will be charged 60 plus dollars instead of the $14.95 they are pushing. It just keeps going and going. The cancellation # that you can call really does not get repeated so you are SOL.

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