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Core Secrets Complaints
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10/17/2006 - Sarah writes:
I have same problem like everyone else. Got ripped off w/ the specials that I never agreed to in the first place. I have no problem w/ the product but I do have problem w/ charges made to my CC w/o my knowledge. I called and asked why I was being charged they said that I had agreed to their membership to receive DVD every month. BS, I told them I didn't, anyway make long story short. I told them I want it cancelled which did happen but while I was cancelling it she kept on asking if I was sure. YES I WAS, being charge 45 for a DVD that shows you the same moves as the one that came w/ the ball. The customer service rep was nice but stupid. Still trying to convince me to buy other of their products. Only if I knew about this website. Now before I placed an order for anything. I check this place first. Thanks guys U R AWESOME!!!!

8/8/2006 - Jay writes:
I bought the core secrets product a while ago after seeing thier infomercial on TV. I never buy from infomercials usually, but I do know that Stability ball training does work very well. I am on a hockey team and we do work all the time on stability balls working on our core muscels. I have been looking around for a ball that i could have at home and some excersise videos to go along with it. Then I saw core secrets on my TV and it seemed like just the thing i was looking for. The introductory offer seemed too good to be true, so naturally (being the good consumer i always am) i looked into it with more details. I found that they will bill you every month and send you dvds until you cancel. So, my plan was simple. I would order the initial fitness set and then, before i hang up the phone i would tell them to cancel any future purchases or shipments. I did so, and i was told that it will be canceled. Weeks later i eventually got the fitness set. I checked my CC bill and noticed that they charged me an outragous shipping and handeling fee. (i have seen overnight shipping for cheaper). I figured that it was to be expected and that even with the huge s+h fee, i still got a good deal, so i didn't call them again. I have no complaints with the product except that a month later i get a box on my doorstep from them. I didn't even bother opening it. I checked my CC and found that i was charged over $50! I called them immediently to complain and they told me that they had no record of my canceled account. I shipped back the movie, but they only refunded my $40.00 plus i had to pay to ship the video back to them.

8/6/2006 - John writes:
Recently I signed up to receive an exercise ball and video from Core Secrets. The agreement was that I would receive additonal monthly videos for $19.95 and could cancel at any time. The first video arrived and I was charged $46.85 instead of the $19.95! I called the Core Secret 800 number and asked what had happened. The representative explained that this particular video is a longer and more involved video, and that it costs more. The subsequent videos will be the $19.95. I argued that I had never agreed to this price and she explained that I could ship this video back. I feel like they misrepresented the situation and actually lied to me. I dispute this charge with my credit card company.

7/13/2006 - Suzi writes:
I ordered the Core Secrets while watching the infomercial, mostly b/c I've been wanting to get the ball. I told them right away I had no interest in any future shipments or "clubs". Two months later I realized that my credit card was charged $50.13 by this company. I called them up to inquire about it, and found out that 2 DVD-s were on their way to me but I "could return them and only be responsible for the $6.95 S&H charge". That was unacceptable to me, and I asked to speak with the supervisor. She was very rude, and when I requested to speak with her boss, she just laughed out loud telling me there was nobody above her. Of course, I called my credit card company, and the charge was reversed, and a couple of days later I refused the parcel as well. Core Secrets also credited my account for the price of the DVD-s minus the S&H. So, I was credited twice... I'm sending them a check for 43.18 but not for the S&H money - it was their idea to send those DVD-s to me without my permission or request, and I don't feel responsible for that. Also, after dealing with those rude employees, I have no desire to buy anything from this company ever, even though there was nothing wrong with the product itself. I also checked with the local BBB office - as of now, there are 49 recorded complaints about Core Secrets in the last 36 months. Well, mine is going to be the 50th one!

6/19/2006 - Lisa writes:
I am extreemly upset!! I, like the rest, fell for the scam! I purchased the ball for $16 and they keept trying to sell me everything else to go along with it... I said NO to it all. I did receive my ball, which by the way is useless, it looses air and doesn't get very big. We had moved out of our home and leased it out while living out of the country... I'm just returning to find a stack, almost a years worth, of unopened tapes. I call customer Service only to be told they have a very strict 30 money back garantee and they would only credit 2. Of course when she looked in the "Notes" from when I made the initial purchase it didn't say anything about me not wanting to be enrolled. I will not let them have the last of this!! BBB here I come!!

2/7/2006 - David writes:
A couple of months ago I did something I never do - I ordered from an infomercial.  I ordered Core Secrets, the price just seemed too good.  When I called I was amazed they tried to sell me everything you can imagine, from vitamins to a buyer's club.  I kept saying "no" to everything, I just want the exercise equipment.  They charged my credit card immediately ($16.90) and never sent me anything, not even a letter of acknowlegement of the order.  Two months later they charged my credit card again, this time for $46.85.  Still, I had never received anything from them. I was furious (partly with myself!) and called them to cancel everything.  They said they would in 3 days.  We'll see. I'm concerned that these snake oil salepeople have my credit card information now.  I have ordered products online for years and never had these problems, but these infomercial people are too unethical.  If you have ordered from them keep a close watch on your account statements.  They've got their hands in your pockets... I don't understand how they are getting away with this.  My understanding of the law is that if they cannot ship in 30 days they must notify you and give you an option to cancel.  And charging for products not ordered is just plain fraud. I should have just online or gone down to the local department store and bought what I wanted.  It's cheaper and safer.

2/2/2006 - Patricia writes:
I ordered core secrets. I told the telemarketer no to all the other SPECIAL offers.  I find out I have been signed up for a discount service called simply you.which has been charging my card 14.95 a month for months.  My stupidity for not paying closer attention to my statement. I am contacting the attorney general office and the better buisness bureau.   This is fraud and something should be done about it! It can't possibly be legal.

10/27/2005 - Amy writes:
These guys are the biggest fraudsters you will ever find out there. I placed an order with them on the phone and this lady was trying to sell me all kinds of stuff which I did not want. She was talking like people do in the mortgage commercials when they state the terms. I said no no no, I do not want anything additional. After she completed my order she told me that I had signed up for 3 more months of supply(she did not tell me this before she placed my order). I told her I am not interested in continued service. She said it was too late and that customer service was the only one that could help my case. I called customer service the next day and these guys had actually charged me not 18 dollars but 50 dollars! Apparently this fraudulent telemarketer had signed me up for many other products that I did not consent to. Also the customer service rep was trying to convince me to buy more and would refuse to do anything about canceling my order. In fact she said I had placed some more orders with the company last month?!!! I am like what the hell are you talking about. Well that was the end of my patience and I hung up on her. These people are very very fraudulent. You need to report them to the better business bureau and also to all other federal agencies.

10/25/2005 - Sherry writes:
I ordered the Core Secrets and was told that I would receive a shipment every other month. This was back in July. The end of August, one month later they shipped out 2 DVD's and debited my account the end of August and caused an overdraft. I returned the product to them and waited 2 weeks before I had to call them and force them to debit the money's they took from my account back. I put a tracking number on the package so that I would know when they received it back. I have yet to get the $32 back from overdraft charges. I stopped any further shipments and warned them that I would contact the better business bureau. They were also planning to ship me another 2 DVD's the end of September and charge another almost $50 dollars. I am going to try to fax the documentation to them again tomorrow to get my overdraft fees back. If I don't get them back I am going to contact the BBB.

9/19/2005 - Anonymous writes:
i got my core secrets ball and guide, but called to cancel my membership two dats after i received it. They told me that the membership had been cancelled. In fact I said "will I be receiving anything in the mail?" "Will I be charged for anything else? " and state that I did NOT want anything more from them and that I did not want to be a member of coresecrets anymore!! My checking accoutn was deebited a month later for $50.97 for something I categorically said I did NOT want! This is fraud!! They agreed to return my money but the procedure takes 4-6 weeks!!! Of course it does!!!!

8/18/2005 - Sharon writes:
I ordered the Core Secrets exercise ball, videos, which I did recieve.  However 2 months later, I find a deduction in my checking account from the same organization which I did not consent to.   On the first phone call, I definitely told them NO to all other products and programs.  I called the customer service number today to find out that they send out some additional program videos for $39.99 plus shipping, but all I have to do is return them.  This is something I never agreed to, and would Not have if I had been informed of it. 

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