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Cybersonic Toothbrush Complaints
Total Complaints: 11
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1/15/2007 - Alicia writes:
Cybersonic's website is: [] and the phone number is 800-774-7525. I have not been satisfied with their customer service. I'm signed up for the automatic shipment of replacement brushes and although they automatically charge my credit card every three months, they don't send the brushes. I have called repeatedly to inquire about my shipment and keep getting told to expect the brushes in 7-14 business days. I've even spoken to supervisors. Again, not very helpful. My advice...stay on top of your credit card statements and keep calling customer service to make sure they are sending your shipments. I've been receiving them 5-6 weeks after they've charged my card, not the 7-14 days they say to expect.

12/8/2005 - George writes:
I purchased 2 Cybersonic 2 toothbrushes.  We liked them okay, they seemed to do the job.  My complaint is that both of them died right after a year, conveniently after the "1 year limited warranty".  They say in their owners manual that the batteries should last "3 to 5 years depending on how much it is used".  What a load of crap!   If 2 of them would barely go a year, how in the hell could they even dream of getting to 3 years?  I called them and they would gladly sell me new brushes.  I told them to forget it.  Cancel my automatic shipment of the whitening and the brush heads.  If they made a better quality product, I would have kept buying the supplies.   My advice-don't bother.

11/25/2005 - Philip writes:
I own the cybersonic 2 toothbrush. The battery system is lousy. After only a year it will not hold a charge. I would not recommend buying this tooth brush.

Hoya writes:
I bought the product with the free lifetime automatic toothbrush replacement every three months in August 2001. The first replacement came in December 2001, four months later. But they billed me for shipping in November 2001. The second set was billed and shipped in May 2002. Both times I have to write to them to remind them. I came to the conclusion that they won't ship until you ask for it and hope that you will forget or give up. 

Betsy writes:
I cancelled the autmatic replacement program of products in Oct.2001, and then received an additional shipment. Per a conversation with a customer service reprsentative, I returned it and was to receive a credit. After three more months and several lengthly waits on their phone system, I have yet to receive my refund. I have been on the "managers call back list", and have not had any returned calls. I did get the name of a manager and he REFUSED specifically to take my call. Beware. No one has, nor will give out a corporate phone number. No one seems to be accountable. E-mail does not work, needless to say.

Kristina writes:
I bought the cybersonic toothbrush primarily because of the lifetime replacement (every 90 days) brushes.  I did not receive replacement brushes for approximately the first 9 months.  When I called (waiting on hold for several hours over several days) they said their computers had been down, were fixed, and I would be receiving them soon.  I was charged, but did NOT receive the brushes. I finally (again trying for several days) got hold of the customer service, they said they would refund the money, and send me free brushes as an apology.  Never received, never refunded! I called repeatedly for weeks, finally got past the recording and was placed on hold for over an hour (THEY CLOSED FOR THE DAY LEAVING ME ON HOLD)! Wrote to the company, no response. Called for weeks, got a recording stating they were "busy, try later."  Wrote via email - email sent back as not receivable. This is over 1.5 years later - still no response and no refund.  They charge regularly, and I now receive brushes approximately one month later.  I cannot get hold of this company no matter how I try!

Saira writes:
I ordered Cybersonic toothbrush from an infomercial about a year and a half ago. I received the toothbrush and never got any replacement brushes. Since then I have been billed for stuff that I have never received and have never been able to get Visa to help me. I am still being billed I have paid over $600 for this brush. Please help me who do I contact and complain to. How do I get Cybersonic to stop billing me? Is there a number that I can call. Please help me I don't know what to do?

Pam writes:
I ordered 3 of the Cyber sonic Toothbrushes.   I never received any of the replacement brushes, but was getting billed.  I tried endlessly in trying to talk with someone.  When I finally did, they said they would send them out, I never received them!  My toothbrush then started working sparatically.  I sent this back with a letter and never heard from anyone and never received any type of replacement.  This is surely a scam!  Everytime I hear or see this product, it's enough to make me grit my teeth!!

Angela writes:
I ordered the Cybersonic a long time ago.   I received the replacement brushes once since purchasing it...I think it's been 2 years now.  I haven't tried contacting the compnay about it yet, and I haven't looked to see if I was being billed for them or not, but it sounds like there are a lot of other people with that problem.

Asif writes:
This product is no better than a regular tooth brush. I found that out after I bought one.The scheme is that they *auto-charge* your Debt or Credit card every 3 months or so, to send you newsuplies of the brush. The amount is about $4. Small enough that you would not make a big deal. But multiply this $4/costumer times millions of deceived customers! You are better off rinsing your mouth off (for about 3 to 4 minutes) with a minute amount of hydrogen-peroxide before brushing your teeth in the morning, before retiring to bed at night, and after meals. The hydrogen-peroxide solution helps loosen the food and even tartar from the tooth surface. And add regular flossing, perhaps 3 to 4 days a week. This is what I do. By-the-way, I used a baking-soda based tooth paste. You can also make a very small mixture of baking-soda and hygroden-peroxide and brush with this solution before brushing your teeth with regular tooth-paste. It has always worked for me. As for the tongue-clear advertised with Cybersonic, you can get the same or better results if you also brush your tongue with the tooth-paste and baking-soda while brushing your teeth.

Jason writes:
Infomecials imply "If it moves faster, then it must clean better." In reality, a faster brush means squat, but more money for the company. Does it clean: yes. Sure it cleans, but why spend big $$$ for "sonic" technology that you don't even need? Toothbrushes do not need to be hypersonic to clean good.  All you need is one of those cheap Crest brushes to do the same job. Technically, all electric brushes are "sonic".  All the word "sonic" means is it moves or cycles. "super sonic" means that it moves or cycles faster than something that is sonic.  So don't let the word "sonic" fool you.  It's just an advertising word that makes it sound better than it actually is. So before forking up big $$$ for this thing, take a walk to your local drug store and get one of those Crest brushes.  Crest uses non-hypersonic technology, but that's all you need.

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