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Dermacia Complaints
Total Complaints: 5
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3/9/2007 - Andrea writes:
Dermacia is AWFUL!!! I am still in an ongoing battle with them. I purchased the 30 day free trial and sent it back after i realized the makeup was cake-ish and actually made me break out, and i usually don't break out. It felt thick and it looked kind of fake. The colors didn't match, and when i sent it back to them in the mail, they say three months they still haven't recieved it, i find that highly wrong, also they took the 50 dollar charge out of my account anyways, and i'm fighting to get my money back, they wont give it to me. They told me if i had a receipt showing the tracking number of the package that i sent to them, that i could get my money back, however i live in a small town and the receipt doesn't say, shipped to blah blah dermacia on this date and heres the tracking number. It says my post office name and 9.95 transaction, it doesn't say 9.95 shipping and handeling. I am so mad, then the supervisor advised the person in charge of email to block my account name, and to tell me not to contact them again because they don't know how to deal with customers like me. I am furious. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY, i really wish i didn't. I read reviews that were bad and good before i got it, but seriously, it is true, they are scamming people, and they SUCK!!!!! They are scamming everyone! someone do something!

3/6/2007 - Helene writes:
This product was just a drug store quality foundation,most definately not worth $100.00.I returned it and was still charged on credit card.When I called I was told they never received return,just like other people.I lost tracking #,but I KNOW they got it back.DO NOT BUY THIS!!!!They will not honor money back guarentee!!!I plan on reporting them,I hope other people follow suit!!!!

2/27/2007 - Kimberly writes:
I tried Dermacia..didn't like it..returned it well within the 30 day guarantee..they still charged me 49.99 after they received the product back..they tried to say they didn't receive it until I gave them the tracking number where they received it..I spoke to many reps only to be told that it was a computer glitch or excuse after excuse. I was told that managers and owners DID NOT take calls..it seemed all their supervisors were busy and unavailable..the one I finally did talk to was so rude it was a waste of my time. I even left 3 messages for the President of Operations with no response..It is my opinion, but this company is very unprofessional and I feel as though they falsely advertised. You don't go ahead and charge a person 49.99 when you get the product back within the amount of time you advertise. That is not right in any way. Plus I was told by a rep that this company prefers to sweep complaints under the rug and hope they just go away. This is day 7 since they were supposed to credit my account, no show yet. I will never do business with Dermacia again. Very bad experience.

2/14/2007 - Laura writes:
I received the product 3 weeks after i ordered it online and it was not at all what the infomercial claimed it to be. i only tried it that one day and returned it less than a week later. I was prepared to pay shipping but the post office told me it was able to be just shipped back to the return address so i figured that was that. More than 2 weeks later i noticed Dermacia had charged me 1 payment of 49.99 so i called to verify that they had received my return and credit my account and not charge me again. The first phone call they told me that they did not receive the product yet but they could credit my account with a proof of return. I told them i had no proof of return and that the post office just took it back. They told me then there was nothing they could do for me. Fair enough. I then contacted my post office and they did have a tracking number for me so i called dermacia back and received a whole new story from them....The POST OFFICE tracking number was not in their system (yeah right) and that my 30 day free trial was now expired. I am FURIOUS! i received the product 3 weeks after i ordered and returned it maybe 5 days later how is that a 30 day free trial when i didn't even have it for 30 days? I have a tracking number from a US post office that can even indicate the date it was sent back. I notified my bank with my US post office tracking notice not to authorize another transaction and am currently fighting the already made transaction....that is the only way to handle these scammers. Also i have read other complaints that have said they did not need to pay shipping for returning either.

2/13/2007 - M. Gravely writes:
i tried this product it dose nothing they claim.it dont hide scares plus it made my skin very tight and dry. I ALSO WAS LEFT WITH A LOT OF REDNESS for 2weeks.icalled the company all they said send it back.They promise u a refund which u will never get.so a warning aboat Dermacia its no good plus the product cost a 150.00 and u wont get your refund.please beware.

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