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Diet-ZX Scams
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Jacqueline writes:
Ordered the product in August of 2001.   My credit card was billed for the product two weeks later.  Had still not received the product in September, so I called and supposedly "stopped shipment".  The product still came and I was told to refuse it by the postal service.  It is now February and my credit card has still not been credited for the amount.  I am unable to get in touch with the company.  I have waited on hold for up to 45 minutes.  Any suggestions?  I suggest, BUYER BEWARE of this company!  Buy something at the drug store!  I will never order from an infomercial again. 

Paula writes:
I ordered the product. They deducted the purchase price from my bank account. I got nothing. I have contacted them 38 times and cannot get my money back. I talked to ALMA on January 4th and she assured me that the money would be back in my bank account in 30 days. I have checked everyday for the last 18 days. There is no refund. I do not know where else to turn.

Liz writes:
I ordered Diet ZX off the infomercial for only $55.60, the shipping and handling charge.  I still have not received this product all though I have been waiting for 4 months for it!  I have informed this company that I wish to receive my money back since it has NOT bothered to send my product that I ordered on October 20,2001..and it is now February 20,2002!  I received a worrysome excuse about them being so overwhelmed by orders that they had fallen behind on shipping some of the orders out.  That response came only after I had e-mailed them 3 seperate times!   I still have not heard anything from my last request for my money back...BEWARE of this company...you may be in the same boat as me if you order the famous DIET ZX!

Susan writes:
I ordered Diet-ZX so long ago thatI can't even remember the date. After a LONG time passed without receivinv the product, I cancelled my order. I still haven't received my refund!

Roxanne writes:
Diet pills were ordered in early October. Our account was charged the amount October 24, 2001. It is now March 19, 2002 and have not received the product. Furthermore, numerous attempts have been made to contact the vendor. None have been successful. Consumers be advised!!!!!!!!!!!

Gala writes:
I odered diet zx in Oct of 2001 and sent them a check. I never recieved the product and after numerous phone calls I finaaly got to speak to a person and told them that I had my cancelled check. They asked me to fax a copy of it and I did. They never responded to the fax. I called again and a person on the other end was very rude and told me that they would send my money back. It has been three weeks and no money. Time to get a lawyer or the BBB envolved!!!

Rose writes:
I ordered Diet ZX on 2/6/02. They charged my credit card right away for $55.60. I never received the product. I called approx. 2 months later and complained. The lady I spoke to said she would contact customer service to request a credit back to my card and that it would take approximately 30 days, although when you order they charge right away. That was approx. 60 days ago and I still have not received a credit!

Eden writes:
I ordered and got this product. They keep sending other stuff--$20 or so vitamins here and there, automatically charged to my card. It took a bit, but I did get my account with them closed. The main thing was that I didn't lose any weight. Maybe I've just fried my metabolism, because I've used ephedra/aspirin/caffeine pills for too many years. Maybe I just built up a tolerance to the chemicals because I kept taking it to keep the weight off--which I did for over 2 years, but now my metabolism is DEAD--so maybe anything with the ephedra/aspirin/caffeine mix works equally well. Cycle off it if you use it so you don't build up a tolerance like I did. But more importantly don't order from the Diet ZX company because they put extra charges on your card. They don't have anything that you can't get from the other pills you can buy at Wal-Mart or Longs!  The Omnitrim had Red Tea... maybe that was the difference.  If you want cheap--take an aspirin and minithin with a cup of coffee.

Patricia writes:
In Sept. 2001 I ordered Diet ZX over the phone, after watching their commercial, about product is free you just pay shipping and handling. My bill should of been approx. $65.00 when I received my credit card statement on 10/3 it was charged $147.00. I tried to call and find out what was going on and why the amount...no one ever answers the phone. I ordered in 9/2001, was billed on 10/3/2001, the package arrived on 12/4/2001, it was returned on 12/5/2001, and I still have no credit of the amount charged, and they still do not answer their phone, they say you can write them online, up until yesterday their EMAIL address was GENSISINTERMEDIA.COM now today 01/23/2002 they say their EMAIL is [email protected]. I have not found a way to even contact a person nor an answering machine. I can't believe these kind of things are allowed to go on....they said MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. I guess it was in fine print if you can get a hold of us. And this is a company in the U.S. I will never buy another thing from the info commercials or on T.V. or even online. I guess I have paid $147.00, to learn a lesson. That saying MONEY BACK GUARANTEE doesn't mean anything.

Cheryl writes:
I ordered Diet ZX on 10/5/01. They charged my credit card right away for $55.60. I never received the product. I called approx. 2 months later and complained. The lady I spoke to said she would contact customer service to request a order be placed for me since they could not find my order.. Well they sure took my money for non-existing account. Well nothing happened. So I called a month after that to get it refunded to me and I was then told that it would be refunded to my card and that it would take approximately 30 days, although when you order they charge right away. Still nothing.

Tamara writes:
In September of 2002 i ordered a 3 month supply of dietZX fromwww.vitafree.comand a month latter nothing   so i reordered a 3 month supply  here it is two and a half months latter i have recieved NOTHING. i have been charged on my credit card and can not get through to the company by phone email or anything the number is always busy the email says undeliverable. does anyone have a customer service number where someone answeres? i have a 1800-555- something  but its busy and the other 1800 number is temporary out of service it says.

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