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Direct Buy Complaints
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2/10/2007 - Andrea writes:
Why couldn't I have read this before last Wed. night!! I went to the Warwick RI store. I got sucked in, red flags went off more than a dozen times but......it's too late now?? I too as most of you stated am remodeling my kitchen. I would save 70% on my kitchen alone, paying for my membership up front. Oh wait I didn't save that much because my kitchen is not large enough? Oh and Pella windows, Alside siding, Kenmore, etc. are not sold at MSRP but only as a courtesy to their consumers. I explained up front why we were there and was told we sell same cabints and we sell Kenmore. Never stating depending on size of kitchen I would only save $2000 for a cheaper cabinet than what I was going to buy? Kenmore you only save 5%-10%? I saved way more thru []. Oh and the TV's you save $600-$800? I called and got a price on a new Sony and found it cheaper right thru sony website. Too bad sony don't charge me almost $5,000 to buy it??? I could go on and on! I was on the phone with the owner for 1.5 hrs. and she did agree to cancel my membership (let me get that in writing?), but refused to give me my $700 deposit back. I will fight this till the end and would love to team up with anyone to bring this scamming company down:))))

2/10/2007 - Howard writes:
My wife and I visited the DRECK Buy (look up dreck in a German dictionary) In Elmsford NY this afternoon. Unlike some of the complaints i just finished reading we were treated rather politely. I guess the DRECK Buy folks learned that you can catch more bears with honey. But, the whole deal, the promised savings and their trumped up statistics turned me off. After the presentation, which was like something a 3rd grader would give, my wife and I eyed each other the way married people do. This was the sign to say that we needed to think about it, We do not make hasty decisions regarding the spending of such an anount of money without a sitdown talk between us. Well, the honey turned to DRECK (remember to look it up). The sales rep who had sweet talked us before turned to ice, got up and was visibly annoyed that we had wasted her time and her opportunity to snooker some other sucker. Like others who have written in this forum I will not be pressured into spending my hard earned cash with the threat of not being allowed to join this club. Who was it who said "I wouldn't join a club that would have me as a member?" I wish I had read this forum before going to the meeting.I would have saved spending a beautiful afternoon in a ugly, poorly lit room. And now seeing that the whold thing is predicated on suckering you in and reading that the savings are nearly nonexistant. Well I am happy to have gone with my gut feeling of leaving and not yeilding to the pressure of now or never.
PS, our only regret is that we didn't take them up on their offer of a bagel and cream cheese.

2/8/2007 - Ricky writes:
I just want to give a big AMEN to all the other stories. Ours is the same. We luckily didn't purchase a membership because they were so rude to us befre we ever got that far. They hate it when you ask a question and they certainly don;t want you to ask a question in front of any other prospects. The Big red flag for me was when we showed up with our SLEEPING 7 month old son. There were about 4 other children under the age of 5 in the building. They sat us down, made us wait and then brought us in a speial back room to tell us. "Sorry. no children allowed." I mentioned that we had traveled over an hour to get there and someone should have told us that before we came. Their answer was to re-set our appointment. I asked about the other kids in the place and they said you can bring your kids after you are a member. I laughed out loud and said: You had to bring us in the back room so the other people around couldn't over hear how rediculouse this is?" Bottom line is this. They didn't want the kid there because he would distract from their hard sell tactics and give me an excuse to cut out if I wanted. As they escorted me out....I said in a loud voice so everyone in the place could hear. "Gee. too bad they won;t allow kids in here. Families are the ones who need to save money." I am so thankfull they would not let me in. After reading all the stories on here. i am counting my blessings.

2/7/2007 - Pam writes:
My husband and I stupidly got sucked into this total scam. We have always been savy shoppers and were intigued with the informericial claims of "insider pricing". We attended a presentation which consisted of a tv ad and sales pitch. We were ushered to a table away from the rest of attendees at the conclusion. We were threatened that unless we signed up that night, we could never come back. My husband was skeptical, but the impression they give you is that their prices are exclusive to their members, and that the pricing is confidential,saving you thousands of dollars on your home purchases. This is an outrageous claim since millions of people have access to the internet where you can find prices that are the same and even better than DirectBuy. We paid well over $5000 for a membership which offers nothing more than the right to look at DB manufacturer catalogs which are available on the internet for free. This company is a total scam. They need to be turned into to the FTC, Attorney General,BBB and any other organization that protects consumers. Stay away from DirectBuy! Google DirectBuy and all sorts of complaints come up. They changed their name from UCC Total Home a while back, probably because of all the lawsuits and negative publicity. DirectBuy should be forced to close their doors.

2/3/2007 - Dana writes:
I have had all the problems that all of the other people on this reporting site have had. I noticed the prices are not much different than retail with what I was researching. When I tried to call the company I was told after signing up for membership that there is NO PHONE service and never was only e-mail. So you can get no immediate, timely help over the phone. We were taken again by what we thought was a good thing , saving money. What a joke. I will persue legal action against this company as I don't want other people to go through this. Its so wrong. Maybe there can be a group lawsuit for damages. SO glad I found this site. Dana [] 727-992-7115

1/31/2007 - Joseph writes:
I terminated my employment at DirectBuy 2 days ago. With a good conscience I could not do these heavy-handed sales techniques. We speak to people as if they are idiots. I have more respect for the public, and myself than to participate in this crock of crap.

1/30/2007 - Paul writes:
it is as bad as everyone says. We have been a member of the North Boston franchise and the service has been beyond awful. Yes, I believe we have save huge money on furniture and many other items, but customer service is non-existant. Trying to get a return call for a damaged item to be repaired is crazy. They just don't call you back. They make their money in your memebrship and then as their business model dictates, there is no incentive to provide any customer service. Once the memebrship is paid for there actually incentive to get you to go away. I suppose that's why the membership price drops so substantailly in the 3rd year. Anyway, although we've saved alot of money, it's still very very frustrating!!!!!!!

1/26/2007 - Norman writes:
We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen,. Saw the TV ad made an appt and because a 3d person with us did not have his wife with him. They would let him in with us. We decided against going in because of the salesman behavior. He then told the receptionist to take us of the list and dont let us in if we came back. He also said
they were not open to make money. That set up warning flags!!!!!

1/24/2007 - Steve writes:
First of all, I will say this Dont walk RUN! away! I was an employee of a Direct Buy in South East, But before I was about to resign I was let go. They are SCAMMERS rip off artists, Buyer beware... they INFLATE ALL PRICES! Members do not buy them at WHOLE SALE as they suggest. They make a ton of money of items you order, what a well oiled SCAM.

1/24/2007 - Teresa writes:
Being divorced, I am very careful regarding whom I let know that I live alone. At no time was I told that I had to have a spouse to do business with Direct Buy. Upon my arrival I was asked if my husband would be joining me. I said no, that I would be alone. Failing to see what my marital status had to do with anything I refused to tell. At that point they refused to do business with me. I walked away wondering why a legitimate business would need to know my marital status. But then the key word there is apparently "legitimate". After reading other complaints regarding Direct Buy, I am now counting my blessings because they forced me to walk away before being snared into their scam!

1/24/2007 - Tina writes:
I went to a local home expo and saw the representative from Direct Buy. He told me that he'd share the membership price with me. He said it was $1500 for 3 years, then $199 for years 4-8. I really pushed him and asked if that was $1500 each year for three years equaling $4500 for the three years or if it would work out to $500 each year. He confirmed that it was $500 each year totalling $1500. I said that didn't sound right, then asked if we could go to a local Direct Buy presentation but not purchase the membership with them because we're moving. I wanted to give the membership money to the club we'd do business with. He said "sure." So I gave him my name and phone. He also said he had a membership and was getting merchandise cheaper than his father who is a contractor. The rep called and got real excited when I told him we would be building a house. He said we'd save tons of money; that is just the type of client they want (I'll bet it is). I told him we just wanted to come to a presentation and would join another Direct Buy distributorship. He said that would be fine, but why would we want to do that. After all we could just transfer the membership. I asked "what incentive do they have to service me when you have gotten the big bucks up front? In fact, what incentive do you have to service my account when I've paid most of the money up front?" He said, "we'll service you because that's what we're in business to do. And, the other distributor will service you because they get the membership renewal. But, if you want to come to a presentation and join at another Direct Buy, that's okay." Well, you folks know the story because what each of you said is the same story we got. Here's an addition though. I was very skeptical going in. The sales rep couldn't answer questions with anything but canned answers or with no answers. Then after the presentation, the "Director" tried to immediately separate all the prospects, I said in a loud voice, "wait a minute, I have some questions." They got very nervous and tried to put me off; I persisted. "Can't everybody here listen to the questions I have? Maybe they have the same ones." You could have heard a pin drop--everybody stopped. Finally, the Director said, okay and I asked a couple of questions. The other prospects were ushered off very quickly. I then reminded Mike that he'd said we could join any Direct Buy and he replied that we had to join that one or be barred from joining for 7 years (or what break a mirror--bad luck) and he would call the Direct Buy we wanted to join and tell them not to let us (give me a break--talk about juvenile). We walked out...lesson--when you hear bells go off or it doesn't feel right, don't do it. I'm so glad we let Direct Buy go bye-bye.

1/24/2007 - Jennifer writes:
We went to a showroom in orlando where the fast talking and heavy salesman made this buying club look so wonderful. We joined and it was a huge mistake, Problem 1. they forget to tell you there is 8% + charge added to every sale.#2. There are better deals everywhere we go. We asked to price an ice maker for the kitchen,they found 2 one for $450.00 the other $850. We ended up buying at [] with warrenty for 259.00. Every single thing we priced out has been so expensive. I just wish we could get out of this contract.....What a rip off. They Just out and out lie about everything they can do.

1/23/2007 - Michelle writes:
On the 12th of January I made an on-line appointment for my husband and I to tour the Direct Buy in Gaithersburg, Maryland on Tuesday the 23rd of January at 2:00 p.m. At 12:30 on the 23rd, I phoned Direct Buy to see if we could join a tour at 1:00 p.m.. I was told that they had changed the schedule and that, not only could I not join an earlier tour but that my 2:00 p.m. appointment no longer exist. The employee was unable to solve my problem as we could not come at the alternative times that she offered. She had someone else call me back to solve the problem. A short time later another Direct Buy employee called me to discuss the matter. I asked what would have been done if we had arrived at 2:00 p.m., with our appointment slip. She told me that we would have been made to wait until 3:00 p.m. for our tour. I said that I felt this was very poor customer service. The women then said that this problem was not the fault of Direct Buy it was a problem with the on-line system changes. I pointed out that, at a minimum, Direct Buy had a responsability to contact us to let us know that our appointment had been arbitrarily changed. She then began to shout at me saying that I did not need to tell them their responsabilities and further stated that we where clearly not potential clients for membership because I was too narrow minded with regard to accepting a change of events. At this point I was so shocked by her behavior that I asked to speak to the manager. She informed me that SHE was the manager. The women said that she could have the owner call me and I responded by saying that I would like to speak to the owner to discuss the rude way in which his manager deals with potential Direct Buy customers. I have not spoken to the owner yet but I have gone on-line to find many, many bad reviews of this company. Needless to say we will not be taking our business to Direct Buy and, from what I have read on-line, all other potential customers should do some careful research before handing over the thousands of dollars that Direct Buy requires for membership fees.

1/19/2007 - Bob writes:
My wife found this company and signed us up for the open house. When we got there, we signed in and started wandering around the floor. The owner intercepted us and told us we would have to wait in the reception area for another 10 minutes. My wife walked to the reception area and offered a throw-away line of "I feel like I'm back in kindergarten". To my utter surprise, the owner's retort was "Well, that the way it's going to have to be" Not a good beginning. After going through the tour of the store, we were directed to the video room when the friendly owner (friendly only until I attempted to ask a question) operated the video player for the three separate pitches. It would take me about three minutes to outline their value proposition, but we sat through an hour of lame jokes, lamer sales tactics and repetitive claims of at least 30% savings- maybe even more. The $3995 membership fee was a stunner, but the command of 'purchase today or you can't return here for 7 years' was the most unusual sales tactic I ever experienced. (Not counting the time we bought the time share in Hawaii while on vacation there.) At the conclusion, just for grins, I asked the sales guy to price a Toshiba tv that I had purchased the night before via Amazon.com. The Direct Buy price was $75 higher and included state sales tax. Go to the presentation for the amusement factor but DON'T BE FOOLISH ENOUGH TO SIGN UP. No reputable company would behave this way.

1/13/2007 - Mary writes:
My husband and I signed up for Direct Buy last night and are now in the process of trying to take advantage of our 3 deay recission right-although it was not put in our contract. After doing the research on the statements made by the Customer Svc Reps we realized it was all based on lies...telling us what we wanted to hear and not the facts. Has anyone had luck in backing out of the contract? What state are you from?

1/11/2007 - Charles writes:
You will ABSOLUTELY regret making any decision to do business with this outfit. I don't know how much clearer I can make it for you. There is NO value here. Actually there is in fact NEGATIVE value factoring in the high cost of your "membership'.

1/3/2007 - John writes:
I am telling the story of an employee who had to resign as a call center manager because I did not like the way this company did business. Company guidelines say to call everyone who has expressed interest 4 times a day. To me and to the people we called this borderlined on harrasement and stalking. All of the sales presentations were fully scripted, even the jokes. New employess were mislead as to thier opportunities. As a telephone employee we were never told to directly answer anyones questions. The smart people knew they were being scammed so they backed off. I am much better off working for someone who does not scam.

1/3/2007 - Gary writes:
My wife and I attended the Open House. We are in the process of building a new home. It might be possible that we could save a lot of money on the appliances, flooring, windows, doors, etc. They had all the categories of products that go into building a home. There are some manufactures that we were definitely wanting and they did not have them and in fact put down the manufacturer. Then later they said they would be adding some of those manufacturers they just put down. They said that unlike the stores that if they carry a manufacturer, they have the entire line available instead of just what a buyer chooses to carry. Then they said they are limited to what a manufacturer allows them to carry. Sound like two different stories to cover their behinds? When they told me the price of $3960 for 18 months that was twice what I expected. Of course the next 18 months was only $30 and each year after that was $199. Still I thought since we are building a house maybe we could recoup that and more. When they told me it was JOIN NOW OR NEVER COME BACK up went the red flag. NO legitimate business will ever tell a buyer that. They say this location has 2000 members and is only two years old. That means the owners took in $8 million dollars in just two years. Pretty good business for the owners. Let me go home and think about it and decide to come back and join and you can only make more money. Tell me you don't want my money if I don't give it to you today! No way are the manufacturers they sell telling them that, they didn't give me any real prices of the major manufacturers they carry. The only products they gave me prices on are the kind I see on TV infomercial ads. Well with one exception, I did have a list of my kitchen appliances so I asked them for a price for the GE double oven as it was the highest priced item I had and a manufacturer they carry. Their price before shipping and handling was $300 higher than what I can get it for so at that point I decided maybe I wasn't going to save enough to pay for the membership fees. I had only looked at the Better Business Bureau site for complaints before we went and had not found this site and I guess they didn't want me to get that far before signing. There were only 18 complaints over the two years for this location which didn't seem like a lot so we went. Now for having 2000 members, we did wonder why there were only 3 members in the show room over the 3 hours we were there and there was very little product in the warehouse and a very small warehouse at that despite their having stated that most of the items had to pass through the warehouse for the members to pick up. Must not be much buying going on. Having read the defense postings I can tell most off those are from owners, who are probably members, who are racking in the fees and do see a positive side to this. Can you imaging the car salesman who says you have to buy this car today or you can't come back to the lot again? RUN AWAY as fast as you can! If only they had the little box at the table over the plunger switch so I could have closed it and said NO DEAL! and that's my final answer.

12/21/2006 - Elina writes:
Yes, we also got SCAMED into purchasing a DirctBuy membership. Several months ago we were looking to buy new floors to install in our home. The price to buy through DirectBuy was actually more expensive then a better a quality floor I saw at lumber liquidators. I confronted a DirectBuy sales representative regarding my concern, and the next thing you know, I was asked to go into the managers office. The manager and the sales consultant took me into the office and closed the door. They then explained to me how they compare everything apples to apples and that the two products were from different manufactures. I walked directly out of the office and out of the store, I simply could not believe that they felt they had the right to talk to me as if I was a disgruntle employee. I simply put the whole situation behind me. Then last week my husband went to DirectBuy to buy me a Coach purse (which I was told at the time of the presentation we could purchase for 30% off). Of course they only had a select few Coach bags that you could actually purchase from them but here is the kicker... The price was EXACTLY what they are being sold in retail stores, plus you have to pay shipping, handling and wait 4 weeks for the bag to come. My husband was absolutely livid when he left there. I called to complain to a manger... and well what do you know, I'm still waiting for a return phone call back.

12/8/2006 - Kristiina writes:
My husband and I just came back from a Direct Buy presentation. We do not respond to high pressure sales tactics and therefore did not purchase the $4990.00 CDN membership. I was extremely angry that this was also a one-time only visit. If I had been dealt with in a more honest manner like the infomercial stating that one is never allowed back UNLESS a membership is purchased, I would NEVER have made the phone call let alone arranged an appointment. The pamphlet that one receives with the visitor's pass also NEVER mentions the one-time visit or the cost of a membership. Had that been the case, I would have cancelled the appointment immediately. I concur with some of the other testimonials, check out the Better Business Bureaus, online complaint forums, etc. before you ever make that phone call and subsequently agree to any kind of meeting with this company. You may save yourself a pile of money you had never intended to spend. I may not be able to SAVE as much money as claimed by Direct Buy but I do know one thing, at least Direct Buy DOESN'T have our $4990.00 CDN.

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