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Don Lapre - Making Money Complaints
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1/25/2007 - Kevin writes:
I actually interviewed for this idiot's company back in 1999 as a web developer to do all of those "free web sites" he was including as part of his package. Essentially, there were about 30 of us interviewing as a group, they took Polaroids of us all (interesting, wonder if my face is being used somewhere in his propoganda?) and then sat us all down to not interview about a web job, but to WATCH THE INFOMERCIAL! Then the "manager" came in, wearing a hockey jersey, how professional, and told us we were all hired and to call a number to find out our start time. He said they don't do background checks and don't care as long as you showed up for work. The office area consisted of a typical call center setup but unlike the average sweatshop, this had TVs going. :) hahaha And the "web" area was a bunch of picnic tables with computers. This guy is a carpet bagger and a criminal. He's been in the news several times about not being able to pay his employees. Also, one of his later infomercials talked about a movie he was starring in with Cindy Margolas including some scenes. Either that was all faked or the production company realized what was going on because the movie came out and neither were in the cast. ??? (Wednesday's Child???)

1/16/2007 - Roger writes:
I also own making money program and have 900 lines. I advertised in newspapers over and over never saw not one check. I spent about 1500.00 for program and another 2000.00 on the ads not one call per dons team checked every day and nothing. I was in college at time just trying to get a couple extra dollars a month but lost it all.

1/11/2007 - Michelle writes:
I was unlucky enough to suffer from insomnia as a college student. One night I fell for this con man. I purchased his product for $39 and realized that in order to make money I would have to give more money to him to make money. I was scammed about 400 dollars total and had to change my credit card account number because his "company" kept charging me. Oh, I never made any money from the 900 phone line. I still get upset with myself and ask, "Why was I so gullible?"

12/28/2006 - Renee writes:
Yep! We fell for it too! Don Lapre Scam. I cannot believe someone to stoop so low as to take money for someone in hopes of making money to support their families! All the people that work for him are nothing but scumbags too. Not only did we pay $3200 to get the business started but $$$ to print flyers, business cards, connect to search engines, etc... If you are even thinking about doing this, Don't !!!!!!!!

8/18/2006 - Stephen writes:
Don Lapre is a pure criminal who should be in prison, not running his mouth on late night TV. I purchased a turnkey website from his company several years ago, when he was going on about placing little ads in papers around the country. I supposedly had a 900 number for astrology. After sending out tons of ads about the number, I got no returns at all. I ended up losing over $300 to this scumbag, and for a year after that they gave me the runaround about refunding my money. It still makes me angry when I see his face plastered on the TV screen. What a jerk.

12/28/2005 - Bob writes:
Don Lapre, Is a scum bag just like all the rest on TV!When I bought his program he said I would get a free web site. I called 8 times still never got any where.Save your money on this and all them on TV>.

11/17/2005 - Joe writes:
Dandy Dandy Don Lapre.....I called Dean Graziosi and I got Don Lapre's office who answered "Greatest Vitamin"....and I said "oops I got the wrong number"...the lady then gave me Dean Graziosi's number.....these people are all connected-one company.  The mentoring is done by some high school kid who works part time from a script

10/27/2005 - Rick writes:
Even though I am writing a complaint in regards to Don Lapre, I can't help but to have a sense of admiration for this clown. He is the pinnacle of a modern day con man.  He is great at what he does     no doubt about it.  I've read many complaints about he ruined so many lives, yet just the other night I saw him on another infomercial pawning "the world's greatest vitamin".  For a man that filed chapter 7 once again in 1999, he sure was able to find "millions" to research this so-called great vitamin. I am still in awe of this fellow as he continues to get people to do just as he wants.   People order his product thinking they can make money with little or no work.   I was one of them.  I ordered the "Money Making Package". Fortunately, I only lost about $40 total before realizing what I was getting myself into.   I guess $40 from millions of people makes Don Lapre a happy man!

9/23/2005 - Dan writes:
i agree with everyone when it comes to don laprick i too was sucked in bought into his program and got baggerd by his blood thirsty staff to get into the 900 carp well i did everything they said i had to cough up over 2 grand which wasnt even my money it was my grandmothers money who else would i get it from?? my other part of my family wouldnt give me squat due to my success with failer after failer yup i never could pass up good scam that came in the mail or was shown on tv of course at the time i never knew the word scam artist. i was still young and worried about my families well being. back in that time instead of going and getting a permit for driving i wa shome looking threw the magizines ads. you could say i was the lolly pop of the family a sucker with many different colors to my excitment of sending out more money whenever something sounded good. this happened from 1991 to untill 2001 when my funding stopped due to my grandmother died thanks don laprick my grandmother was the only one that ever belived in you and now she is 6 feet under

9/15/2005 - Nicole writes:
Like the old saying goes..."Had I known then what I know now" I would have never fallen for one of the biggest scam in the USA. This was such a mistake as the Internet was just geting started and a lot of individuals did not have the access. At the time, I was not aware that you could not be held responsible for 1 900 calls (if they showed on your long distance bill). I filed with the State of Arizona, hmmm...several years ago (at least 8 years ago and have not heard anything back from the Court System) Recently I found all the Lifetime Reminder kits and they are still there collecting dust, maybe I will burn them with all the other credit card offers that I receive. I have admitted to making a mistake but have since learned from that. What a waste of time and money. Good thing I didn't invest too much money on this scam. I feel the same frustration as everyone else that fell for this scam. Yes, Don Lapre made all this money-off of us honest consumers that thought it was a good project. What a waste of time....

8/29/2005 - Gigi writes:
After reading everyone's elses complaints, I realized that Don Lapre scammed me the same way. I went further though. I filed a lawsuit with Arizona Court where they had a bankruptcy case on him and anyone who wanted reperation could file. I found this information on the web where the state of Arizona asked people if they had been scammed by Don to please come forward. I filled out paperwork with Arizona Court system but I never even heard back from the court!!! I called the courthouse to verify if they were pursuing Don Lapre's case and they were and told me it would be a long court proceeding so I waited... and waited... 5 years!!!!! NEVER once did I get anything from the courthouse regarding this situation. Can you sue a whole state for lying????

Kathryn writes:
My story about Don Lapre is older.  I purchased a 1-900 number, got caught up in "Oh you need a web site" more money down the drain.  I bought into the scheme of selling "reminder date system or something like that at great cost to me.  I sold one.  Luckily I was smart enough to remember that I could get my money back but had to wait for a whole year before I failed at selling them.  Yes I followed the steps, A TINY CLASSIFIED AD,ETC, ETC..   I did recover some money but lost more in these scams. I heard Don Lapre went bankrupt and now working out at the gym just saw him  selling another scheme on infomercial.  I urge anyone to not buy into this vitamin business as there are so many and most people will get sucked into needing a web site, bank card machine, etc.   Do not waste your time.  Remember, if you do make sure to take him up on MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE because many don't and that is what he counts on. I have a bad taste and trust no business deals any more because of the loss of good money guaranteeing me success. Thanks for the chance to vent cause Don Lapre probably owes me hundreds and I will never see any of it. 

David writes:
I found Don Lapre's Making Money Course to be bogus.  It's nothing more than glorified junk mail. Except instead of it coming in your mail box it comes in through your TV.  I found his list of 1000 businesses lame, such as the plastic comb company and the novelty toys.  When you do find anything worth investing in it's overpriced.  Also his free websites are lame and you have no control over working on it, plus you don't really get awww.yourname.comas he promises.  It's more like a long address such as "www.thecoolpages.com/businesses/Services12345~blahblah/order/index.html" I tried to get customer help for my website and they only have regular "hotmail" email addresses. You would think that a millionaire such as Don Lapre would have his own .com address, so when I wrote to customer help it was something like [email protected], this did not look professional.  Also they put my buy it button on the first page instead of the purchase page and when I tried to get them to fix it they acted rude toward me.   Don's course doesn't tell you anything that you don't already know, its lame and useless with lists of newspapers, and dumb advice and outdated ideas that worked for him back in 1980 something but will not work today, such as 900# scams and selling booklet reports. As if you can't get reports or mailing lists for free of the internet.  By the way, Geocities have far better websites that are free than Don could ever offer.

Arienne writes:
I ordered Don Lapre's money making system almost two years ago. I thought it would be a great way to make extra money, Boy was I wrong. It's a way for Don Lapre to make money not you! I ordered the "chat line" package. After talking to some guy named "Spence" I ended up forking over $500 for a website to promote my "chat line". I was told that I had to have the website for people to know about my line. After two weeks of nothing "Spence" called me back to tell me my site was up, but that I needed to pay another $250 to get it to appear at the top of the most used search engines. So like an idiot I paid the $250. Needless to say when I went to check my website I recieved a page not found message. When I tried to call customer support I was just given the run around and told that my site would be up shortly. I eventually gave up trying to get my money back. Stay away from this product please. By the way when I asked to speak to "Spence" I was told that they never had anyone by that name employed there, what a suprise.

JR writes:
Like hundreds if not thousands of others across the land, I fell for Don Lepre's "Money Making" infomercials back in the late 80's and early 90's. His half hour tv shows claimed that he literally made (at the time)and was still making thousands of dollars per week from 900# numbers. As many have seen, he often stressed the point that "advertising" was the key to a successful business. As I soon found out after paying him HUNDREDS of dollars to get the starting kit and get set up through his phone service that was supposedly already set up and working, the "little tiny 4 line adds" as he frequently referred to cost hundreds of dollars per week in reality to run in most major newspapers. Don failed to mention the cost of advertising and guaranteed his system to work if advertised properly. I spent thousands of dollars advertising across the country in newspapers as he suggested, I even paid his staff to develop new and more exciting advertisements because the ones I created myself that were also pre-approved by his staff were not working. Oh sure there were a few calls and I did receive 4 checks from his company, but they were extremely low because of the low volume of calls my numbers had received, and the amount Don held out to pay his staff. Basically, there was a 100% guarantee this system would work, and a guarantee that Don's staff would help in every way to make it happen, I followed the directions provided in his kit and worked it step by step as they advised, but even with the "little" help they provided, it didn't work, and in the end I lost thousands of dollars! And was NEVER reimbursed for the 100% money back guarantee that the contract stated. At the time when this nightmare finally ended, I didn't even have the funds left to take him to court! BEWARE! Don Lepre is one of the biggest scams and crooks in the nation!!! If you value your hard earned dollar, stay away from this joker and anything he says he has to offer!

Claudia writes:
hi i really got into a bad situation with don lepre.i also bought his package and also a fitness program.i kept getting calls in which they did my websites with my phone nos..along with the fitness web site,  i gave them $4000.00 for advertising but never received any money..one day i went to look at my web site and there was nothing there...i tried calling the phone nos they had given me but they were all disconnected...i lost all my money..i thing it is a disgrace to do this to people who are honest thinking they will have a business ...i could not beleive he would scam so many people...

Maryann writes:
Don Lapre is a true scam. I have read the complaints written about him, and they are all true. Everyone on his staff is very nice to you when they are trying to sell you something, but when you say no, they turn on you. I ordered the system, and virtually harrassed by his staff to get into the 900-number business, and after investing more money into it, I never heard another thing. I've never received a check for anything. I'm convinced that there really is no get rich quick scheme out there.I've learned my lesson, I won't be ordering any more of these scams. If a person knows how to get rich quick, let me know, and you can give it to me for free. Let me test it out, make money, then I'll be your infomercial.

Kelley writes:
5 & 1/2 years ago, I fell for the 1-900 Business & invested about $1,500.00 I tried getting a refund, but they said since it's been more than 6 months, they don't give refunds. I think Better Business Bureau should investigate and retrieve our lost investments; whether or not how long ago.

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