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Dr. Ho's Muscle Massage Complaints
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12/21/2005 - Marji writes:
I ordered the Dr. Ho's massage unit from their infomercial. I was to be billed in 3 installments from my checking account. Warning.. Use a credit card, not a debit card if you order this! I received the unit promptly and when I tried to use it, the electrodes simply kept falling off. The instructions say to moisten them and then let them sit for 30 seconds which I did at each try. No matter where I tried to attach them, they just fell off. I own a TENS unit and am familiar with how to use and attach electrodes and have never had a problem with them adhering to my skin. I decided to just return the unit, so I packed it up and called the company.  They did credit my account for the initial payment, but not for the shipping that I paid. I am now into them for shipping it to me and back. I got a notice from my bank, that my account was overdrawn, and could not imagine why.  I went on line and printed out my statements and sure enough, Dr.Ho's company had debited my account two times in three days for my initial payment (including shipping). I phoned my bank to make sure, and they said yes, the debit was made twice and in turn over-drew my account and caused other things to be returned.. What a nightmare! I called Dr. Ho's customer service and explained what had happened.  They had me fax a copy of my bank records to them. My bank also faxed the information to them. I wanted the money put back into my account that day, but was told that it would take few days." That was on a Friday. The following Monday, someone from their company phoned me and told me that the transaction was taken care of and that the money would be returned the next day. I checked my bank account the next day, and no money from Dr. Ho. I waited until Wednesday and checked again. They had credited my account $9.99! They are about $86.00 short, as they were to reimburse me for the overdraft fees as well. I phoned them again and had to go through explaining everything all over again. I waited while the customer service rep talked to the person who made the call to me. He told me that she said she told me the transaction was to be made on Tuesday, and that the money would be in my account in a "few days." They gave me an authorization number so I called my bank and asked them if there were anything pending from good old Dr. Ho. Of course there was not. I phoned CS back again and the poor fellow there assured me that he had all of the authorization numbers and things and he would fax them to me. To his credit, he did try many times but my fax machine would not receive for some reason. I will give it until Friday and if I do not receive my refund, I will have to have my bank investigate on my behalf. My over all feeling is that this is nothing more than a glorified TENS unit that if you have a prescription from your doctor, your insurance company should pay for. It does not work very well, AND do NOT let them anywhere near your checking account! I've learned my lesson, from now on; I will only pay for such purchases with a credit card.

11/23/2005 - Doug writes:
I ordered Dr. Ho's massage product.   It didn't even last a week and broke.  Now I can't anyone to answer the customer service line.  I will be sueing to get my $174.96.  What a peice of crap this guy is.  Don't buy anything of his.  It's a peice of shit and do is he.

11/18/2005 - Tom writes:
I ordered this product a couple of weeks ago; received a debit on my account for $91.96 one day, and the next, it disappeared! Coincidently, the next day, my checking account was de-frauded for over $700.00 from someone who had my acct. number; only Dr. Ho's answering service could have been responsible!!

Rosemary writes:
Bought Dr Ho's Muscle Massage Machine from TV ad. Have been  trying since Feb to get money back.  It came with no invoice-just guarantee. I am handicapped and in physical therapy and sounded like smaller version of what was used at therapists. Promised great relief from pain.  Did   Not  work. Even on High felt only small tingle. The wires kept falling out of unit. Pads did not stick but rolled. And Machine burned my skin.  I returned it to No Pain Tech Inc and got no reply. Went to As  Seen  on  TV-they denied having it and I could not find it listed there. Was charged 159.99 to credit card and no one will admit they know anything. If u will  use Yahoo and type No Pain Tech Inc u will find the unit there.  It asks for comments on page with picture of Dr Ho and this so call TEMS unit.  When u click on the comment connection  it says in RED print it has no connection with infomercials but has infomertials as title. The machine and where to buy it (As Seen On TV) is highlighted in yellow. I want my money back.  The machine is no good.  I also remembered  during all this that I had seen same unit or similar on HSN being sold to reduce fat!!!! Home Shopping does not carry it anymore   and it seems like no one will admit to selling it  but there are comments from people who use it and either liked it or did not and sent it back.  Why am I having such a hard time?  As on TV  says they know nothing.  Info knows nothing yet there it is.  U can find it by typing Dr Ho's Muscle Massage on Yayoo or another search engine)  I have definately been had.  I hope u can help me.  Withno invoice in box,  I have very little to help me find who did this. 

Robert writes:
These people are thieves and should be put to death under the cruelest and most painful methods. My grandmother has severe arthritis and bought this contraption a few months ago in an effort to find some relief. She got this trash a few weeks later and it did nothing but buzz a little while all the other parts fell off and did not stick. God help these people if I ever find them... the anguish and misery they put my dear grandma through is enough for me to tear their heads off!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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