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Dual Action Cleanse Complaints
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2/8/2007 - Paula writes:
I ordered the product and tried it once or twice, but then I received a shipment and I still had one that I hadn't even opened yet. So I sent it back. Waited and waited for them to credit my card the $59.90 until finally I had to call them. They agreed to fix that "oversite" but still tried to seel me a 3-month supply at a discount. Gee Wiz, I just returned one because I couldn't keep up with their shipments. No sooner than I see they finally credited my card, I get another shipment. Only this time I see my card was charged $159.80. I called again several times and finally got a return authorization number. I never even opened the package. Sent it back and waited again. Still no credit. Called again and they told me yes, they did receive the return package December 1 and they would credit my card. Waited again, called again, now they say they didn't receive it. They said whoever I talked to must have been mistaken and the one they received in December was the $59.90 single shipment. Has to be a lie since they credited me for the $59.90 on 11-9-2007. I doubt they would credit me the money a month prior to receiving the product. I just contacted my credit card company about it cause it just isn't funny anymore.

2/3/2007 - Ray writes:
Ordered the special deal (Colon Clear Formula & Total Body Purifier) 59.99. I was aware they'd keep sending it every 2 months and the price would decrease. After 3 shippments (6 months) I noticed they hadn't given me a discount after ordering the 3rd time. I didn't complain, they accually called me. They said they noticed this and said what they were going to do is "send" me a year supply worth and they will stop charging my card. I was under the impression that they were giving it to me. But when I received it I saw the bill... Well, I supposed it was my fault, I didn't pay close enough attention, "oh, well, whatever, I was wanting to try a year's supply any ways. (Because, I could have only accepted the proposal only because it was free, and not because I wanted to try it for that long)". Well, in 2 months, they me a regular shippment... thats right, still for 59.99. Now remember, they just sold me a year's supply of the product, so I shouldn't need more for a year. And I'm very certain on the phone that they said they weren't going to charge anymore on my card, but they are any ways. Since they've sent me another I am offically cancelling my membership today... well Monday as it seems their customer service isn't open. Found this site when I googled how to cancel Dual Action Cleanse, so I'd though I'd report this.

1/31/2007 - John writes:
Upon viewing the unintentionally humorous informercial for Dual Action Cleanse I decided, after calming down from my laughing fit, to call the toll-free number and ask the operator intentionally juvenile questions about the product. When the operator answered I chickened out, feeling they most likely had access to my phone number and feared I'd be placed on some phone list if I were to irritate them. I hung up the phone and forgot about the failed attempt for self-amusement, until I recieved a mysterious phone call from a number with a Maine area code. The caller left no message, so out of curiosity I returned the missed call only to get an ambiguous voice mail greeting by some marketing company. I left no message but called a few more times to no avail. Later that day I received yet another call from the Maine area code. This time I answered and it was Dual Action Cleanse! I nervously told the person I was not interested, although if I had really thought it through I would have given the guy precise details as to why I feel their product is utter bullshit. A few more days went by and I received yet another call from Dual Action Cleanse offering me some big promotion in an attempt to get my buisness. Now, I already told the operator once that I wasn't interested, after they called me without my permission in the first place. I never left a message posing interest in the product. I never left my name or my phone number, so what gives this company the right to continuously call and harrass a person trying to get buisness? So, anyway, my advice, I suppose, is to resist the urge to prank call a toll-free number advertising a ludicrous product, unless, of course, you want to be harrassed by some sham-artist every few days.

1/23/2007 - Susan writes:
I saw the infomercial and related to a lot of the symptoms Dual Action Cleanse reported that people have when they need their product. I have been ill and stressed, and feeling rather desparate. I called and talked to a seemingly nice man on the phone. I told him I was leery about ordering because I had had bad experiences ordering from infomercials before. He assured me there would be no problems, said he would give me a help line number if I had any questions, and told me what my order total was. Today I received an email saying they just shipped out my multivitamin order. I didn't ORDER any multivitamins because they make me deathly ill. When the guy gave me the total for my oder on the phone, I thought that was it. If I had known they were adding multivitamin cost to the order I would have cancelled it right then and there. Another $30 was added to my credit card bill for these multivitamins! I am LIVID!!! I don't know who I'm more angry with: the Dual Action Cleanse people for duping me into another mess, or myself for letting them dupe me...again! Now I have to go through the trouble of writing a complaint to my credit card company, calling Dual Action Cleanse's endless commercial help line to get an order number to send the products back, and hope to get this mess straightened out. I have already cancelled any future orders. Why don't these people just do what they say they're going to do? Maybe people could trust them, like their product and they might actually earn an honest living. Another thing that enfuriates me with these people is that they pray on people who are already having problems. People wouldn't be ordering their product if their lives were going well.

1/23/2007 - Keith writes:
I purchased a one month one time supply for my wife. She took the vitamins as directed for the first two weeks. She was more regular but not yet satisfied. My concern is that it was clear that I only wanted one order and no re-occurring orders. That didn't seem to matter to them because they shipped another order and billed my card 69.00. I called and they asked me to send the product back. Unfortunately the label covered the mailing address and I can not get the P.O.box. info. It was sent from Van Nuys California. So I am stuck until I can find out the P.O.Box information.

1/14/2007 - Chris writes:
A couple of months ago I purchased this product with the automatic shipping for me, my mother and stepfather. We had looked at the ingredients listed on the website because there are some things my mother knows she cannot take because of a medical condition, and found none of them on the site. However, when we recieved the product, there were stickers all over it stating that it contains cascara sagrada (sp?) and should not be taken by people with certain problems. I compared the ingredients on the label with those on the website, and this was the only ingredient not listed on the site. It seems shady that they would exclude from the website an ingredient that is dangerous enough to require a warning label on the package!

1/13/2007 - Bill writes:
I purchased 2 orders of the product on 11/15/06, for $49.89 each, and $1.00 each for 2 Bottles of the Multi-Vitamins, Total = $101.78. I received them 2 days later. I was billed immediately and then Canceled, as I only agreed to put one of the orders on automatic delivery. On 12/13/06 they billed me twice and should have only billed me once. I got an immediate credit for $49.89, and appreciated their quick response. Then I was billed twice on 12/21/06 for an incereased price of $59.85, a total of $119.70. I am cancelling my debit card wiht my bank and getting a new one as, though it is an inconvenience, companies that start out doing this have a prevalence to repeazt their actions. I have called them but it is a holiday Monday and I will call them Tuesday and get a refund presumably. Wish me luck, but this seems to be what you get when you believe in infomercials. Sorry! Sincerely and Good Luck, Bill

1/13/2007 - Lisa writes:
I received the product and 3 months later I received an additional shipment. I called the customer service number to get a return authorization and they told me I could not return and that I had requested the product to ship to me every 3 months. I explained that I was not aware and they stated I quote, "Your negligence does not make us liable therefore you can not return." They said I had 60 days to inform them that I did not want the product resent and I explained I did not know that they would be sending out replenishment to my home. Once again they stated that is was my negligence and there was nothing they could do.

1/10/2007 - Isaac writes:
I heard an advertisement for Dual Action Cleanse on the radio then several times I saw the infomercial on TV and decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to try. On Oct. 26, 2006 I went online to purchase Dual Action Cleanse after reviewing their site I thought it was a little more than I wanted to spend at the time so I closed out of their site and then a pop up window with a live chat person pops up and tries to make me a sweeter deal so I went for it. Little did I know that they signed me up for auto shipment. On Dec 26, 2006 I got an email that they shipped me another shipment I checked with my credit card and they billed me another $129.80 so I called them to clear up this matter. They will not refund the money. I have not yet used the product so if it works or not I don't know. What I do know is that these people are thieves and make no attempt to resolve any issues. I wish I had seen this site before buying the product.

1/10/2007 - Jim writes:
After watching the infomercial about "Dual Action Cleanse" my husband & I decided to try it. We were told there would be a "one time" charge to our credit card. We felt since we were not binding ourselves to any contract it would be a fairly safe thing to do. We received our product about a month later and started taking the pills as directed. Eventually we both stopped taking "Dual Action Cleanse" because we were both experiencing discomfort & nausea. The next month we received another shipment and were shocked to find this company had made an unauthorized charged our bank account. I called the 1-800 number provided and was either put on hold for long periods - not to mention the sickening background music they blaired while waiting - or connected to unworking answering services. We sent back the unopened - unordered product & waited to hear from the company. Before long we received yet another order & once again they charged our account without authorization. We have been charged $140.40, $118.75 and $129.58 since we tried to stop "Dual Action Cleanse" from stealing more money. These SCAM ARTISTS need to be stopped from committing any more illegal business transactions. I can't believe that the state of California OR the USA allows hideous companies like this one to practice business. How can I be reimbursed for the money they stole from us?

1/10/2007 - Jim writes:
After watching the infomercial about "Dual Action Cleanse" my husband & I decided to try it. We were told there would be a "one time" charge to our credit card. We felt since we were not binding ourselves to any contract it would be a fairly safe thing to do. We received our product about a month later and started taking the pills as directed. Eventually we both stopped taking "Dual Action Cleanse" because we were both experiencing discomfort & nausea. The next month we received another shipment and were shocked to find this company had made an unauthorized charged our bank account. I called the 1-800 number provided and was either put on hold for long periods - not to mention the sickening background music they blaired while waiting - or connected to unworking answering services. We sent back the unopened - unordered product & waited to hear from the company. Before long we received yet another order & once again they charged our account without authorization. We have been charged $140.40, $118.75 and $129.58 since we tried to stop "Dual Action Cleanse" from stealing more money. These SCAM ARTISTS need to be stopped from committing any more illegal business transactions. I can't believe that the state of California OR the USA allows hideous companies like this one to practice business. How can I be reimbursed for the money they stole from us?

1/5/2007 - Linda writes:
I was never given the discount after ordering the 2nd and 3rd time. I called to report this and a woman said she adjusted the amount from 59.99 to 39.99 every 54 days. When I checked my bank account I realized she had taken another 40 dollars out 2 days after taking 60 dollars. I called and spoke to Cedric and he agreed there was a mistake but nothing they could do about it. I was given another number and a run around. I since cancelled my membership and am waiting to see if next month charges will show up.

1/4/2007 - Joanie writes:
DUAL-ACTION CLEANSE IS A RIP-OFF!!! They will place orders for you that you never authorized. Charge your credit card repeatedly without your authorization and give you the runaround when you call. Not only that, the main ingredient in the Colon Clear Formula is Cascara Sagrada(bark) which experts advise should only be taken as a "last resort for constipation" and should never be used for longer than two weeks. It can cause lazy bowel syndrome and other problems. This is contrary to the advertised purpose and directions of Dual-Cleanse. Sure, there is a disclaimer in very, very small print on the side of the box, but you don't know that until you receive the product and good luck getting your money back at that point. OUR STORY: Back in August 2006 my husband heard an infomercial for Dual-Action Cleanse on the radio and decided to try it. He placed the order by phone and was told by the rep. that along with his Dual-Action Cleanse order, she would include 12-in-One vitamins for Men and Women free of charge. THIS WAS A ONE TIME ORDER ONLY! After a month had passed, we had still not received our order, so the phone calls to Dual Cleanse began. After a month and many phone calls we received the box of Dual-Action Cleanse, but NO vitamins as promised. Again, we phoned them repeatedly, finally two months after placing our order we received the mens vitamins, but still NO womens. More phone calls followed. We were apologized to each time we called and promises were made to resolve our problem. Finally one person actually followed up our call and said someone had accidentally cancelled our order but that she had rectified it. We should be receiving our womens vitamins soon. Well, we did, but we didn't receive one bottle we got two?! Then we started receiving our credit card statements that showed that DUAL-ACTION CLEANSE CHARGED OUR CARD FOUR MONTHS IN A ROW! They were only authorized to charge it once! We called again today. We explained our problem to the first rep. 20 times but it was like talking to a recording, we got nowhere. We then asked for a supervisor, but the rep kept ignoring our requests. Finally we demanded to speak to a supervisor, he put us on hold then came back and said to call his supervisor at another number which he provided. We called and spoke to another person who also gave us the runaround for ten minutes. After asking point blank what her title was, she informed me that she was also a cust. serv. rep., SHE WASN'T EVEN A SUPERVISOR! Once again we DEMANDED to speak to a supervisor. She told me that it was not their role to talk on the phone to customers. I told her that did not concern me and insisted on speaking to a supervisor. After being put on hold for quite some time, she came back on and said that the supervisor was not available. I told her that I knew there was no way that the entire customer service department was left unsupervised and that I knew that one was there. I told her I was not going to hang-up and that I would wait. Within a minute I was supposedly speaking to a supervisor. Again, I explained that we had been overcharged and that we wanted our money back. He said that we placed a continuous order and those charges were for that. I told him we never authorized a continuous order, we ordered it for one time only. He then said that he would have to review the recording of the order before he could refund any money. I told him that first of all, I knew that if I hung up the phone I would never hear from him again and I would once again have to call back and start all over again. Secondly,even if I had (which I hadn't)ordered it to be continuous I was still charged for something I hadn't received. It's bad enough that they charged us four times totalling an amount double to what we should have paid, but it took numerous phone calls and months to get what we should have gotten very easily right from the start. I told him I would not hang-up until this was resolved. He said he cancelled our future orders (gee thanks, we never ordered them in the first place) but that he couldn't do anything else for me. I asked who he reported to and he gave me a first name and ID# and said that person would not be in until tomorrow morning. I explained I would be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the radio station that advertised their product. I also asked for the address of their corporate headquarters. He said he was not allowed to give it out. I asked why he was refusing to give it to me and why was it such a secret? He said "I was told I am not allowed to give it out" I asked by who and he did not answer. He said I could go on-line and communicate with them that way. Yeah, right! I am not done with this. We need to take every legal measure possible to put a stop to Mr. Irwin's unscrupulous operation. Obviously ethics are not very high on his list of business practices. He may have the money to back him up with all of his holdings, but we've got the numbers. Collectively we can be heard.

1/3/2007 - Jerry writes:
i ordered this product by phone as a one time order back in oct. following a tv ad. the product was rec'd & billed @ this time.. i rec'd another order on 12/28. the company charged my credit card $60, which they were not authorized to do so...i call to report an unauthorized shipment & charge to card.. they stated they would research & get back within 7-10 days... i notified them that this was a mistake & i was not rec. anything else from them... today on 1/3/07 i rec'd another shipment & $60 charge to my card...i called in & went through the same crap... scammmmmmm...

1/2/2007 - Tad writes:
Oct 17, 2006 I purchased the product online, clicked on the order button for one time purchase. I carefully selected all the options to only order the one product and de-selecteed all the other adds and kept confirming through the process that I ONLY want to purchase it one time. Dec 28, 2006 my bank account was charged $60 (without my authorization) and I received a package from Dual Action Cleanse (which I did not order). I contacted the company to find out why and spoke with Raul who told me that he would cancel the order. He could not give me a confirmation number and told me that I since I ordered it on the internet he could not confirm if I made a mistake and that I had ordered a "continuity order". This is blatant fraud and I will report it to the Better Business Bureau since he said I could not get a refund since it was over 30 days. What a scam. Why would I cancel something I didn't order?

12/27/2006 - Anonymous writes:
It has been six weeks since I stopped taking Dual Action Cleanse, and I'm still having stomach/digestive problems. (This is after only taking the product for less than two weeks.) In fact, I'm now going to a specialist to see if they can figure out what is wrong with me. As far as getting my money back, I was one of the lucky few. I returned my first shipment, and I paid for tracking. I indicated this in an e-mail to them. When I thought I was not going to get a refund, (I had to keep calling), I was prepared to get my bank involved. They asked for proof that I tried to cancel--membership cancellation is one of the "accepted" reasons for disputing a claim. Finally I got a refund, so I didn't fill this out. After reading how many people can't get a refund once the automatic shipment starts, I went back and looked at the website. If you cut and paste the address below to your browser, you will see that it says "cancel anytime." So, I don't see how they can keep screwing people over. So, you may want to try and print this from your computer, along with a copy of an e-mail stating that you want to cancel. Good luck! Here is the website address: []

12/27/2006 - Lorna writes:
After trying this product for two weeks, nothing happened. I increased the number of pills as directed and still nothing happened. I then received my second shipment and called to cancel future shipments (and return the unused shipment) and get the $60 credited to my card. Well, surprise, surprise, you can only get your money-back if you cancel your first shipment. If they send you a second shipment, you're stuck. This is their "highlighted offer" and it says nothing about the restrictions on getting your money back after the first shipment. You have to click on their terms and conditions (a seperate link at the bottom of the page) to find out that you can only receive your money back on the first shipment. I have been in marketing and specifically in direct response for over 25 years. The fact that this company doesn't state the terms of their guarantee in a more upfront and direct way on their order page is just slimy. Companies like these are the ones that give direct marketing a bad name. This tactic is truly deceitful and low. I think it says a lot about the type of company they are.

12/22/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Hello my name is not important, I work at a call center that sells dual action cleanse. I am badgered by all my bosses to sell this product with no remorese as to what it does for people i have literally burst into tears when people tell me that these pills could change their lives and how excited they are to be recieving them. knowing in the back of my mind that what they're about to go through will make their lives hell. i still do answer the phone calls for dual action cleanse because my bosses won't let me stop taking calls for it. I appologize for everyone that i may have sold this product to. I trully am sorry, i never meant to cause this greavence, when we inform you to call customer service. we're fully aware that it's a scam. it breaks my heart some people at my work don't care. they want their meesly (roughly) two dollar commision and then get you off the phone. i'd rather just try to ensure i'll still have a job, and at least offer it to people, but not have people purchase the product. I do not use or endorse the usage of dual action cleanse or any of the other irwin natural products. And I've met klee, he really is that ugly.

12/22/2006 - Rita writes:
First, I heard stories from others before stumbling upon this site that if you TRY to cancel they won't do it. I used to work for this infomercial company and we sold dual action cleanse. I got all kinds of calls from people wanting to me cancel their orders and everytime i refered them to the customer service number they told me they couldn't get in contact with them and the number didn't work. My co-workers and I were tired of the complaints and reported it to the office but they wanted up to continue our jobs. I wanted to see if these people were right and decided to take it and order it myself. This is when i became victim. All those customers who called complaining that they won't stop charging their cards were right. THEY WON'T CANCEL YOUR ORDER!!!!!! I called many times and asked them to cancel even speaking with a supervisor and the charges won't stop. As far as taking the product, my system is now screwed. My menstrual cycle started to become irregular while taking the product until it eventually stopped and I am only 24. The first time taking it i thought it was working, but after that one month where your break kicks in, the period just wouldn't come back. I have lost and can't get back my health and funds. Goodluck, if you can find an email address to complain to and a number to cancel. They don't exist. Even if your reciept gives a so-called "Customer Care Number". They don't give a [email protected]#! As long as they retrieve the money they don't need anything else from you and that includes concerns, complaints, and cancellations. Coming from first party: THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/22/2006 - Stacy writes:
I used the Dual Action Cleanse product for a month. I didn't feel ill while I was using it and I was more regular but nothing dramatic... no worms like on the tv informercial (thank God!!). Unfortunately, when I decided 1 month was enough and quit I started to feel ill. Stomach pains, headaches, diarreah, and then a yeast infection - something I have only had once over a decade ago. Related? Who knows. Perhaps I should have slowly taken myself off of it though. Regardless, I knew another shipment was coming on the horizon and supposedly was successful in cancelling it. Oddly, the outfit I bought it from did not cancel it for me. They said that they no longer sell the product and I would need to contact them directly! They gave me a number. When I called that # I was told it was cancelled. Yet, I received another package and another unexpected bill on my debit card. Also, they did send out an email alert- ONE day prior and it gave no phone number and the email address didn't accept incoming emails. THANKS to this board, I got another phone number. (310) 301-5022 for Telezone. They asked for my last name, no spelling, and a shipping zip code. I gave it to them and they said it was cancelled. I asked for a confirmation code and she said there isn't one. After the call, I felt uneasy. Don't they need my first name, full address, etc.?? So, I called back and got the same person. She was professional and reasonable. I told her I needed to know she really knew who I was. She gave me my name and address and she was correct. Guess I have a unique last name. She again confirmed that I would not be penalized and there would be "no more shipments and no more billings." I will be back on here if that is incorrect.

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