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Dual Action Cleanse Complaints
Total Complaints: 133
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1/3/2007 - Jerry writes:
i ordered this product by phone as a one time order back in oct. following a tv ad. the product was rec'd & billed @ this time.. i rec'd another order on 12/28. the company charged my credit card $60, which they were not authorized to do so...i call to report an unauthorized shipment & charge to card.. they stated they would research & get back within 7-10 days... i notified them that this was a mistake & i was not rec. anything else from them... today on 1/3/07 i rec'd another shipment & $60 charge to my card...i called in & went through the same crap... scammmmmmm...

1/2/2007 - Tad writes:
Oct 17, 2006 I purchased the product online, clicked on the order button for one time purchase. I carefully selected all the options to only order the one product and de-selecteed all the other adds and kept confirming through the process that I ONLY want to purchase it one time. Dec 28, 2006 my bank account was charged $60 (without my authorization) and I received a package from Dual Action Cleanse (which I did not order). I contacted the company to find out why and spoke with Raul who told me that he would cancel the order. He could not give me a confirmation number and told me that I since I ordered it on the internet he could not confirm if I made a mistake and that I had ordered a "continuity order". This is blatant fraud and I will report it to the Better Business Bureau since he said I could not get a refund since it was over 30 days. What a scam. Why would I cancel something I didn't order?

12/27/2006 - Anonymous writes:
It has been six weeks since I stopped taking Dual Action Cleanse, and I'm still having stomach/digestive problems. (This is after only taking the product for less than two weeks.) In fact, I'm now going to a specialist to see if they can figure out what is wrong with me. As far as getting my money back, I was one of the lucky few. I returned my first shipment, and I paid for tracking. I indicated this in an e-mail to them. When I thought I was not going to get a refund, (I had to keep calling), I was prepared to get my bank involved. They asked for proof that I tried to cancel--membership cancellation is one of the "accepted" reasons for disputing a claim. Finally I got a refund, so I didn't fill this out. After reading how many people can't get a refund once the automatic shipment starts, I went back and looked at the website. If you cut and paste the address below to your browser, you will see that it says "cancel anytime." So, I don't see how they can keep screwing people over. So, you may want to try and print this from your computer, along with a copy of an e-mail stating that you want to cancel. Good luck! Here is the website address: []

12/27/2006 - Lorna writes:
After trying this product for two weeks, nothing happened. I increased the number of pills as directed and still nothing happened. I then received my second shipment and called to cancel future shipments (and return the unused shipment) and get the $60 credited to my card. Well, surprise, surprise, you can only get your money-back if you cancel your first shipment. If they send you a second shipment, you're stuck. This is their "highlighted offer" and it says nothing about the restrictions on getting your money back after the first shipment. You have to click on their terms and conditions (a seperate link at the bottom of the page) to find out that you can only receive your money back on the first shipment. I have been in marketing and specifically in direct response for over 25 years. The fact that this company doesn't state the terms of their guarantee in a more upfront and direct way on their order page is just slimy. Companies like these are the ones that give direct marketing a bad name. This tactic is truly deceitful and low. I think it says a lot about the type of company they are.

12/22/2006 - Anonymous writes:
Hello my name is not important, I work at a call center that sells dual action cleanse. I am badgered by all my bosses to sell this product with no remorese as to what it does for people i have literally burst into tears when people tell me that these pills could change their lives and how excited they are to be recieving them. knowing in the back of my mind that what they're about to go through will make their lives hell. i still do answer the phone calls for dual action cleanse because my bosses won't let me stop taking calls for it. I appologize for everyone that i may have sold this product to. I trully am sorry, i never meant to cause this greavence, when we inform you to call customer service. we're fully aware that it's a scam. it breaks my heart some people at my work don't care. they want their meesly (roughly) two dollar commision and then get you off the phone. i'd rather just try to ensure i'll still have a job, and at least offer it to people, but not have people purchase the product. I do not use or endorse the usage of dual action cleanse or any of the other irwin natural products. And I've met klee, he really is that ugly.

12/22/2006 - Rita writes:
First, I heard stories from others before stumbling upon this site that if you TRY to cancel they won't do it. I used to work for this infomercial company and we sold dual action cleanse. I got all kinds of calls from people wanting to me cancel their orders and everytime i refered them to the customer service number they told me they couldn't get in contact with them and the number didn't work. My co-workers and I were tired of the complaints and reported it to the office but they wanted up to continue our jobs. I wanted to see if these people were right and decided to take it and order it myself. This is when i became victim. All those customers who called complaining that they won't stop charging their cards were right. THEY WON'T CANCEL YOUR ORDER!!!!!! I called many times and asked them to cancel even speaking with a supervisor and the charges won't stop. As far as taking the product, my system is now screwed. My menstrual cycle started to become irregular while taking the product until it eventually stopped and I am only 24. The first time taking it i thought it was working, but after that one month where your break kicks in, the period just wouldn't come back. I have lost and can't get back my health and funds. Goodluck, if you can find an email address to complain to and a number to cancel. They don't exist. Even if your reciept gives a so-called "Customer Care Number". They don't give a [email protected]#! As long as they retrieve the money they don't need anything else from you and that includes concerns, complaints, and cancellations. Coming from first party: THEY ARE A SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12/22/2006 - Stacy writes:
I used the Dual Action Cleanse product for a month. I didn't feel ill while I was using it and I was more regular but nothing dramatic... no worms like on the tv informercial (thank God!!). Unfortunately, when I decided 1 month was enough and quit I started to feel ill. Stomach pains, headaches, diarreah, and then a yeast infection - something I have only had once over a decade ago. Related? Who knows. Perhaps I should have slowly taken myself off of it though. Regardless, I knew another shipment was coming on the horizon and supposedly was successful in cancelling it. Oddly, the outfit I bought it from did not cancel it for me. They said that they no longer sell the product and I would need to contact them directly! They gave me a number. When I called that # I was told it was cancelled. Yet, I received another package and another unexpected bill on my debit card. Also, they did send out an email alert- ONE day prior and it gave no phone number and the email address didn't accept incoming emails. THANKS to this board, I got another phone number. (310) 301-5022 for Telezone. They asked for my last name, no spelling, and a shipping zip code. I gave it to them and they said it was cancelled. I asked for a confirmation code and she said there isn't one. After the call, I felt uneasy. Don't they need my first name, full address, etc.?? So, I called back and got the same person. She was professional and reasonable. I told her I needed to know she really knew who I was. She gave me my name and address and she was correct. Guess I have a unique last name. She again confirmed that I would not be penalized and there would be "no more shipments and no more billings." I will be back on here if that is incorrect.

12/22/2006 - Dan writes:
I ordered dual-action back on Oct 11. That same day I noticed my card was charged for my order and another product that I did not order!When I called to inform them of the mistake I was told the product had already shipped and I would have to wait until I received the product and return it for a refund. It took 32 days to get my product which I returned the same day.It has now been 27 days and I have still not been refunded my$129.95. Every time I call I am told to give them another couple of days!

12/20/2006 - Helen writes:
I purchased the "product" via internent. I really didn't like the product, but I was just to lazy to go to UPS to return it so I didn't do anything. Two months later, I get a shipment notice and they charged me $59.00 and $140.00! I called the "customer service" and was told that I needed to get an RA and was given another number. I had to endure their nauseating presentation just how good their product is for 20 minutes. I was told that they will cancel all future shipment and they will call me back with RA. Surprise! No RA. Then again another charge showed up on my bank statement. When I called the "customer service" again, I was told if I wanted to return the product, I should've returned it the 1st time, now it's too late. When I asked them what kind of policy is that, I was told to take it up with my credit card company. This is a SCAM! I wrote a letter to my bank along with copies of complaints from other frustrated customers/victims. Somethine should be really done about these disgusting people!

12/20/2006 - Julio writes:
I purchased the product online, we clicked on the order button one time. Only to have our charge card charged for the $59.90 in product that I wanted to purchase and find that it also was charged $59.90.00 2 months later. Contacted the company to hear Tracy and his supervisor tell me that I cannot return it for credit. Tracy at the company told me that ordering online that happens sometimes that there are mistakes and it is better to order via phone. What kind of customer service is that? The charges were with in minutes of each other, don't you think that the person overseeing the charge on the computer would either contact me.

12/20/2006 - Tonya writes:
OMG i too feel like a sucka, i purchased this product and nothing has happen, i still feel the same way i did b/f i started taking this junk. I have a horrible taste in my mouth from the pills that is driving me nuts. I have stopped taking this product and cancelled my credit card to prevent them from scamming my account. Im still going to try and get a refund some type of way b/c this stuff is major crap.

12/18/2006 - Elsie writes:
I purchased Dual action cleanse in July 2006 and in Sept. they send one without my authorization then in October they send another one which I didn't order. I got a refund back in October for one but the one for October They say they can't give me a refund because I signed up for automatic shipment which I did't. I had to go to the bank to stop payment on them even after I cancelled it. I had to pay stop payment on it but it was the only was to stop them from taking more out of the bank. These people need to be stopped from doing this kind of business. Don't fall for their scheme.

12/17/2006 - Arthur writes:
After receiving two unauthorized packages, I had to get my bank involved in the matter. To clear this up, it took me TWO MONTHS to get my refund, and had to make several upon several calls just to make this happen. The staff at Dual Action Cleanse will tell you anything just to get you off the phone and hope that whomever has been done wrong will just eventually forget about it. My advice, just keep on calling until you KNOW the matter has been resolved and your refund has been issued. Do NOT let it go or otherwise you get played.

12/11/2006 - Ed writes:
Watched the infomercial, placed an order and then immediately cancelled the order because of their billing techniques. Two months later we are being charged after never receiving the first product. Spent two hours trying to cancel the first order, then another two hours on hold, being hung up on, etc., trying get credit for what I didn't receive on the first cancelled order. This company is obviously a scam using very unprofessional and unethical employees. Still haven't received a credit, and are now in the process of having the card company handle it. What has America come to, no honesty or integrity in business any more!

12/8/2006 - Tammie writes:
well, here is another rip off story. i ordered dual action cleanse in sep, actually by accident. i was searching online and hit the pay button, when i realized what i did, i canceled the next day. well that was 3 shipments and 200 bucks later. i finally contacted my bank, and if they try again it will not go throug! no getting my money back though. i used the product and its not worth it . just call me sucker!

12/7/2006 - Nancy writes:
It is basically like everyone else’s I ordered the products and they charged me twice and enrolled me in the auto program when I called to cancel on more than one occasion about this auto ship thing and they continued to charge me. The last time I spoke to someone they told me that I would be refunded and I never was. I am glad I found this site it is reassuring to know that there are other people out that have experienced this. and if anyone is interested in a class action suit let me know! This is a horrible company with horrible policies.

12/7/2006 - April writes:
Well, pretty much the same story as everyone else has. I ordere this product Sep 2006. Two weeks after I recieved the product I called to cancel any more shipments because I saw they had(without informing me)enrolled me into a continual shipment thing. The lady I spoke to said it was all taken care of BLAH BLAH BLAH. Then on 11/28/06 my account was debited 60$, by none other than Dual Action Cleanse. I recieved another package about a week or so later. EVERY attempt I have made to get this cleared up is met with ignorant, rude, low-lifes. It is beyond frustrating. And apparently, by reading what has been posted here, I stand little to no chance of getting this resolved. I called them so many times I have lost count and been promised this or that. So, I took it upon myself to not only call them, but email them and myself so I have proof of it, send the product back and track the delivery so they cant use the "we didnt get it" excuse, right down to filing a complaint with the better business bureau about what they have done. I have done all that in the past two days, so when I find out what, if anything, that is gonna happen I will stop back and let you all know how it went. And as far as the lawsuit goes, I think it is a great idea, some one needs to stop them from destroying people. I am a single mother, so this is seriously screwing with my finances.I wish all of you luck!

12/4/2006 - Sherry writes:
I ordered the product for my husband and he tried it. It worked well the first time, but we decided we didn't want to continue the auto ship program because we found a different product that worked better. They refused to remove us from their auto ship program! After the third order I called and told them to remove me from their list and they still sent me the product! I have made several attempts to be removed and obtain refunds to no avail! Somebody needs to do something about this company!

11/30/2006 - Amanda writes:
My mom frequently checked out the infomercials for Dual Action Cleanse. She talked me into ordering it and putting it on my credit card (she didn't have one) so I did so and they talked me into trying the 12 in 1 women's multi vitamin. Mom was on blood pressure medicine, and she got to thinking and was afraid to try the Dual Action Cleanse. I tried the vitamins and they made me burp something like fish oil all day long it was so gross. I called and cancelled the orders back in October. On November 16th my credit card was charged for the vitamins. I called the company and we had a long talk......my cancellation calls were put into the computer as reactivation (how do you reactivate an active order??). In the last part of the call she finally said oh well I will just have to get someone to go back and listen to the tapes of the calls and we will call you back in 1-2 days and let you know something. That was November 20, today is November 30th and as of right now I am sitting with the speaker phone on the table on hold with the company (on hold for 10 minutes as of this minute after she heard what I was calling for). Her first excuse was that it shipped the 16th and I didn't cancel until the 20th, so I stopped her short and told her different............then I got put on "hold". DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!! ITS NOTHING BUT A MONEY RACKET!

11/30/2006 - Cheryl writes:
It has been two weeks since I stopped taking this product and I'm still very ill. I either have diarhea or I'm very constipated and in a lot of pain. Although I obtained proof of returning the product they are still "unable" to locate it in their warehouse. The only good thing is that I contacted my bank/credit card and they said I can do a dispute resolution. Since I have e-mails stating that I want to cancel and get a refund, as well as proof that the product was returned, now they need to prove that they didn't get these things. (When I sent them e-mails I also e-mailed myself for extra proof that the e-mail was delivered.) So...if you are considering buying this crap, please don't buy it!!! I don't think I was this sick when I returned from Mexico. If you did buy it, you do need some proof that you canceled. If only called, you may want to e-mail. Proof that you returned the product is also recommended.

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