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Dual Action Cleanse Complaints
Total Complaints: 133
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11/29/2006 - Kassie writes:
This "company" and creap will trick you into auto-ship. The product does not work and gives severe cramps. I could not get my money back! I am going to try to get Citi bank to get my money back. They had the gaul to call and tried to trick me to buy a year at a reduced price while I was so mad, they were saying all these lies that I just gave them authority when I did not. Fast talking sales man was so infuriating. I want my money back on 2 unopened boxes of this garbage. DO NOT TOUCH this company. Put them out of business for hurting so many.

11/28/2006 - Doug writes:
The only person full of shit is Klee Irwin and his two croonies on his infomercial. I received my product and took it... after about four days I've had a case of the runs so bad I thought I had contracted amoebic dysentery. Then the next two weeks I was lucky to even see a poop the size of a semi-sweet chocolate. After reading some of the other complaints, I'm forgetting about returning the product... I'll just mark the card as lost and get a different card and new number. Plus, some of you may want to contact your bank and ask them to get your money back for you... a lot of times the bank will make more headway in getting this done. To think I took the advice of a guy that looks like John Waters about my inards makes me realize I'm not as smart as I think I is.

11/25/2006 - James writes:
I would have written long before this, but I don't have a laptop and I can't reach my computer from the bowl. What a scam, I took the pills for 3 days and I have been living in my bathroom for 2 weeks straight. I finally starting feeling better 2 days ago, but it's not out of my system. I pooped myself at a wedding last night - I thought it was a fart, but well it wasn't. It was a shart. This isn't Dual Action, this is a Single Action poop-liquifier. Don't order this product, unless the bathroom is your favorite room in the house.

11/17/2006 - Cheryl writes:
I ordered Dual Action Cleanse after seeing it on an infomercial. I wish I would have seen this website before ordering. My first hint should have been the "free" shipping. Yes, you can have free shipping, but it stated that it would take up to 4 weeks to receive the product. So, for extra money you could have expedited shipping. I'm glad I didn't pay for the shipping. About 5 days after taking the tablets I started to feel nauseous. Then came the cramping and diarhea, accompanied by some vomitting. When I looked online under "colon cleansing problems" I was thankful that I discovered this sight, and I realized that it is not "just me" that is affected by this product. I called to cancel future shipments and request a refund. When I requested a cancellation e-mail or confirmation number the salesperson informed me that "they don't do that", but he gave me my own order number as a reference and said it "should" show up that I cancelled. He was quick to hang up the phone, so I wasn't able to request the refund. I sent an e-mail that I said I'd have to call and get an RMA number for the refund. This time I was given their "direct line", to call--which was a different number: 310-301-5022. It took awhile because their computers were down, but finally I was given an RMA number. After reading so many complaints about difficulty getting refunds, I decided to get a delivery receipt from the post office. (That will be proof that my package arrives, and it only costs 50 cents!) Hopefully I will actually get a refund, but I certainly don't feel confident about it.

11/16/2006 - Jane writes:
i can't even remember how long it has been now, but the same story. i told them not to send anymore or charge any more of the product to my credit card. i refuse to accept these pkgs when they come to my door and i have sent them e-mails and letters asking for my money back for 2 pkgs now that i have refused, plus i find out there is another one on the way and i've been charged again...... i can't afford for this to go on.... i don't have time to sit on hold on the phone just to get the ignored and given empty promises....... somebody please help stop this mickey mouse company.... before it puts us into bankruptcy.....

11/11/2006 - Dave writes:
I saw this infomercial while on a business trip in Virginia. It sure sounded like a winner. When I got home I called them up. They were quick to offer higher priced 'plans'. I recently had to cancel a credit card because of a "shopping club" membership that I have no idea how they got my card, but kept billing me. So, I offered to pay for Dual Action Cleanse by mailing in a check. (Once bitten, twice shy??) They told me they do not have the overhead to do business in that method. I told them have a nice day, and consider changing there stratagy. Then, they offered a lower 'special price' if I ordered by credit card. That is when I saw bright flashing neon "SCAM" lights in my head. I just hung up. To all...most of those miracle product advertised on TV are scams...plain and simple.

11/7/2006 - Terry writes:
Bought the product. Used it with no difference in movements. I called to get the promised refund. No avail, they said it was past the 30 day requirement. Take note that the product use time is 30 days. Pretty catchy. On top of this, i received another un-ordered package of dac. Ihad to call for a RMA. It has been more than two months since i returned the item. I have not tet received my refund. I am pissed, and intend to follow a path of action on this.

11/5/2006 - Mary writes:
I too was taken in by this guy. I just want to say that they also go by Natures Cures. At least that is what the second charge on my account came up as and the Credit Union Rep told me they are in the State of Ill. Of course they don't have my card but they HAD my debit card number. Not anymore. I am going to the Attorney Generals office tomorrow morning and taking all these complaints with me to see what they can do about this. Apparently this rip off is all over the United States.

10/26/2006 - Mona writes:
Unfortunately I share the same story of being repeatedly charged for this stupid product that I did not order. I hate this stupid company and the stupid people that work there. I just sent them another e-mail "I hate your company and what it has done to my stress level. Do you guys sell something to counteract that? Or perhaps that's another one of your angels? Second thought. Strike that. You might send me something else & charge me for it without my permission."

10/26/2006 - Anthony writes:
i cant believe i bought this crap. how stupid can i be . i sent it back in september and its now october. i guess in three months i will get billed again. i guess i have to close this checking account . DONT BUY THIS JUNK!.i have called over 15 times in one month!!!! and still no refund

10/24/2006 - Kelly writes:
I'm so glad I found this website! I ordered Dual Action Cleanse on 10/4 and provided my debit card number to the company. I was told I'd receive the product in 7-10 business days...that's what they call "Priority Shipping." I still hadn't received the product (nor had my checking account been charged) as of 10/18, so I called to inquire. The Customer Service Representative informed me that my shipment hadn't been processed because my card had been declined. I was surprised to hear this, as my checking balance is, and always has been well over $60.00, the amount of my purchase order! I asked the CSR to verify the account number. She said her computer would only show her the last 4 digits of my debit card number, and the expiration date, which was incorrect. I gave her my correct expiration date, and she said that the product was on back-order but would most likely ship that Friday (10/20.) As of 10/24, my account still hasn't been charged and I found this website. Terrified after reading all of the above testimonials, I called to cancel my order. The CSR said that my card had been declined again...? I still don't understand why they're making this claim, but it's just as well. I asked "Leonard," my CSR, to delete my entire record. I also told him to do himself a favor and check out this website. He argued that he always gets complaints about the continued shipping program - I told him that maybe there's a reason! I also informed him that my sister-in-law works for an investigative news team in town, and should I have any problems with being billed, or my order not being cancelled, that I will not hesitate to report his compnay. At that point, "Leonard" became smug, laughed and said, "That doesn't matter to me, ma'am, I'm just a customer service rep." What a sweetheart. Thanks to everyone for taking the time to enter your complaints on this site - it made me a little wiser!

10/17/2006 - Kim writes:
At the beginning of August, two days before I went on vacation, my bank account was hit with 129.80 for the dual action cleanse. That purchase was mine, however, I called to say that I could no longer afford to purchase the product. Instead, I agreed to keep purchasing only a few of the items for 39.95 every two months. Instead of waiting two months, the moron I spoke to sent out the 39.95 order the next day, hitting my bank account again before vacation. I called and asked for an RMA for the 129.80 order and explained that my first inclination was to send both back and cancel altogether. I sent the 129.80 order back on 8/31/06. I called towards the end of September to see where my refund was. I was told that they had received only one of my returns and was waiting for the other before issuing my refund. I explained that one was all I was returning. I have now called a total of 5 times since. One time I was even told there was no record of receiving my return. Then I was told it was received on 9/16/06. It is now 10/17/06 and I was told 10 minutes ago by the agent that my refund was processed 10/16/06. Ha! I'll believe it when I see it hit my bank. I did cancel, during my second to last call, any and all subscriptions with dual action cleanse. I am also following up by blocking any access to my bank credit/debit card. It will cost me a fee, but, at this point, it's worth it to never have any more dealings with dual action cleanse. Their customer service is hideous and completely inept. The mistakes that were made were too numerous. If I could, I'd shout from the hilltops what a horrible company dual action cleanse is.

10/17/2006 - Blanche writes:
Despite inclination to believe this product was seriously overpriced (and the fact "Klee" appears a bit slimy/too used car salesmanish) I ordered product by phone. At time of ordering they failed to mention $20 shipping and handling fee. Received product approx. four weeks later (pretty slow for $20???) When I received call about the "next shipment" I clearly indicated that I was NOT satisfied with the product and DID NOT wish to receive further shipments. Nevertheless, I've been charged and shipped another order...along with another $20 shipping & handling fee. I've been told today by Ryan at Customer Service number that it is "out of their control." When I asked to speak with someone with whatever "control" to which he referred, he indicated it is "company policy to continue shipments." He acknowledged a record of my call, though there conveniently was no record of my request not to receive further shipments. They "do not process refunds." If it looks like a shark, and swims like a shark.... beware the jaws of Klee and his "policies"!

10/12/2006 - Joanne writes:
I am more fortunate than the rest of you and I feel bad for all of you. I did waste my money on this useless product though. All those claims that "Klee" (what the hell kind of name is that?) makes are not true. This product is pure junk. If you feel the need to try this product try to purchase it in a wholesale club like [] or [] (that's where I purchased it for $39.99). I was not continuously charged and did not have to spend countless hours talking to stupid people on the phone trying to get charges cancelled. As I said, this product just gave me cramps and diarehhea. It did not cleanse. All the claims were false.

9/29/2006 - Angie writes:
I used the product and was very dissapointed in the results. You would hope for 60 dollars you would see some definate results and I really didn't notice a difference so I thought-whatever shame on me-I should have known better-lesson learned. Then they sent me another order and charged my credit card! I tried to call them to return it and get a credit and they tell me they don't except returns except for the first shipment-can they really get away with this? I didn't even order more nor was I ever told they would continue shipping the product and charging my credit card automatically. What a total scam! It's bad enough that they got my first 60 dollars. Something has to be done.

9/28/2006 - Lolita writes:
I ordered the product to try it out, and like all the others, it did nothing for my husband and I. So we called to cancel. The number provided to me did not work. I contacted them through the online address provide, asking them to discontinue my account and received a response, saying we received your inquiry and someone will be in touch with you. Then I was told that there was another number to call if I'm making a call outside the United States. I called that number and spoke to someone asking them to stop sending the product. Well I was assured that they will take care of it. A couple of weeks later, I received a package and my credit card billed. I sent another email and made several calls and I get the same all damn story! I'm very upset because I just received the third shipment and credit card billing along with another email message, saying "Thank you for your order"! What a scam! I did not place the order. I canceled my order but they are not listening! I will call again and resort to legal action if this continues.

9/13/2006 - Ryan writes:
I ordered the Dual Action Cleanse and I do not have any problems with the product itself, but with the company itself. TWICE now I have received packages I did NOT order and was charged on my credit card. When I got the second unwanted package I called to tell them to STOP sending me stuff and said they didnt charge me for the second package. So I get my credit card bill and see a charge for $59.90! Tomorrow morning, I will be calling and will make any person I speak to CRY for the lie, and call and demand EVERYDAY until a full refund for the two unwanted and returned packages is received. I can be pretty abrasive when rubbed the wrong way.

9/11/2006 - Linda writes:
bad business! my daughter told me i was looking to get taken. i guess she was right. the old saying that if it sounds to good to be true is right.

8/30/2006 - Jeff writes:
Same story as everyone else basically. I ordered the product received it used it, it did nothing for me. I canceled June 29th, Dual Action Cleanse debted my account on July 21st, Ive been calling about a refund every since. Everyone isn't there a legal action we can all contact? State attorney general or someone?

8/30/2006 - Rita writes:
I purchased this product by calling a number given on a tv infomercial. The product arrived and I began using it and did not get the results promised. I could have lived with that, however, they started sending more shipments and charging my credit card even though I called and cancelled any and all future shipments. I sent the products back unopened and called them again. They assured me that I would be credited within 5 days. They DID credit me for 59.90 only to charge me again for 119.90 and 89.90. More calls, more promises and guess what? I'm still out the money and they have no e-mail address, just a customer service number which is what I have been dealing with. If anyone else has had problems with this company, I would appreciate it if they would let me know. I am MAD!!! Rita

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