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Dual Drill Complaints
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2/10/2007 - Jason writes:
I ordered a Dual Drill from a TV infomercial in December 2005. An automated voice mail processed my order. I was billed by Merchandise Direct for $161.64 in February. I ordered a Cold Heat solder iron with it. They sent the invoice by mail. There was no contact name on the invoice. The lack of contact information made me suspicious, so I searched online for Dual Drill complaints. I found complaints of multiple billing of credit cards, so I sent a bank money order by certified mail with proof of signature. They waited for several weeks before picking up the certified mail. They (Allstar Marketing Group, LLC) cashed the money order in April 2006. My bank provided a copy of the cashed money order. The drill arrived in March 2006 with no packing slip or invoice. The drill is a piece of junk. They didn't ship the Cold Heat item. They sent me a couple more batteries. Dual Drill reported my account delinquent for $143.82 to a collection agency in October 2006. I emailed a copy of the invoice and proof of payment to the agency. They were satisfied with my proof of payment. Dual Drill sent me two more notices in January 2007 that my account was past due $143.82 and will pursue: collections, reporting to a Credit Bureau, or other alternatives. I am ready to join a Class action suit against them. Their website www.allstarmg.com shows the Dual Drill and Cold Heat in a flash presentation on the home page. Their website information []

12/20/2006 - Don writes:
I fell for the scam like a fool. I am not ashamed though. I ordered two drills. Two weeks go by and I begin to feel reluctant that I placed the order, because it is a TV product. Not until I viewed my back account online that I began to become enraged . My account was charged $190 from DualDrill. "What?", I asked myself. What happened to the 14-day trial offer, the three payment plan, and now what will become of the "100% Money-Back Guarantee"? I do not believe that I will be refunded anything. Isn't that theft? And if so, why shouldn't this company be held accountable? Who are the authorities on this subject? I will be investigating who to contact. If anyone else is also trying for justice, please contact me at [] Let's make these cowards accountable for their actions.

9/25/2006 - Ed writes:
Okay I fell for it, and by writing this review on this dual drill I hope any potential buyers will give it a second thought. I purchase two thats right two of these drill. I thought oh maybe my brothe would love to have one of these too. Four months after my order no dual drill, I called and asked "What is going on?" They told me that it was such a popular item that it was back-ordered. Well I guess I won't be giving it as a gift for X-Mas 2006. Couple of months went by and I totally forgot about the drill into the next year. One day my brother recieved the package at work and called me. Yes, I was exited like a kid opening a gift on X-mas day. I rushed and open the the box to make sure I got everything two new drill in a box and two new batteries in a white box. I quickly opened one of the drill box and my first impression of the drill was that, the drill seemed kinda big. So I observed the drill even more, looking through the cooling vent hole where the motor was mounted I was alittle disappointed when I saw the motor. It looked like a basic motor, you know like when you buy a Remote Control car and they throw in that cheap motor just so you can run your car till you upgrade to that nice powerful motor. Well with this dual drill that was the case, they put a motor in it that was slower than a Tyco RC car from Toys R' Us. Despite the observation I wanted to give this drill a chance, so after the battery was charge I plug one in the drill and pulled the trigger. I was expecting the drill to turn really fast and with high torgue. After hearing how the motor sound I wasn't too sure about the drill, deep inside I felt I've got jacked. My brother, the one who I bought the second one for just laughed and said, "Man, the drill is big but no bite." After hearing him say that I was really disapointed. Too deepen the womb my brothe asked me why I bought two for. I told him the other one was his. He said "NO I don't need one". So till today I own two of these drill with two extra batteries. I've worked on many projects around the house since I had these "Dual Drill" and let me tell you these drill have NO play in any of the work done. These drill are still brand new in the box and are becoming a garage sale item, I even hesitated to sell them, the fact that I didn't want the other person to feel that I sold them something worthless. I paid over $350 for these drills and believe me if you consider buying one DON'T!!! Put your money into something else. Yes, I called them to try to return the item but the customer service kept switching me to other customer service. One told me to just try it for another 30 days and reconsider, but wait if I remember right they have a 14 day trial. It was a nightmare with these guys so I gave up and took the ultimate lost. Never again will I order infomercial products. Just the other day I was watching HGTV and they had on National Hardware show the did a clip of the Dual Drill and when the host asked the rep, for the Dual Drill, "Is it powerful?" he totally ignore the question and went on about how innovative the click of the wrist you can quicky change the heads. Never once did he mention anything about the power. I laugh and here I am writing a review so that no should spend their good earned money on this useless drill.

7/23/2006 - Rich writes:
Ordeered the drill and one extra battery despite a "free battery for life" guarantee. The drill arrived but no extra battery. The drill is heavy and doesn't hold a charge long. None of the documentation had any direction on how to obtain the replacement battery, nor any contact information whatsoever, much less warranty information. Web searches have come up with a couple numbers but all go to automated systems with no opportunity to get a replacement battery. Once this cheap battery wears out you will have a heavy piece of junk that doesn't work. I'm ashmed to say I fell for this scam! If anybody has a phone number that works, please post!!!!

7/11/2006 - Al writes:
After my wife ordered 3 dual drills for over $400, I tried to stop the order after I read web site reviews. They said it was too late that the items are shipped. Over two weeks later they came by USPS. I replied to the confirmation of shipment email sender and told them they would not get paid and I will ship all back when they arrive. No reply. My card account had not been charged yet and I reported lost card (which really was the case) and no more charges can be made on number I gave them. They are the loser if they do not ever contact me. I will pay shipping back for all 3 dual drills. That really tells you something when you can order but never have any contacts afterward. I looked at one drill and they are cheap junk.

6/3/2006 - Deborah writes:
The drill itself is a piece of JUNK! Your toy could hold a better charge and not smoke. After ordering the product,all you can see and smell is FRAUD! The warrenties,are worthless. Numbers' given are fraudulent. All they know to do is charge you for items' you didn't order and/or recieve. No supervisors to talk to. No invoices,etc when product is recieved. There has got to be help and justice on such. To many good people have been hurt. This company should be shut-down and demanded that they return everyones money.

5/8/2006 - Aaron writes:
I saw the ad on TV one night and called up with my bank card, the very next day I cancelled the order ,within two weeks they charged my bank card for the order. I called and they told me it was shipped out they would have to find it before I got a refund.. That Stinks , I called the very next day and the day after that.....RIP  OFF.......

4/19/2006 - Sharon writes:
When I purchased the drill, I was supposed to get a "bonus" extra battery.  This did not happen.  The question then became, "Who do I contact to report this?"  Well, this was an impossible task.  Not only did the package contain NO billing, itemization or contact information, but I also have had no success trying to contact them on line via a "contact us" button.  The drill is very heavy and ackward to use.   Don't waste your money!

4/19/2006 - Betty writes:
I ordered the drill off of a TV commericial. Should have known better. But thought I would try this one time. I ordered, waiteda couple of weeks. NO product . Finally when the money came out of my account, I had a number too call. At this time my product was lost and no refund could be made until the product was found. Finally it was found and to be shipped to again after 4 weeks, to the wrong address it went again. Now, when calling the 800 number you get the run around and can not talk to a Supervisor, or get the number to the company it self they gave me a bogus number. In my opinon this is a rip off and scam. Do not fall for it.

3/23/2006 - Michael writes:
I ordered the dual-drill from a TV infomercial. It took 10 weeks to receive it and there is no packing slip, or itimized statement of my order and therefore no contact information. This drill is very heavy in my opinion and a battery doesn't last through any lengthy job. And being as heavy as it is, one would think there would be lots of power! No wonder they send a rapid charger and talk you into buying an extra battery. All the longer a battery lasts, there can't be any thing in it to hold a charge and they can afford to give you free batteries for life. People that really count on a reliable product especially if making a living with  this type of drill send it back and if you haven't bought one, DON'T !! One last thing, and that is if you can't get through to the company then go to your State Attorney General. I have used their services a couple of times before when it seemingly was no hope. But, the people working for the General know what they are doing. Don't give up even if your trial runs out. They should come through for you !!! Don't wait, start now !!!!   GOOD LUCK !

1/18/2006 - Angela writes:
I placed an order over the internet for the Dual Drill as a Christmas present for my husband.  The website did not give any indication as to when I would receive the product, however after the 48hr waiting period I call only to learn the the product was on back order and would be shipped the following week.  It has been 5 weeks and still no drill. I have always been skeptical about infomercials and this company only confirms my fears. They run these infomercials, knowing full well they do not have the product produced. I will let as many people as I can know what a joke this company is.

1/13/2006 - Brent writes:
First when you call to place an order you get an "ALL" automated call center (no human fall back for any problems whatsoever)if you get to the point where you have given your credit card info and chdnge your mind because of all the add-ons they try to sell you...your screwed!   There is no way to speak to a human except if you log on to the web site.  And then they tell you you need ot wait 5 days to have info available.  The manufacturer (Mansfiend Power Tools) is nowhere to be found in this country (private label for a Chineese company?) They are listed in Dallas Tx on another website and no number for them, nor are they anywehere on the web. The shipper is the only contact available.  This could be a decent product, however, I will insist on NOT finding out to be sure.

1/12/2006 - Sandy writes:
My son ordered a dual drill and extra battery for a Christmas present for his father.  The drill never arrived, but on Dec 23 the company hit his checking account for the pride of 4 drills and 4 batteries.   After numerous phone calls, being put on hold, and a manager refusing to talk to me because she was "too busy", the order was cancelled and the money returned to his account on Dec 27. Much to our dismay, the company hit his checking account again on 1/11 for another 4 drills and 4 batteries!  Once again a supervisor refused to talk to me as she was too busy, and the girl helping me could not credit the money back to his account!  They claim they delivered the drills, but we never recieved them, they do not have a signature or anything to prove delivery or to show us who in my son's apartment building may have gotten them.  This company is not willing to even come to the phone for a customer.  My son's rent check bounced because of this, and now he may lose his apartment.  Companies like this should be shut down! I am going to file a complaint with the attourney general also. 

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