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Edge Master Complaints
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6/30/2006 - Yonnie writes:
I bought this item at a [] store, in the section where they sell stuff advertised on tv. It is junk! Unfortunately I waited too long to try it, then realized I did not have the receipt any longer, so I simply tossed it. Don't buy.

Tricia writes:
I decided to order the Edgemaster from ideavillage.com since it was only $9.99!  What a great deal, right!?  Well, if you wanted to get it quicker than 4-6 weeks, you had to pay priority shipping.  Well, I was planning on painting sooner than 4-6 weeks so splurged and paid the extra $7 something for quicker shipping in 7-10 days.  I finally received my package after 17 days and the product stunk.  I later found out they carried it at Wal-Mart for $4.97!   But that didn't make the product any better.  The roller fell apart and left its furry contents on my freshly painted wall.  Not only that, it wouldn't paint evenly at all and you can see the difference from the walls I painted with and without the EdgeMaster.  It doesn't roll well at all and doesn't spin to let the excess paint off in the tray.  Lousy I tell ya! 

Ray writes:
This product ends up making more of a mess than without it.  The paint eventually leaks from the roller to the guard bar and drips onto your work. Pass on this or any other cheap knockoffs and just use tape or an edge guide!

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