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Enleve Hair Removal Cream Complaints
Total Complaints: 3
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Shelee writes:
I've tried the Enleve, and to be honest, I'll go back to shaving. It doesn't work, and I've tried to cancel my "membership" with them several times. I have e-mailed, I have called, and I have even "Returned to Sender". I finally had to call my bank and block payment on them. A bad deal all the way around! 

Wayne writes:
Well first of all I wanted to try the product once,(for a gift) and the person on the phone said they usually ship each month, but in my case they would make an exception and just send it once. They also said they would ship it promptly and it would arrive when I needed it most.(within a few days). Well they lied big on both accounts. I didn't receive it until a month later, and I almost gave up on getting it. When I looked in the box, I only had half of the items promised. So I called them and they said they had the items backordered, but didn't bother to tell me that when I ordered it! They said they will ship it promptly. There's that word again, and they didn't send it promptly. Many weeks went by then the sent a full order this time, and they charged me again for it! This goes on for months! I called to cancel and no one is available, and then I finally call my credit card service, and told them to stop payment. I am out several orders now, but at least I stopped them from sending it every month! Others have used it and doesn't even work that fast! You could shave it faster and the hair comes back the same. Don't order it!

Mark writes:
Hi, I purchased Enleve hair removal cream last summer.  It inflaminated my skin horribly so I gave up.  I just went to look at it again today, and noticed the exp. date was 05/2002.  I purchased the product in June so they product had already expired.  If anyone has any information of how to get ahold of these scam artists, please let me know.  They WILL NOT get away this.

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