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Epiclear Complaints
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2/1/2007 - Lee writes:
I heard a radio advert for a free trial of Epiclear, an acne product. Epiclear advertises "free samples." Nowhere do they advertise that customers will later be charged $59.95 for this supposed free sample. What a scam! This is outrageous! I thought $9.95 was more than enough when paying for the shipping of this "free" product. In the telephone conversation I had when ordering my "free" sample, I did not hear the rep. say I would later be charged $59.95 for my free sample. I understood that I had to call and cancel if I didn't want future shipments. She kept rambling on and managed to squeeze in some line that they feel justifies them for ripping people off. We tried to get our money back. They played the recording of me agreeing to the $59, but it was not audible. I told her I was having trouble hearing her. This is ridiculous and completely unacceptable. And I was never told that a $10 restocking fee would be assessed if I returned the product. The scamming continues. In addition, I was charged before the 28 day period was up. The only "ship date" on my invoice said 02/26/07 and I was charged on 1/28/07. This is before the 28 days of the ship date. I would have no problem paying for this if it was honest and ethical. But it simply is not. What a scam. And the product didn't even work at all for me. I saw no improvement. Since stopping this product and trying another, I have had far greater success.

1/7/2007 - Tami writes:
My story is identical to the other complaints. I too was under the impression that I would be charged $4.95 for shipping only. I had no clue that I had been enrolled in a club until my account was charged almost $70 for this product. Although they tell you to call and cancel they provide no phone number without doing a very thorough search for it on their website. Not to mention the product itself is really ridiculous. I can't believe the FDA approved a product that you spray into your face. How could it possible be a safe product. It has to be dangerous for both your eyes and nose.

11/13/2006 - Melissa writes:
I heard a commercial for a "free" trial of Epiclear on the radio, and I remembered the Web site address. I filled out the form and submitted my credit card information to pay the $4.95 for shipping(they charge you shipping strictly to get your credit card information) and I recieved a "free" sample in the mail. I tried the product and I broke out in painful rashes, and flaking, peeling skin. My face was painful to touch and red. I only used it once and this happened. It problably is dangerous, and should not be on the market. But anyway, in order to read the fine print about the free trial, you have to click on a link referring to the complimentary enrollment that you get in the 'Epiclear skin club'. It doesn't say "disclaimers", or more appropriately "WARNING!". So if you are not interested in the 'Membership in Epiclear Skin Club', you wont be liable to click on the link. If you do, here is what it says," Membership in EpiClear Skin Club When you see the great results you’ll want to maintain your clear skin, so in 28 days we will send 2 bottles at a discounted rate of only $59.95 plus S+H for a total of $69.90. This will be billed to the card that you’re using today under the name of Epiclear and every 55 days thereafter. If you want to customize your membership in the Epiclear Skin Club, or if you want cancel, simply call us between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday, and one of the Epiclear representatives will be happy to help." Except there is NO PHONE NUMBER

10/29/2006 - Missy writes:
I bought Epiclear fro my 14 year old son after seeing it on TV, I went to the website and read EVERYTHING to make sure there was no catch...It was $4.95 for the shipping and handling but free for the Epiclear "Free Trial"...After receiving it in the mail a few days later it said that I will be billed 75.00 every month on my credit card..No where did it state that on the website..After looking up the company on the Better Business Bureau, I find that it has 100's of complaints with the same problem and states they will not refund your money back...So beware!!

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