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Igia Epil Stop Complaints
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12/24/2006 - Sarah writes:
I should have known better than to not look on the internet first. Bought it, applied the roll on to my lip off and on about 3 times for a TOTAL of about 3 minutes and took it off because my skin felt numb and too smooth to the touch. I should have trusted my gut after reading the instructions. Now I sit here on Christmas Eve with ice stuck to my face and no Neosporin or access to get some since everyone is closed. My lip is red, raised on the left side and it burns. Goes to show how WORTHLESS the FDA is since this stuff is still around. Will be returning it on Dec 26. Epil Stop and Igia can pucker up and kiss my ass. Right in the middle.

11/13/2006 - Becka writes:
A few years back I saw all the commercials for this product, and was interested. I have always had a terrible reaction to Nair, and was looking for a new product. Last summer I was shopping at a grocery outlet store and saw they has this product for only $1.98 a bottle! I stocked up and bought 6. The fitst time I tried to use the product, I pumped away at the spray bottle, and after several dozen pumes, a small burst of thick foul-smelling lotion came out. After that I could not use the sprayer because the stuff was too thick. I opened the bottle and applied it to my legs with my hands. After about a minute, it started burning like crazy. After 5 minutes, my legs were on fire and still no hair was coming off my legs (though it did remove my nail polish and start to melt my acrylic nails!). I jumped in the shower and tried to use a wet washcloth to get it off (remembering the instructions :DO NOT USE SOAP OR CLEANSING SUBSTANCE TO REMOVE, ONLY USE A DAMP CLOTH) The rubbing only made my skin hurt worse and I finally gave in and used some liquid Dial soap to get the slimy stuff off. After the shower, still hairy as before, I ended up using white vinegar on my legs to stop the pain and burning. I had multiple open sores and still have scarring to this day. I threw away all 6 containers. Thank God I didn't pay more than $12 for that mess!

10/10/2006 - Niko writes:
Well, I was really exited when I got this product. Finally I could get rid of these hair. On TV they showed how they went to the beach and instantly removed hair from people's legs. Well, I'm not sure how they did it, but they definately did not use Epil Stop!!. Firstly, on TV it looks like it works immediately - no such luck. You have to leave it on for a long time before it removes any hair and by that time your skin burns like crazy. It did not leave too bad marks, but my skin was sensitive for a long time. I learned my lesson - There is a reason why they sell these products ONLY on TV. It's because no store would sell these. There are other products that does work and which are sold in shops and pharmacies. These have been tested and are safe even though they smell quite bad. Take my advice - if you need something like this, go to a pharmacy and get the right advice - not empty promises and painfull results....

9/12/2006 - Henry writes:
I purchased the spray and used it as directed. I ended up with severe burns on my neck, permanent burns. This extremely a dangerous product. Igia Epil Stop should be held liable for damages. I'm scarred for life. I'm currently seeking an attorney to sue for damages. Please advise.

8/13/2006 - Anonymous writes:
This Igia Epil Stop is pure TRASH! Don't buy it! It didn't remove much hair at all -- the only thing it did do was give me a rash and some painful blisters. I don't know how those informercials are made to look so credible, but now I know NOT to believe everything I see!

8/7/2006 - Bambi writes:
I used this product when it first came out. after trying the product which did removemy hair on my legs, I had developed what looked and felt like severe rug burn on both legs.Do Not Buy This Product!!!!!!!!

7/5/2006 - Annika writes:
This stuff is /junk/. I can't believe they're still selling it! I was one of the people who got suckered in by the ad a few years ago, thinking, "What the heck?" Fortunately, I was able to pick up a slightly-used package for three bucks plus postage on [] to test before committing my money, because it turned out to be unusable. Not only did the hair on my legs /not/ come off, I ended up with a hole burnt in my upper lip. Epil Stop is /horrible/. Since then, I've found the best hair-removal method to be Veet. It's a little pricey, but it's every bit as easy and quick as the ads promise. (I'm not connected to the company that makes Veet, I just /really/ like the product.)

3/3/2006 - Anonymous writes:
This stuff is crazy.  A few years ago I tried it on my chest and some of it got on my nipple (i'm a guy) and it burned off the tip of my nipple. It was so painful. The pain lastest a few weeks until the top grew back.  I wrote to them but they ignored me.  Coun't bring them to court because I couldn't afford it.  So be wise don't use this stuff.

2/24/2006 - Minako writes:
This stuff is lethal. It gave my Significant Other serious burns, and gave me first degree burns on every part of my body it came in contact with. It does not remove hair, but will definitely remove the top layer of skin and is potentially dangerous. On the plus side, I suppose it will remove rust and lime from your bathtub...but use gloves.

2/7/2006 - Catherine writes:
This product claimed to remove hair and leave skin smooth for weeks. Indeed it did remove my leg hair, skin and all! I purchased this in a drug store after I had seen commercials for a couple years. My legs bled, and I had a rash for several weeks after. This is definately a product I would avoid, especially before summer vacation.

2/3/2006 - Marlin writes:
I'm a rather hairy guy and I was looking for a way to remove my back-hair. I followed the instructions and sprayed the foul smelling stuff on my back and waited in agony for five minutes for the product to work, in short It did'nt remove any hair, burned like hell and left my skin bright red. What a waste

1/24/2006 - Dee writes:
What kind of bodies do those people on the infomercial have!? Do they just wax ahead of time and then glue fake hair on their bodies? Are they really just using regular lotion to "wipe" the "hair" away? They must be, because this stuff stinks so bad there's no way they can fake those smiles. These people need to drop the Epil and Stop the insanity. I was sensable enough to test it on part of my leg - that I can wear pants over - before buying myself some embarassing visible burns. The only thing I wiped away was skin and cream. I bought this crap to avoid the pain of waxing, but at least with waxing I get what I pay for and I get rid of unwanted hair. The only thing I got rid of with this junk were short skirts and my money. False advertising. Sue the bums!!

12/10/2005 - Sarah writes:
I was really interested in trying this product because they advertised that it was so quick and allowed hair to grow back very slowly-even to somewhat stop the growth.  I thought it was a great deal: no more razors, no painful waxing... just wipe the hair off your body! On TV, they demonstrated the removal of male chest hairs...It seemed SOOOO easy and perfect for my husband that wanted to get ride of his!  I purchased the product, received it pretty quickly and started reading the "how to use" intructions. I convinced my husband to try it first on a small area of his chest, he shouldn't have agreed to it!!!  Leaving the required amount of this product on, for the time they suggested, my husband ended up with a second degree burn! I called the compagny, furious, and told them what happened.   They agreed to give me my money back but that was it!  Not having the time, nor the money, I couldn't do anything else (i.e. court).

9/16/2005 - Alison writes:
I tried this product a few years back.  I've tried other products like this with no results.  Epil-stop was the same thing all over again.  I didn't get a burning sensation, but it didn't work.   It took off a few hairs, but not enough.  I wasted like, 15 bucks.  I say, save your money and stick with either wax or a razor.  At least those methods work for certain.

8/25/2005 - Josefina writes:
This product does not work. You will get burned before you get rid of the unwanted hair. And yes, I do know how to follow directions very well. You do not have to get wet you will feel that burning sensation in minutes. I'll stick to the old school stuff. Nair, or cold wax removal.

8/2/2005 - Brooke writes:
When I saw how great it looked on TV, I decided to buy it.  My cousin suggested to just try it on my back to see if it would get off light hair.  Well to my surprise, it started burning a little, so I waited then after like 8 minutes I was yelling wipe it off!!  Hurry!! It burns, the more she wiped, the worse it burned.  So I told her to spray water on my back, I nearly fell to the floor when the water hit it oooh my gosh burned sooo bad.  Finally after crying while she wiped the rest my cousin told me there where blisters and skin missing on my back.  I had to put gobs of neosporin and clear wrap so it wouldn't stick to my clothes.  It took around a week or two to go away.  I was so mad and now I think twice about buy some crap that looks so wonderful on TV.

8/1/2005 - Henry writes:
I used Epil stop, the way the bottle said to, it burned like crazy and now I have a PERMANENT red scar on my neck!

7/31/2005 - Grace writes:
I bought the epil-stop citrus spray at a local sally Beauty Supply on clearance for $10. When I got home I tried to spray it on my legs, the pump didnt work. So I put on some non-latex gloves and spread the crap on my legs. Bad idea. After 5 minutes I felt a burnings ensatin. I figured it was just "working the way it should be". After the 10 minutes of agony I couldnt stand it anymore. I took a dry wash cloth and wiped the crap off the best I could. It only removed some sporadic hairs and not even all the way, more like halfway. I had to rinse my legs with cold water for a few minutes to staunch the burning feeling. I threw that bottle in the garbage after that ordeal. My legs were red and sore for almost a week! Vey tender to the touch, much like getting really bad sunburn is what it looked and felt like.

Stephen writes:
DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT.  If you could see what my back looked like after only leaving the product on my skin for about half the usual time, it would scare the crap out of you.  I had severe 2nd degree burns anywhere this stuff touched and I've never had a bad reaction to nair.  Also, because of a reaction between the chemicals in this toxic solution, I was unable to put any kind of burn relief cream or Aloe on it and just had to tough it out. 

Tina writes:
This is by far the worst hair removal product I have ever used. I bought and applied, as directed, the Epil-Stop product one day before I was suppose to go on a date hiking. I wanted my legs and parts of my face to be hairless and smoothe. What I have as I write this, is an upper lip and both my legs spotted with chemical burns and/or razor-burn-like rashes. And guess what, I didn't go hiking because I was afraid of wearing shorts and exposing the burns to the elements. I did go out on the date, but I felt embarassed by the dark pink blotches on my face which I tried covering up with a ton of concealor. I bought this Epil-Stop crap on impulse and feel stupid for not doing research on it before I tried it. It is extremely unethical to allow a product on the market that does the kind of serious damage to skin that Epil-Stop does. The people and company who decided to allow this product on the market must be sued and put out of business. By the way, I am sticking to Nair and razors!

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