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Everlife Flashlight Complaints
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1/13/2006 - Anthony writes:
My family purchased four supposed Everlife Flashlights from As Seen On TV that look like the real product, but turned out to be battery-operated imitations.  My son wanted to let one run down so he could watch it reenergize when he shook it.  We waited all night for it to discharge remaining power, but it had only dimmed significantly.  We then shook it for about 10 minutes altogether with no change in L.E.D. luminosity.  Thinking it was malfunctioning, we disassembled the unit and found that the circuit board wasn't connected to the induction coil at all, but instead to two razor thin batteries at the top of the magnet slide tube.   We checked the other three flashlights and found the same layout.  We then tested the magnet by holding next to it a mall but strong bar magnet, which should have repelled the flashlight's magnet if like-poles were aligned.  But they stuck together regardless of polar alignment, meaning the flashlight's magnet isn't a magnet at all, but simply a piece of ferrous metal.

12/20/2005 - Susie writes:
I would love to say I've tried this product but after almost 2 months of fighting with the company I still haven't received the flashlights.  After 6 weeks, I called to cancel my order (for Christmas).  Conveniently, my debit card was charged the following day and half my order is due in 4 weeks!  This company's customer service department and order department is in India and they have very little information.  I urge anyone who is thinking about ordering the everlight flashlight to be aware that you will have to wait up to 3 months to see if you like the product or not. 

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