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Eye Q Complaints
Total Complaints: 4
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8/3/2006 - Jessica writes:
When I recieved this product on my porch I'd never even heard of it let alone ordered it. They somehow obtained my credit card number and took $66.00 out of my account fradulently. When I called I was told their phone lines were down. I called numerous other hotlines and am still waiting on call backs which I'm sure will never come. Thats okay though because I have a good bank that is reimbursing me the amount as well as the overdraft fee.I had them stop my card and reissue me a new one. I will be contacting the Better Business Bureau in my area as well as where they are located. Also I am contacting the US Attorney Generals Office this is a federal crime. I suggest anyone else having problems with this company do the same.They are Conartists without a doubt!

5/25/2006 - Vickie writes:
My daughter ordered this program online one evening, without permission, and I saw the charge on my credit card the next morning. I called Eye Q and told them what happened and asked them to stop shipment of the material. It was not due to ship out until the NEXT day but yet they said they could not stop the shipment, that I would have to refuse it when it arrived. We will see what actually happens when the refused package is received back by the company. I find it hard to imagine that ANY company cannot stop the shipment of a package BEFORE it leaves since all this will do is cost the company extra money for something they already know is going to be refused on delivery. I think that is very shoddy business practice and just not particularly smart on their side.........

1/25/2006 - Mike writes:
I have been using Eyeq for over two months now and apparently my reading speed has remained the same. I am completely not satisfied with my purchase. I hope this delivers the message. Mike S

Nancy writes:
On July 20 at 3:00pm I recieved a phone call from Eye Q...claiming that they are a repital company for speen reading i bought the kit but they can't take any money out of my  credit card until July 20....... sory the dat I recived the phone call was 4?18/05.... Toney said it will be 4 easy payments of 66.00 plus shipping and handling.  I will have a 30 day free trial period.  but I went to call their too free number and I get the operater telling me to hang up and try that number again.  I go ripped befor I had the chance to get all the information or education Itryed for a stop payment but my bank is not going to do anything until I give them a tracking number which I do not have nor recieved from the phone call.  Their phone number to eye Q is 1-877-715-7323.  Thank you Nancy 

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