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Faraday Flashlight Complaints
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8/31/2006 - Fran writes:
I returned the 1st one because I thought it was defective because the little flashlight does not stay on.The 2nd one did the same thing. You have to hold the on button down.I guess they were designed this way but I feel it is a defect. I bought this flashlight in the hopes of using while camping. They lasted a very brief time and were not very bright. I shook them both for 3min before using. I am returning them to the store.

8/12/2006 - John writes:
I bought two Faraday flashlights--one for me, and one for my son-in-law. After I tried mine, I called my son-in-law and told him to throw his away; that it was useless. I don't care how long you shake it, the LED light is dim to start with, and only lasts for one or two minutes. Pure junk.

5/16/2006 - Linda writes:
This product has apparently been renamed but was previously known as Everlife.  I surmise this by the e-mail address written on the small User Guide, (small, folded sheet of paper with instructions).  The e-mail address iswww.everlifelight.com  "To Charge the Faraday Light.  Important- the Faraday Light must be fully charged for the first use. First time use:  Shake the large flashlight vigorously for a minimum of 2 minutes and the small flashlight for a minimum of 3 minutes.  For subsequent use: Shake the large flashlight vigorously for a minimum of 1 minute and the small flashlight for a minimum of 2 minutes." The User Guide further states duration when fully charged is supposed to last up to 3 minutes.  This is not mentioned in the advertising that it lasts so little time but instead gives the impression these flashlights can easily replace a battery-operated one and function the same as one. It does not. I shook the larger flashlight vigorously for 2 minutes.  The charge lasted less than 2 seconds before fading.  I shook it again for another 2 minutes.  This time the charge lasted 5 seconds before fading out.  After shaking the larger flashlight for 3 1/2 minutes the light still lasted only 5 seconds before fading into oblivion.  The larger flashlight does not work even the 3 short minutes as stated in the User Guide. After shaking the smaller pocket-sized flashlight for the recommended 3 minutes the light lasted about 2 minutes, the first minute having a strong enough light to light up a small area but the light quickly faded after that minute becoming useless unless I held the flashlight very close to what I was trying to see. For both flashlights I was charged $17.95 plus shipping and handling. The only good I can see for the smaller flaslight is using it in a pinch to find where you put your battery-operated flashlight when the lights go out.  The larger flashlight is completely useless.  And for the infirm, having to "vigorously shake" these flashlights every time you need to use them would be quite taxing, even painful.  They would also be useless in an emergency when you need a light right away--as stated above, they need a vigorous shaking before use to build up a charge. But as quoted in the User Guide, one suggested use for it is "general emergency situations"; I'd sooner take my chances with a battery-operated flashlight that will immediately light up when I click it on. Obviously, the name change from "Everlife Light" to "Faraday Flashlight" has occurred as a tactic to continue selling a faulty product to an unsuspecting public. 

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