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Fast Abs Scams
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Renee writes:
This is a piece of junk. First you never receive what is promised to you and when you finally get the product it will not work. It does absolutely nothing when pushing the on button or any other button for that fact. I have tried both batteries that came with it and I have had no luck. This is is the worse case of false advertisement I have ever seen or heard of. What ever happened to making a good product and giving the consumer what they were told they were getting? It seems to me it is just another person trying to make a quick buck from those that put their trust in them and their product. I will try and contact the company and get my 30 day money back refund. If I should have a hard time getting a hold of customer service as I have one time before and have no luck in obtaining my money back I will then get a hold of the better business bureau. I called once before and their customer service reps said that they have had many calls about the same thing I have stated here in my letter. A word to the wise. DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY. THIS IS NOT A PRODUCT TO BUY! 

Andrea writes:
I am trying to get my money back, but the information on returns is not included in the package. The product is pure garbage.

Brandy writes:
Around the middle of November I ordered 2 Fast Abs belts. The total was around $72 which was deducted from my account on November 21. It is now January 3 and I still have not received the products. There was a customer service number on my bank statement, however it is continually busy. I work hard for the money I have and don't appreciate those who think they can steal it from me.

Nick writes:
I have received Fast Abs in the mail and have tried it out. It does not work for crap and the money back guarantee is a big joke. They give you a number to call but it is always busy. How are you ever suppose to get anywhere with this so called company. They are thieves and sorry ones at that.

Melissa writes:
This product is a hoax. It is SO cheap, the piece of plastic that holds the battery is a joke, the batteries did not fit, therefore I was never able to turn it on. (And it doesn't take a genius to figure it out) Do not buy, those who said it works must work for the company. I have been trying for days to call to request a refund, and the line is continuously busy. I wonder why...

Cherie writes:
I ordered the fast abs on the infomercial. I have not received the product, I have checked and my credit card has been charged. The 800# is constantly busy. Have tried to reach anyone and cannot get a response.

Matt writes:
We received our product in rather timely fashion, and found it to junk in an equally timely fashion. We have been trying to return it and cannot get through to their customer service number. We will be contacting a better business bureau in the very near future. Don't spend any money on this product that you think you're going to want back.

Paula writes:
Received Fast Abs, put batteries in and nothing happens. It is a piece of junk. This infomercial is a hoax to rip people off. I guess I just kissed my $50 goodbye!

Stuart writes:
I purchased the Fast Abs Deluxe on December 15, 2001 from tvinventions.com. I finally received it on January 18, 2002. First of all it is not made well. The dual units will not stay together well enough to keep the battery connected so it will work! Then the second time I used it the white protective frame around the silver conductors came loose! The 800 number for customer service is always busy and don't even try to get a response from e-mail. I cannot find any way to contact the manufacturer directly so I guess I am just out $79.95. Tvinventions.com is bringing back the old thought that anything sold on TV is junk from a fly-by-night company! Or at least the company you deal with is!! In the future I will stick with ordering from Wonderful Buys. I have never had a problem with any products from there and they even list a way to contact them online for returns and replacements. What a concept, an online merchant that really wants to help!

Timi writes:
I have no idea how to get in touch with this company and have went to the fast abs website. I just received the batteries don't work and for the brief minute they did come on I couldn't feel anything. I'm not that large of a person anyway and should have been able to feel some sort of pulse from the belt.

Olympia writes:
I received the Fast Abs after 8 weeks. The box was wet. I guess the bottle of gel broke. I never opened it. Sent it right back. Marked the box "received damaged return to sender." My charge card was billed for over $100.00!! Tried calling customer service. WHAT A JOKE...I want the charge taken off my bill. After reading all these other letters, I don't want to deal with a company like this.

Drew writes:
I ordered my Fast Abs on November 25, 2001. It was processed through a company named National Teleservice and I believe the call center was in Texas. Since then I have not received the product and have been charged $125.10 on my VISA account. The number for National Teleservice 1-800-648-6618 is now an INACTIVE telephone number. I have no way of getting into contact with anyone representing Fast Abs and I can only hope that my credit card company may consider reversing the charge on a product I still haven't received yet. I have no desire to receive this product now. I want my money back and I want to be in contact with someone who is working DIRECTLY with the company that makes/distributes/markets them. This has been frustrating given that it is also the second time National Teleservice has screwed up an order. The first time I didn't even receive the product! Luckily they didn't charge me then, but this time around I wasn't so fortunate. I'll never order anything through TV again!

Joanna writes:
When it came late in the mail, it did not work, and was made really crappy. I tried to call the number to get a replacement to find I was getting the run around. When you call you get a telemarketer and they know nothing about where or how to get it replaced or refunded. I'm concluding that I have been ripped off. There is no number to get a hold of them for warranty.

Jennifer writes:
When the commercial ran, they promised to include an extra stimulator belt if you called in x amount of time. I called right away and confirmed the extra stimulator would be included with my order. I have never received this (it's been a week since I've received the standard package). I can find no contact information for the company, and Directory Assistance, and 1-800 assistance, has no listing for the company. So far my belt works, but it was only worth it to me if it came with a second belt.

James writes:
To have to pick just ONE of the complaints is not possible here folks. My complaint is that same as the others, busy contact number, billed but no product in my hands!! I have registered a complaint with the BBB and have come to find about 3 addresses for this place now. Other than CT, there are two offices in Cali. Temecula and Los Angeles. I STRONGLY urge everyone who reads this and is a "victim" of this company to register a complaint through the BBB so that something can be done for everyone.

Jack writes:
We received the Fast Abs just a few days ago, after we ordered it from the infomercial, and it did not work at all, right out of the box. We tried both batteries, and followed the instructions, and nothing happened at all, not even a tickle. There was no customer service information or anything concerning trouble-shooting any problems.  My advice is to not order this product or anything from United Fitness of America.

Walter writes:
On November 7, 2001 I ordered Fast Abs System for my husband. On 12-01-01 the $49.00 charge was posted on my husbands credit card bill. We received our cc bill on 12-15-01 and I called the number of the infomercial I ordered it from. They gave me a # 1-800-648-6618. I have been calling this number everyday since December 15 2001 and have not been able to get anything except anxiety. This phone number rings twice then turns to a busy signal. I called the infomercial number back and they told me all the lines were tied up and to keep trying. I have tried for 1 month and 5 days day and night and still the same thing. I believe I have been scammed and will report this to the BBB if I new the email address or how to go about it.

Tina writes:
I saw the infomercial on TV that said that you would receive all kinds of free stuff if you called within the next few minutes. Well, I called & the guy I talked to said that he showed that I could get nothing free. I asked him if the TV was wrong and he said no, but I still could get nothing free. I went ahead & ordered it. The next day I got on the internet site from the commercial & it said the exact same thing that the TV had said "free stuff". I sent a complaint to customer service, with no response of course.  When I finally received my Fast Abs, it said on the box that some items may be shipped separately. So I thought maybe they decided to send me my extra free stuff and I waited on it to arrive. Meanwhile my 30 day trial was running out. Now I'm stuck with this stupid thing that doesn't work at all!!! Something definitely needs to be done about this rip-off of a company....

Teriakyesha writes:
I saw the infomercial on T.V. I called for the Fast Abs product. I ordered the actual device and a lifetime supply of firming gel. I get my credit card bill and I've been charged $92 + change. I never received anything!!!!! No device....firming gel.....nothing!!!!!

Jack writes:
Purchased "Fast Abs" system by phone on 12/18/01, product arrived on 1-11-02, used product 8 times, twice a day (four days) according to instructions. The ninth time the system did not work at all, I changed the battery with a new one and applied the appropriate amount of gel, still did not work. The companies warranty runs for thirty (30) days from purchase date. Problem being there is a two week window from purchase date to day product is first used, the operator informs the customer that the product will not arrive for at least 3-6 weeks, does not seem fair. Secondly to return the product customer must supply a check for $9.95 (shipping/handling), that does not seem to be fair and seems that it is a scam, why should I pay for a defect that I am not responsible for, especially seeing that the product was hardly ever used.

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