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Flat Hose Complaints
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3/4/2007 - Matt writes:
I bought this product at one of these [] outlet stores. What a joke, do not waste your money. The previous complaints have pretty much covered it all, but just to reiterate. The two most frustrating features about this thing are the constant kinks, and the inability of being able to wind it up on the reel after use. I should have taken it back to the store after the first use, but didn't (no excuse for that one). None the less, my dog likes to play tug-of-war and while struggling to reel this stupid thing in, he decided to grab the last three feet of the hose before it made it to the reel. It now turned into his play toy and lasted about three days. Even three days of dog happiness is not worth the price of this product.

2/12/2007 - Max writes:
Contrary to what the ad says, this is in fact a very DELICATE hose.
It's also pretty hard to use exactly because it's flat. It folds everywhere all the time, you spend half the time washing something and the other half looking for folds or reasons why there's no more water flowing. All the connecting parts and the pistol are made of plastic. My dog ended up chewing the trigger, rendering the whole pistol useless. Storing is also a pain in the ass. You have to empty the entire hose, and it's better to let it dry first. That (also made of plastic) rolling thing is not as easy as they show on TV. The first half of the hose rolls well, but then it starts getting stuck and from then on you better be strong AND delicate at the same time (or else you'll end up breaking it).

12/19/2005 - JC writes:
I purchased the flat hose at a local store near my house in summer 2005. Sometimes the commercial tells you "not sold in stores" but this one is. I took it home and used it for about 2 months before it began to leak. I went back to the store with it and they gave me a new replacement...2 weeks later...LEAK. At that point, I decided to just dump it...the store was selling it for only $10 anyway. To me, it wasn't worth it. Go out and buy a REAL hose.

Derek writes:
After waiting nearly a month to receive the product, this company (youcansave.com) ripped me off by not issuing a refund to me after initially stating that if I were not satisfied, after the 30-day review of their product, return it for a prompt refund.  First I could not contact anybody at their company since their customer service phone number would keep you on hold for up to fifteen minutes with a recording every minute stating all representatives are currently busy please remain on the line when you attempted to contact anybody about returning the product with no success at receiving any contact with a person. Weeks after I returned the product, I emailed them and they emailed me stating that they have been experiencing a tremendous delay at their returns department, weeks after that they claimed that they never received the product back from me and would not issue a refund. After attempting to receive a reversal of the charge through my credit card company, I was unsuccessful since I had no receipt from the post office to pursue a tracing of the item sent back to them through the USPS. 

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