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Flexi Hose Complaints
Total Complaints: 2
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Elizabeth writes:
I bought this product after I got tired of lugging 50ft lengths of garden hose around. It seemed ideal from the infomercial (same old story, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is). This product is completely worthless. The construction is so flimsy that the hose connections will not stay together and nothing seals without leaking. The hose material itself is approximately equal in durability to a pair of nylon stockings. In other words, it snags and pulls on anything it comes in contact with. The hose is so lightweight that if there is any water pressure in the line the end will whip around spraying everything, and if there is less pressure in the line the whole hose collapses and no water will come through at all. Finally the winding mechanism doesn't work at all. It only makes the hose tangle into a twisted mess. It will not rewind the hose without constant fiddling and detangling. I paid $29.95 for the 50ft size. I used the hose once and it is now completely unserviceable. Supposedly it is "Guaranteed to never kink, never tangle and never tear." It does all three of these things. Avoid this product, you'll be a lot better off with a conventional hose and reel. 

Anita writes:
You can't put this hose in the flower garden to "soak" the ground unless it is completely unraveled (50 feet!) AND totally kink-free--almost impossible!  THEN to wind it up, you have to get ALL of the water out of the 50 foot of hose in order to wind it up. It took 2 people to squeeze the water out of the hose while winding!  I also burned the skin on my hands squeezing the water out!  VERY, VERY BAD!

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