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Floam Complaints
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1/20/2007 - Sandra writes:
I tried to order floam and I spent about 30 minutes trying to decline "bonuses" they kept trying to sell me. I kept saying no and the recording kept going in circles, not taking no for an answer. I finally ended up hanging up. Unfortunately they already had my credit card information. I tried calling back to speak to someone to cancel my order and all I get are recordings. I have emailed their customer service and I have contacted my bank. Hopefully I don't get charged for all these "bonuses" they kept trying to sell me after they had my card information.

1/8/2007 - Angela writes:
I purchased Floam from [] last year for my daughter for Easter. I didn't know about this website until now, or I would have reported this more quickly. Thankfully, I didn't have to pay the full price for each of the containers, but since my daughter thought they were from the Easter Bunny, I could not return them after she tried them, or she would have been devastated. Anyway, she was very excited to get the Floam after seeing in several times on TV. She immediately took it out and tried applying it to several things, including her Easter basket. I did have her mix it up before applying it to items, but the stuff would NOT stick to anything but her hands! According to the infomercial, you can decorate things like doll houses, bikes, bike helmets, etc. We tried it on her bike helmet, but it just ran down the sides, just like it did on her Easter basket and the other, misc. things we tried it on. It does not work as described. It might, possibly, work on paper (we ended up throwing it away before trying this), but it isn't worth the price you pay for it.

1/3/2007 - Ken writes:
Floam is a HUGE SCAM... My 4 year old and 6 year old got Floam for x-mas. They were excited to play with it and harped on me until I dug it out of the pile of x-mas presents. It says to mash and to mix so you can play with it. Needless to say, I was mashing and mixing for 45 minutes to try to get this CRAP off my hands. You can wash your hands off with water because this FLOAM WILL CLOG YOUR PLUMBING. If you try to use a paper towel to get it off, THE PAPER TOWELS WILL STICK TO YOUR HANDS. I had to waste a wash cloth to get it off my hands and throw away the wash cloth. The creators of companies like this should be put in prison for scamming hard working citizens out of their money.

1/2/2007 - Ella writes:
my little sisters got floam for xmas. i opened the containers to make it ready for them, it says to mix and mash before playing so all beads blend together. i did this and it is still too sticky.

8/15/2006 - Dena writes:
I also was deceived by the FLOAM company. I ordered 1 set online on 7-21-06 for my nieces birthday party on 7-30-06. My order was not even processed until 7/28/06 and I finally received it on 8/08/06. In the add they show a tub of Floam and then say when you order now you will receive double (jumbo) size tubs of 3 colors and one large size of green. Sounds like they double the size of the 3 tubs you see and you get one regular size green. WRONG! There is no difference in a jumbo or large. It comes exactly as shown in the picture. They say that is the double size. So is there a smaller size available or are they tricking you into thinking you are getting more for free? I called the customer service number and they said to email them. I did but got no response. After 2 days I called the customer service again. I spoke with Nick and he informed me that the only size available is the sizes I received and that he didnt know why they say you get 3 double size and one large green. A smaller size is not available. I could send it back but I would lose the $7.95 for S/H and the amount to ship it back to them. I am hesitant to do that after reading several complaints on the internet stating when the item has been sent back they claim to never have received it. I feel this company is very deceptive and has very poor customer service. The orders are shipped by the SAS company. Please read all the complaints before you consider ordering anything from as seen on tv ads or the SAS company.

7/24/2006 - Kathy writes:
My grandson, after seeing the floam commercial on TV, has been asking for it for over a year. I finally broke down and called to order it. The order process was handled completely by computerized response. It kept me on the line for almost 20 minutes, trying to get me to buy additional items. I ordered ONE set of floam for the $19.95 plus $6.95 shipping. The system repeated that I had ordered only one. Then, after all the other spiels for additional items, it finally ended the call by saying "Thank you for your order of TWO sets of floam"! I immediately (within 5 minutes) e-mailed the email address they had given during the ordering process, as I wanted it in writing that I did NOT order two sets. Well, sure enough, two sets were shipped and my card was charged for two sets. I requested a credit, and they want me to pay to ship it back to them. This is such a scam. I have contacted my credit card company and they immediately issued a credit to my account, but I'm not sure if they'll leave the credit there if I don't ship the extra set back. Plus I'll have to pay for insurance and tracking because I don't trust that the floam company will faithfully admit to receiving the return. Wish I had investigated this online before I gave them my order.

6/29/2006 - Angela writes:
My children have been begging me for months to get them some floam. So thanks to the television commercial, I told them that they could get some if they used their own money. They promise double sized tubs, etc. etc...today we got the floam kit in the mail....it is the exact same size as the one you can by at [], and cheaper for that matter, and it is shipped in a box that has in black letters - SMALL. When I asked why we weren't sent the "Jumbo" container, they said it is "Jumbo", it's the same container with more Floam added. What a crock! They told me that I could send it back but would not refund the amount of shipping and handling and I would have to pay for shipping to send it back. They also said it could take up to 30 days for the credit to come back on my account. WHAT A SCAM!

6/25/2006 - Leslie writes:
I purchased 4 colors of floam, when ordering that day my packages were to be doubled, but when I received them they were not, I paid $28.00 for 4 packages of junk. They do not stick to other objects as advertised and the odor is awful, I don't want my kids playing with this stuff.

5/14/2006 - Brenda writes:
We purchased 4 cannisters of floam, and the texture of the sticky substance varied between all 4.  The white "floam" was very sticky, and only stuck to our hands. It didn't stick together at all for the purpose of doing anything with it.  The next week, when my granddaughter opened, it, it was all molded and stinks to high heavens.  Now it is yellow and green.  I even wonder if it is poison, as it certainly has to contain a bacteria in order to mold.  I don't know where to go to have it analyzed, but I am afraid this is a serious problem with this product and certainly should be investigated.  Thank you if you can give me any help with this.

5/6/2006 - Michael writes:
I also got slammed for 60 dollars worth of Floam by the website.  They double all orders on purpose and ship them before they say they have a record of your order.  You will not be able to cancel. I tried to dispute it with my Discover Card and they are of no help.  I found out Discover Card has no fraud protection against fraudulent merchants only against third party fraud. Use your visa!

1/30/2006 - Susan writes:
I purchased this online after seeing it on TV.  While ordering they asked if I wanted to upgrade to the six color pack for $24.95 plus $7.95 shipping.  I agreed but unknowingly ordered two sets of the stuff for a total of $60.00.  I tried to get through to cust. serv. for over three weeks and when I did they said that's all they were doing were taking compalints about the same thing.  You can't contact floam directly and now I an sitting with $60 worth of this stuff. 

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