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Food Saver Complaints
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3/16/2007 - Ty writes:
I've wanted one for years, and i recently found out my dad has one so i took it over. In the commercial they talk about being able to extend the life of vegatables, so i decided to cut prep time and i chopped up a whole bag of onions and put them in diffrent bags so cooking would be easy...turns out you have to freeze everything FIRST (which would ruin lots of vegatables) If you try to vacum fresh vegatables, the juice from them get sucked up into the vacuum, and could break the whole unit. I didnt know this, and now everything i've tried to vacuum after hasnt had a "air tight" seal. I would recomend it for dry goods, but not for things that actually go bad quickly =( bummer

Merry writes:
Okay so I saw this great food saver at TV that sucks the air out of some plastic bag and make ur food stay fresh inside the bag for a long time. I bought it and started putting my vegetables in these smelly plastic bags and air it out with this noisy food saver. After less than a week I see yellow spots over my foods and so it came out that without food saver it used to last longer in the refrigerator so I say food saver is a big lie. 

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