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Gazelle Freestyle Complaints
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10/31/2005 - Gail writes:
I ordered this product from QVC about five years ago. It was too large for my home and too heavy to put away everyday. But I decided to keep it, until my credit card bill arrived. This product was advertised at $199.00.  Instead, I was billed $750.00.  I called QVC who said that I should call the dealer directly.  I called the dealer. I was told that they had sent me their newest Total Gym product, but if I did not want to pay the $750.00, they could reduce the cost to $400.00.  I refused to pay and informed the dealer that I would return the product. The dealer stated that she will send UPS to pick it up. I also asked for a full refund. I got the refund one year later after calls to the dealer and my credit card company.  I still have the Total Gym. The dealer never sent UPS to pick it up.

10/19/2005 - Angela writes:
I purchased the Gazelle through Home Shopping Network. I was very unhappy with the whole motion of the machine; it was uncomfortable and unnatural not to mention very  shotty craftsmanship. I called HSN to return it. They said I was past the 1 month return. I don't know of any exercise equipment that shows results after 3 or 4 weeks but anyway, they said to contact Fitness Quest, the company that manufactures the equipment. I contacted them, they told me to send it back. I did. I heard nothing so I called only for them to tell me that they don't do refunds for equipment purchased through a third party, I needed to contact HSN. I did. They told me that I needed to contact Fitness Quest. This has been going on for over a month now. I have sent about 15 emails and called 3 times. So, I no longer have the product or my refund. Not only did I spend $230 for the equipment but I also spent another $40 to return it. Now I guess they plan on just ignoring me until I go away. So, I basically donated $270 to Fitness Quest. I feel like the biggest sucker but I am going to continue to complain till I hopefully get some resolve.

Katrina writes:
I placed an order almost 2 months ago. I was promised that my product would be delivered in 15 days. I still haven't received it and they wasted no time charging the bill to my credit card! I have been in touch with several people at the company who ships this product out to consumers and have been given the run-around by each person. I called once and referred to the internet site to check the status of my order 24 hours a day. My information was not on it, as it was set up by entering an email address and zip code. It was also suggested that it may be case sensitive. I tried it each way it could possibly be tried. Still nothing. I finally decided to look it up by zip code only. Viola! I found a delivery that matched all the information I had been given down to the letter. It had been shipped out, but due to an incomplete address, it was returned to the company. I know where I live and am not going to give an incomplete address! I had intentions of giving this as a holiday gift and that was a major missed opportunity. I have even been in touch with a supervisor who stated that she would credit back my account and start a new order so I could receive the 30 day trial (a suggestion I made I might add, as they were going to leave this order as is and I would apparently lose my 30 day trial)! I am beyond disappointed. I don't think Mr. Tony Little would be at all happy with the way his product is being promoted by these people. They are not treating each customer fairly at all! I even called my leasing office and asked if one had been delivered there by mistake. She told me no, but another resident just ordered one and she had already received it and loved it! This only pissed me off more, since I ordered mine so long ago! I am getting the impression that this product is not all it is cracked up to be. That disappoints me because I was so looking forward to using it. 

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