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Gazelle Freestyle Elite Complaints
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12/25/2005 - Warren writes:
The footpedals on this product were really not level with each other. Two different heights, about 1/2" difference. I called them, and they sent me another one. It was also not even, but different than the first one. before I returned the first one I switched one leg assembly with one from the second machine. Now  they were only about 1/8" different. After using it religiously everyday for a few weeks I realized how boring it was, and also that it was making the tongue-in-groove floor of my house squeak very badly. That wasn't the worst part by far! I BEGAN TO REALIZE THAT I WAS BEGINNING TO WALK MORE AND MORE CROOKED.I WAS BEGINNING TO LIMP AND FELT MY PELVIS WAS NO LONGER LEVEL ! The uneven leg poles ! I ended up throwing this $450 piece of DANGEROUS crap in the alley !   "YOU CAN DO IT !" Do what ? Cripple myself ?

Michele writes:
I recently bought the freestyle elite from and infomercial along with a couple of Tony Little's other videos.  I paid for the videos in full along with the 14.95 introductory month like the promotion stated.  I was then told that my monthly bill would be 99.99 a month for 4 months.  My first month bill came and it was 129.90. I did not appreciate the difference in the amount so I called and left a message on their automated system.  I do enjoy this machine and I think it works but I do not like people playing with my money.  Also I went online after I found this so that I could contact them since I didn't have the information with me at work.  While online I noticed the same machine is supposedly for sale through TechnoScout for a little more than a hundred dollars less with all the same features.  I am fit to be ties right now.  Even though I am thinking about sending it back I don't know if I want to cause it is helping me.  I just want justice. 

Teresa writes:
I don't yet know about the product, although I ordered the product a month ago.  It has not yet shipped, suppossedly it will ship in the next couple of days, (or I will cancel my order.)  When I talked to a customer representative today they told me it is ready to ship, but then she said her batteries are going dead and I was disconected.  I tried to call back but then got put onto an automated line that offered the options of e-mail, fax or message.  I did manage to get alive person, they also told me it will ship today or tomarrow.  I think it's a shame they could bother to email those awaiting shipment to let the cusomers know of the delay.

Anita writes:
I ordered Tony Little Gazelle Freestyle Elite product 3 weeks back. When i was ordering it was backordered for new product. So, i ordered refurbished one as they had guranteed me to deliver before christmas . It was a gift which i wanted to give on christmas. I called again on 17th dec,2002 , they said i will receive by christmas. Finally i didnt received. Today also i called they told me they dont have now, when it will come they will send. i asked what is their new time frame, they said will receive. dont know when. Why they promise stuff they cant deliver.

Robert writes:
I was told originally by customer service that I could upgrade to a brand new one for 207.00 since I had already ordered one years ago.I ordered it. I gave my credit card number to them by phone for the full amount. It was a one- time paid-in-full transaction. Fitness Quest mistakenly sent me two boxes while I was out of town. My wife thought it was one Gazelle, in two pieces, and moved one box to another room out of the garage. We received no phone calls. However,Fitness Quest used my credit card without my authorization or attempting to call me and billed me for the "lost" Gazelle by removing an unauthorized 14.95 from my account attempting to charge me payments for a 315.00 refurbished Gazelle that I never ordered. After I came back in town, my wife had to go back to a family emergency in Florida. After talking by phone, she said there were two boxes. I called and said, "We found it" and wrote a letter of apology and even gave them more business contacts. They immediately sent UPS to pick it up. Several days later, I called back and they had no record of one being picked up and the charge was still on my bank account. I was not nice anymore. I threatened to take legal action. I told them I no longer wanted this one. Come and get it. They took the charge of 14.95 off, according to bank records as of June 10th for the "missing gazelle", but I am still concerned that maybe I should put a block on my account at this point. They have refused to pick this "new" one up within the 30 day trial period without charging me for an outragious shipping fee. I paid 207.00 for the "New One" and the shipping charge that I checked into was around 180.00.They refuse to pick it up. I feel SCAMMED! Can anybody help me get justice? The office that I dealt with was in Canton Ohio. I think Tony Little needs to hire new staff there. 1-800-321-9236 / Customer Service Number / If you call, they will not try to help. They have not responded to their mistake concerning my account. One last thing......The Gazelle that I received appears to be a refurbished Gazelle and not the new one that I thought I ordered.

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