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GeMagic Complaints
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1/15/2007 - Nichelle writes:
Where's the confirmation page? There should be a dollar amount given, and a "confirm this amount" button! The web page is poorly designed. Please call in the order, and DO NOT order from the web site! When you call in the order please get a dollar amount before you say yes! Get a name of the person you talk to! Record the time, amount, and date!

1/14/2007 - Tanya writes:
There confirmation page before you order. There is no amount of the transaction page. Once you push the button your money is gone. I've never experienced anything such as this, when ordering online. This is the worst site ever! I called to cancelle my order right away. The customer service rep, said they don't see the order for 24 hours! I called back the very next day and I was told the my order has already shipped! What a rip off!!!!

12/17/2006 - Lisa writes:
Ohhhh my the experiance i have had is unbelieveable..my husband told me i could order gemagic so i gave it a call...ordered the product and first off you dont talk to a real person so they offer sooo many things that when you get done your head is swimming when I thought the nightmere was done guess what to my surprise i checked my credit card statement and much to my surprise there was a amount there for over $300. to gemagic!!! well let me tell you i called them up and told them about it and they said their was a mix up I should say so i told them ...well they told me all i had to do was wait for the postman to delivere my package and refuse the box well that is fine good and dandy if one could sit on your hinny all day long waiting on the post man well that just dont happen here some ppl actually has to work for a living so i missed the postman...then I had to take the box to the post office refuse it and wait several weeks before they decided to credit my account i did not reorder to much problems for me

12/13/2006 - Debbie writes:
I have the very same story that has been told by many others on this site. I called to get the buy one get one for discounted price all adding up to around $40. When I called the transaction was completed through an automated service, no live person to talk to. I had to listen to at least 5 minutes of offers and was scared if I just hung up I would be charged for other things too. I found that they charged my credit card for $70. There was absolutely no contact information anywhere in the packaging. The box of rhinestones that came with the kit is so ridiculously miniscule that at first I thought it was part of the packaging. This has taught me well - no more infomercials...

12/8/2006 - Sandy writes:
I called today to order GeMagic before I found this website about all the problems others have had...I called and cancelled my credit card immediatly! That seems to be the only way to cancel activity from this company ending up on my account. I called to order the GeMagic..there system is all automated..and it goes on FOREVER...offer, after offer, after other offer...at the end I wasn't sure what or how much my order was for. I call there Customer Service number...the young girl could answer even the basic question about how much the items were or what the "Specials" consisted of. Only that I should call back in 24 hours...Never mind! I'll just order the original Bedazzler or buy it from [], at least this way I know WHAT I'm getting and HOW MUCH it costs. If I don't like it I can return it and GET ME MONEY BACK!

11/6/2006 - Tamilane writes:
I recently ordered Gemagic for my grandaughters. I saw in on an infomercial and decided that it would be nice for my granddaughters to have so I ordered it thinking I was buying one and getting one for free. Ha-Ha on me. When I checked my debit card account they had charged me for two. The sets were to be $19.95 each. Well the total was 71.70, when I received the merchandise there were four kits enclosed so I thought, Oh well the $71.70 was OK. But this month I was charged another $39.90 by Gemagic. When I called them (877-883-9084) the man said I was paying in installments. But I had done a one time payment, he offered me back $20.00 on my other card since I had told him I shut off the card I had used, I told him I did not have another card and he put me on hold, when I had been on hold for several minutes around 15 I hung up. Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. I would not give him another card number if my life depended on it.

10/31/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I purchased Gemagic for my daughters. I was unwittingly enrolled in some kind of family membership program of which I had no choice to cancel at any time. I called the customer service line 800-850-9134 and was given no help. The representative said "Gemagic has nothing to do with the membership, that's someone else." I said, but I called YOU, not them. She then told me I could mail a complaint if I wanted to. To an address that belongs to Merchandise Direct. Interesting! I research this company to see they are owned by MDNH, Inc. Who, I might say has been very busy getting into many questionable business dealings. Very interesting. Big daddy cat is making lots of money from us because Gemagic is playing dumb! All I wanted was something fun for my kids to do! now I have hotcarded my debit and promised not to order anything online or by phone again!

10/5/2006 - Cesar writes:
I ordered the Gem Magic for my mom. I usually research anything I buy online before I buy it, but this time my mom was to excited that I just went directly to the website and placed my order. I order a lot through websites [] and it was cool to find a website where you don't have to create an account to place an order. It made sense, I mean how many times am I going to come back and place and order from this website? I thought. Well the smile soon disappear from my face when I found out that I was being charged for things I didn't agreed to. $15 for shipping!! and Taxes from out-of-state purchases!!! besides I only ordered 60 worth of product and they charged me $80, for a total of $95.95 with shipping cost and taxes. I called up the phone number in the website to confirm my order and check up on the extra charges. It turns out they don't have my order yet, and I have to wait 72 hrs for my order to go into their system. That sucks. This is a total SCAM, my order won't get here in 2 months, and they charge me $30 if I want to cancel my order. I just hope I get my order with no extra charges. If YOU haven't placed an order from these people yet, DON'T DO IT!!! go to [], you'll find the very same product for a much smaller price.

10/1/2006 - Marguerite writes:
Over two weeks ago, I tried to order the gemagic. Same story as with those I read, I had to enter credit card number, and it totalled about $111.00. I was shocked, and tried to stop the sale, but there was no way to edit the purchase or cancel it. I have been waiting, but after 14 days, I still have not received my order...to be able to send it back for a refund.

9/2/2006 - Pat writes:
Wow! I'm glad I read all of your horror stories. As a crafter, dabbling into several lines of crafting, I had been wanting one of the GeMagic tools. Finally, through a certain mail order it was offered and it would only cost $19.99 plus shipping and I could divide that up into 4 payments. I ordered, the flyer said "As Seen on TV" and showed the host picture and name. It listed what the set would include. I got everything except the right number of studs & crystals. The flyer stated 305. It came in such a small brown box within the mailing box. They were marked as to what size(I thought how great, since I'll be new at this) and how many. I counted the contents and found they only sent 205 studs and crystals. In the flyer there was no information on how to contact them. I got on the internet and went to the "Offical Web" site. There was a phone number, but not 1800, would not use that because I could be kept on the phone for probably 20 minutes or more. There was a mailing address and wrote that down to use to inform them of the error. Then the site of complaints caught my eye. I pulled it up. Again Wow!! For someone to have such a nifty product for crafters and handle their business that way is more than a shame. A company can make or break themselves as to the way they handle their business. I guess Cathy Mitchell is kept in the dark about ALL the complaints or she is also making so much money she is turning the other way and riding the wave while the surf is up! That's basically what people have is their "good name" and the values they were taught growning up. Let me close. I'm afraid to write and tell them of the error because I feel they will bill me for more studs and crystals plus shipping and all I want is what I purchased through this mail order company. I think I'll write them and inform them of the error and state I will not contact them for FEAR of being put in the house of horror with the rest of the people. I guess sometimes it's best to make the effort to go to the craft store and purchase the item wanted and pay their price. Were all learn throught our mistakes. One last comment. I have used internet stores for purchasing and always the credit card info is asked for last and you are given a chance to review your order and make changes. It is made very clear, once you go to finale or what word they use, you can not go back and make changes or cancel the order. I appreciate that so much. Thanks for your time.

8/10/2006 - Tonia writes:
I order the Gemmagic off the TV.The ordering was all automated,which makes it hard to skip the unwanted info about the other products they try to get you to buy.When I recevied my product there was no invoice or shipping ticket in it.I had to my online banking acct to see what I had been charged.They charged me $111.60.My order was for one gemagic.The informercial stated by one get one free,with two payments of $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping and handling.Once I call Gemagic customer service they claimed I order two 1000 piece deluxe kits.,and there was also a $30 non refundable processing fee. I told the rep on the phone I only one kit with the buy one get one free,I did not order the Deluxe kit.They charged me for something I did not order! I am outraged.I cannot afford things like this to happhen to me.I live paycheck to paycheck.I am going to file a complaint with the BBB too.I will never order anything thru automated ordering again!

8/1/2006 - Ana writes:
I went on the internet and tried to purchase the buy 1 get 1 free gemagic deal. I had everything that everyone here is saying happen to me EXACTLY the same way. After I ordered my ONE order, the pop up screens for extra orders kept coming up. i.e. Do you want extra gemagics for $14.95 each and do you want to purchase more studs for $$$? Anyway, I answered no to all of the excess questions and at the end of the order confirmation My total was $147 (What the HECK). Also, the internet site asks you for your credit card information before you make a purchase and makes you confirm before your order is placed which was pretty weird too, because at the end of the transaction I didn't even have the chance to re-confirm or edit the error that was made. THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM I AGREE!!! I was going to wait for the items to come in the mail, but now I'm going to call my credit card company and cancel the whole order to save myself the grief. So THANK YOU ALL for taking the time to say what happened to you. I just wish I would have looked at complaints before I thought about ordering this piece of crap!!!

7/15/2006 - Merriette writes:
Yesterday, I ordered the Gemagic off the TV and got into an automated system. Normally, I have no problem with these, but after I called, they kept offering me all kinds of other items and I continued to decline. When the call finally came to an end, I was not given the total amount that would be charged to my credit card. I was annoyed and managed to speak to a live person. I wanted to cancel my order because I didn't like the way they did business. I was told that my my order wasn't even in their system yet and that I would have to call them back today or Monday after 5pm because it takes 48 to 72 hours to download my order. I was livid! I wasn't even allowed to cancel this order which, when I calculated it on my own, would cost a minimum of 40% of the cost advertised! The customer service rep seemed unsympathetic and frankly, uninterested in my problem. I called back to see if I could find a service rep who, at least, seemed to understand what my problem was. She told me the same thing, but at least could answer my question regarding the total price I would be charged. This rep told me I could call today and/or Monday to work out this issue. I called today and was automatically informed that their offices were closed and that I would have to call back on Monday. Meanwhile, I called my credit card company to inform them not to honor this charge and was informed that they, too, wouldn't have any information until if and/or when the amount was charged to my account. She told me to go ahead and call the company to cancel my order on Monday as directed, and then check my next credit card statement to be sure that I wasn't not charged. If I had been charged, then my credit card company would get involved and take the issue up directly with Gemagic. I am going to follow through, but I have to say that I have ordered many things off the TV and this is the first time I've had any problems whatsoever. I think the only thing "magic" about the Gemagic is how sneaky their business practices are. I will probably not order things this way anymore. It's too bad, because there are many legit companies doing business via TV who get made to look shady because of companies like this. The other companies should be informed of Gemagic's practices and file a class-action lawsuit against them, barring them from using the TV as a medium to sell anything. I think some form of sanction should be in order. I'm not sure where to go with this except to vent here (thank you very much for allowing me to do so) and maybe take it to the Better Business Bureau. M--

7/13/2006 - Anna writes:
Purchased the Gem Magic off of website after seeing on TV Last night. Thought it would be fun for me and my 4 girls. Two machines 40 bucks figured that was a good deal. I went to the website today to check it out somemore. Then placed my order. I paid VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to what I was clicking when I placed the order. The whole thing is a SCAM- You put your credit card information into this form first. Then you put what you want- THIS IS COMPLETELY BACKWARDS- Then they try to upsell you on a fancyer model that costs twice as much. I clicked no- and continued on- Do you want extra gems for $9.99 I said yes- do you want extra studs- I said yes again 9.99 I purchased one of each of the gem sets they offer- Then they charge extra for "Expidited Shipping" nearly $7.00 otherwise they will take up to 6weeks to deliver- I am thinking they still use the pony express- Next they try to sell me a scrapbook book. I said no and finally got to the last page- THe reciept page- Heres the kicker. I was supposed to get 1 set of machines at 2 payments of $19.99- Then they said extra shipping for the second one ok so thats like $15.00 for the shipping of the second machine. When I got to the reciept page I was charged $40.00 for the machine in one shot- THEN_ they over charged terribly on the gems the ad says $9.99 the reciept says $14.95 PLUS they charged me $25.00 for shipping and nearly $8.00 for sales tax which is total BULL!!! I called their customer service and as stated in one of these posts was given the same line of bull about them taking 1-3 days before they process the order and to call back and IF the items were not shipped yet they would maybe look into it. I proceeded to call my CCard co and explained it to them BUT I think I got LUCKY After all their bull charges I over spent, I did not have that amount on my card. OVer all I was over charged at least $50.00- Oh and they sent me a completely BLANK email reciept. It says what the total was but NOT what I bought.The numbers just don't jive- I hope that that crafty woman makes a ton of money and winds up in jail because after this scam she is going to be ruined in the crafting community- She won't be able to sell anything to anyone. I turned around and went to []. Purchased the product from them- Funny it cost $35.00 with 1,025 beads, a case 500 patterns and 2 transfer pencils. That was $35.00 WITH THE SHIPPING- at least [] won't rip you off- Well there is not enough on my charge to cover the purchase so I did get lucky- but please if you read this before you want the product DON'T BUY IT FROM THEM DIRECT GO TO [] OR [] save yourself being ripped off. THey are apparently doing this over and over and over- They are chargeing sales tax where is all that extra revenue going- WHY is it I run a online business and I get a email as soon as someone makes a purchase but they can't find an order and fix it? WHY do they have you put your credit card in first BEFORE you have a chance to review the order and make sure its correct? Once the order is at the reciept page there is NO WAY TO EVEN GO BACK without putting your card in again- Which means you as a customer can not even PROVE that the add is differant than the charges- Not only that Buy I tried to save my reciept page to my hard drive and was completely unsuccessful. When I hit the back button on the browser it went to session timed out and then nothing. It is so obvious that this company or who ever is running the show is totally ripping off consumers and NOTHING is being done about it. What kind of world do we live in that this is continually allowed to go on>? I am seriously concidering contacting the Federal Trade Commission about this because it is so Very Wrong. SOmeone should contact the IRS too so that they can get the sales tax that they are collecting for every sale when they are only supposed to collect in their home town. This was one of my worst experiances purchasing any product. On line or off. Anna- Graphic Designer Mom of 4

7/6/2006 - Sheila writes:
I went online to purchase the Gemagic for a gift. The ad stated that I was able to buy 1 get 1 free. For that I wanted to get 4 kits. I understood that the total price would be 79.80 for 4 kits and I would be charged ~8.00 shipping for each unit ordered. When I was through ordering, I was not sure that I had gotten the correct thing, however, there was only two answers to the questions while ordering-yes or no. I got one box in the mail with two kits in it. I waited, thinking that there was another box coming.....Yesterday, I called the customer service department to check on the status of the other box. My credit card was charged for the kits as well as the fee per kit for shipping. I was told that the online system was set up to give you the more expensive kit and that I ordered the more expensive kit and the one box was all I was going to receive. She said that I could return the two I had but that she couldnt help me that she thought the system was just set up to charge you for the larger kit. I have a receipt that shows buy one get one free with a shipping fee of $30.00. with my total being 110.00. I had already given the two as gifts and didn't want to take them back to prove these guys wrong. But I feel that they are scaming more than just me with their product as well as the shipping fees. That worked out to be 15.00 per kit shipping and 40.00 per kit.

7/6/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I order the product Gemagic off the TV. The ordering process was all automated, which was difficult to skip unwanted information about other product promotions. When I received the product there was no invoice or shipping ticket with it. I call my credit card company to find out what was charged to my account. To my suprise I find out the they had charged me $191.40. My order was for one gemagic. The infomerical stated by one get one free, with two payments of $14.95 plus $7.95 shipping. I had to obtain the phone information from my cerdit card company, because ther was no information regarding the company was included in my shipment. Once I contacted the customer service department I was told that I had order two gemagic deluxe kits, and that there was a $30 non-refundable processing fee. I explained that I only order one kit with the buy one get one free, which was not the deluxe kit. I feel that I the comerical was fraudulent and misleading in advertising the porduct. Charging me for something I did not order, not informing the consumers about a non-refundable processing fee which is more than the product itself cost. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. I suggest to all parties to be very careful with automated ordering.

6/29/2006 - Mary writes:
On 6/9/2006 after watching a info ad on TV, I ordered 4 units. 2 @ 19.95 and 2 @ 14.95. Today, 6/29/2006 , I received "6" units. I never received an invoice with or without the actual shipment. No final price had been quoted. My card was charged around $30 more than I had calculated. All of this, I had decided to accept. Then, I opened each boxed unit and there was a vital piece to the operation of the unit missing. It is the "black plastic plunger" used to press the decorative pieces into the cloth. Thinking we had missed something, my husband and I searched the boxes individually to no avail. I called the CS number from their website, spoke to a "Christina"who was very nice. She seemed to be surprised. She told me that she would send my info on to her superevisor. I asked to have a call back as to when I would receive the missing parts and she wasn't sure. I did assure her that I did not want to return the units, just to receive the missing parts...6 of them.

6/26/2006 - Adeline writes:
I placed my order for one unit after seeing the infomercial sometime in April 2006. The automated phone system took me through additional items I could purchase. I declined everything except to add additional 1000 stud pieces. I was not informed how much my total was or what my order number was or how I could track my order or a phone number where I could speak to CS. A month later, I received 10 units. The packages did not have an invoice or anyway for me to contact Gemagic to inform them of the error. I searched the net but no phone numbers. I had to wait for my credit card bills to get the phone number. When I saw my bill, I nearly fell off my chair; I was charged $478.00 for these units. Immediately I called CS to let them know what happened. They said I order 5 Deluxe units at $79.99 a piece. I immediately told them they have the wrong order. They admit it might have been an order glitches. They promised to send me the return labels to send my packages back. I got 1 return label to send back 10 units. The return request asks for the reason why I am returning the order and copy of the invoice. I never received the invoice. I am calling my credit card to dispute the charges. I will have to wait and see where the next chapter of this horrific ordeal will take me.

6/12/2006 - Robert writes:
I placed an order for the buy one get one and during all the promting by the computer ordering system I also agreed to the extra 1000 piece with case-stud set. all good. but when my order finaly arrived all that came were two 500 piece sets. No receipt or shipping paper work, when I called. I was told by the CS rep. that I had only orderd the two units at a higher price and that the differance in price was shipping and tax. I live in a different state than the state of the company selling and shipping the product. and as for the receipt the CS said that their records show that they sent a shipping invoice with the units. and that it was not her problem that I received no receipt. I really like the unit but I will never buy another Item from As Seen On TV again.

5/15/2006 - Venida writes:
I placed an order yesterday,May 14 at around 3 pm.The website advertised the $39.90(buy one take one).  I ordered that and as I was continuing with the payment process, more items popped up asking if I would like to order other items.I ordered additional items.No total was given at all.After I had given the ccard,I noticed that I was charged $79.80 instead of the $39.90. I tried to call CS but they were closed.I called this morning at 9:30 and I was told that they dont have it yet(they claimed it takes 24 hrs before they can see it).I call awhile ago (about 7:45 pm may 15) and CS said that they might not have it yet because it takes 24-48 hrs.I asked her to just check it and it was there.She told me that I ordered the Deluxed model and that is the reason for the $79.80 price.I told her that I was not informed for this new price and I am not interested with that model.She said that she cant cxl or make changes because the items were already shipped.I questioned how can it be shipped when I just ordered and CS didnt even see that this morning.I was told to ship it back once I get it and they will credit me back.I told CS that I am no longer interested but I was told that they cant make any change....

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