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Girls Gone Wild Complaints
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1/11/2007 - Kelsey writes:
a while back i orded the ggw roadtrip and endless spring break i did recive the vidios i ordered but then they continued to bill me for more vieos that i never did recieve. when i oreded them in the first place they had this cancel anytime offer. i called and told them i didnt get these other orders and i didnt want them. anyways by the end of it i had a credit card bill of over 200 for two dvd's. i called my credid card company which was visa numeris time to report it as a fraud. every single time they told me it was between the company and me and that they had nothing to do with. anyways dont order them online or over the phone go rent them or download them also dont use VISA.

8/1/2006 - Robert writes:
The same exact thing happened to me. I didn't believe their backorder or VIP lies. After i ordered i read a lot of complaints about GGW and canceled my card. They tried to bill me $170 for VIP, i didn't care my card is canceled. Everytime i called i get another story, another reason, and another shipment date. I contacted my bank and they refunded me the money and are going to investigate.

4/22/2006 - Zachary writes:
Okay so after months of daily infomercial viewing for this product on two different channels my wife agreed to let me order this for my birthday gift.  I placed my order March 16th.   I added express delivery which was suppose to be 3 buisness days for 6.99.   The price they quoted me was 9.99 for the videos, 5.95 for shipping and 6.99 for express delivery.  They ended up charging my credit card for 24.95 on March 18th.   So over a week passes and I am waiting patiently for my videos.  They didn't come, so i call the customer service line which is not an 800 #.  They can't find my order then when they do the fellow tells me it is on its way and I should get it within two days.  Still didn't get it so I call back.  This time they give me a story about it being on back order and being in some sort of shipping wharehouse somewhere.   I ask for a refund of my express shipping and they say of coarse.  I should get my videos by the end of the week.  Again week three no videos.  Called and they couldn't find me again.  Until I gave them my credit card number.  The guy told me he has no way to find out if my order has shipped and I ask to speak to a supervisor...he says he is the supervisor.  Okay so if he can't tell if my order shipped that means guy #1 lied to me.  The shipping department calls me back after numerous messages.  They apologized and gave me the backorder schtick again.   Said they will refund my express shipping.  Oh and upgraded me to VIP status which means I get 60% off videos not advertised....hmmm I don't want any of their movies...plus I am upgraded on their monthly deal...but I cancelled monthly shippings since they can't even fill this order.  I was once again told I would get all my stuff by the end of the week. Ummm.  It is saturday over a month later after I placed my initial order and still nothing.  What a rip.  My thing is they are still showing the infomercial when they told me they didn't have enough to fill their orders already....  I am about to call them and tell them to refund all of me...then again it is after 30 days.... wonder if it will ever show up. 

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