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Grip N Flip Complaints
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7/5/2007 - Lorie writes:
The three items that came with this were nothing more than cheap pieces of plastic, not worth the money. The grip and flip spatula and the 6-in-one were too flimsy to use, except the 6-in-1 could be used to whip eggs as long as you left it latched. I have seen more than one of these in the junk at the thrift shop. The only item that works is the scoop-n-strain. I like it, it is the only piece I kept.

11/5/2006 - Mark writes:
I bought a Grip-N-Flip that came with a Scoop-N-Strain and a 6 in 1 utensil. It was $19.95 and came with a free set. All the products were very low quality, not worth over $5 or $6. The Grip-N-Flip sounds like a great idea, but it does not have enough normally open tension on it and you have to be a contortionist to open it, slide the spatula and then grip what you are trying to flip. It is basically useless. The Scoop-N-Strain works and the 6 in 1 utensil makes a good egg whisk. I never really tried to pick up anything with it. Do not buy this stuff, it is a rip-off.

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