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GS-27 Scratch Remover Complaints
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8/26/2006 - Abbey writes:
Absolute garbage. This stuff did nothing for even the most superficial scratches on my car. Nada. Nuthin. Don't waste your money on this rip-off.

8/2/2006 - Jim writes:
This stuff is pure crap. Don't waste your money. It does absolutely nothing to or for scratches. I've tried it on a few vehicles I own, and in no case did it change the appearance of any scratch or nick. Garbage!

Michael writes:
Well like most used car owners, I had scratches on my car and thought that GS 27 would be the answer. I bought a tube and when I finally applied it to my car, I was very unhappy. The scratches never went away at all. In fact, I think the GS 27 formula just made those same scratches more noticeable. I am not sure which scratches GS 27 actually does get rid of, but unless they are simple buff marks from rubbing, there is no way this cream will get any serious damage out of your car. This product won't save you any money on scratch repair!! 

Christine writes:
I used the GS27 scratch remover too, and it did not work. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but the scratches never disappeared. This product is so unrealistic. Also, after your purchase the product and read the label, at that time only are you informed that it doesn't remove deep scratches. My problem also is that it failed to remove less visible scratches that were not deep. This product is a waste of money and should be removed off the market. If anyone wants to try it, you can have mine.

Emily writes:
To any potential customer(s) who might consider(s) to buy GS-27 Scratch Remover Scams. Like others, I used the GS27 scratch remover for my car, too. And it did not work at all. I scrubbed and scrubbed, but the scratches never disappeared. This product is a waste of money, my effort and my time.It should be removed off from the socity, because it is a scam product.

Nina writes:
GS 27 is a waste of money and did not work as advertised. As a matter of fact, the scratches were more noticible after using this product.

Andrew writes:
My sister purchased the product a year or so ago when it was on sale at a local store.  She hoped it might remove a very light but long scratch down the side of her car.  The scratch came from the zipper on a friend's jacket as she walked by the car.  The scratch did not even reach past the clearcoat, as the color of the paint was still perfectly fine, but the lack of clearcoat in the scratch made it noticeable.  No matter what she tried, the product did not work at all.  In fact, it only made the scratch more noticable.  You could see the product that was deposited in the scratch; it looked sort of like she tried to fill the scratch with toothpaste.  Even if the product had concealed the scratch, it washed of in the rain. A carnuba based wax did a better job of hiding the scratch than this product.

Marc writes:
Dont waste your money, it's junk in a bottle. This stuff won't even work on the smallest scratch... Trust me I've tried on on a dozen or so sratches, some large some small, in direct sun in the shade and the result was always the same... it didn't work!

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