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GT Xpress Complaints
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2/8/2007 - Maureen writes:
Beware of GT Media. I ordered the GT xpress machine on January 15, 2007. Spoke with Dena. She was very nice, and I ordered the buy one get one free. $40.00 plus shipping. She then proceeds to tell me I am eligible to Purchase an Aditional machine for $19.90. This was a double burner machine, and with this I would receive an additional regular machine free, plus shipping. I asked Dena to read to me exactly what I would be receiving. I then typed it into my computer and I read it back to her as follows: "So Dena, let me repeat to you what you just told me, I will received 4 machines, 3 GT xpress and 1 deluxe 4 burner, 1 shaker, 1 spatula, 1 pocket maker, 1 injector, 1 bonus recipe book, and 1 regular recipe book, and my total cost is $89.70 for the 4 machines. Dena replies, "let me check that, yes, that is correct." Again, I repeat, I will receive 4 machines? Yes, Dena replies. I ask, is this a recorded line, Dena replies, yes. I received my shipment on February 6, 2007 and I received 2 machines, a 4 burner and 1 regular. I called 800-357-9213, spoke with Deanna. I told her I didn't receive my total order. She said, you received only 2 machines because that is what you ordered. I advised her, Not true! I gave her the reps name, and I read exactly what I read to Dena. I asked her to check her records for the recording. Deanna said, you ordered this on-line. I said, Not True! Deanna said, "nothing she could do". I would have to eat the shipping cost, plus if I wanted to return them, I would have to pay for that shipping also. I advised her, this is scamming, and the Attorney General will hear about this. I called my credit card company, and they are putting a stop payment on this with an investigation. The credit card company also suggested canceling your cards. I would advise anyone who places an order, to advise the rep that you will record their conversation. Ask the rep to speak exactly what you will be receiving and the total charges, and repeat it to them. Some answering machines have recording. Please be sure to tell the rep you are recording this conversation. If they are serious about the sale, ask them to shoot you a quick e-mail and double check your order with them on the phone. I cannot comment on the machine itself because I have not used it. It is going back. Please take the time to advise your Better Business Bureau and your Attorney General to get this on record if you have a problem.

1/29/2007 - Patty writes:
I ordered this product last September of 2006 and never recieved it, I saw the add again and on January 4 2007 reordered it and still have not recieved it. My debit card was cancelled on the first order but the second order I used my credit card. After seeing all these complaints I think I need to cancel my credit card. How can they allow this Company to advertise on T.V.?

1/28/2007 - Michelle writes:
I saw the infomercial around Christmas time myself. I went through the automated order process, denied everything and did accept the second machine for only shipping. Well, I've yet to see my product. I never received the product yet. I'm trying to search now to see if they already billed my account. Looking at the feedback, I hope they don't. I do know that I put my information out there, and I'm a bit afraid. I found this website because I was looking for a customer service number to call for this GT x-press product.

1/10/2007 - Judy writes:
The GT Xpress is an ok product. I've made up recipes for it. I was told I was told my credit card would be billed around $50.00. $29.99 for the product and $19.95(or $19.99) for ship and handling. I just got my credit card statement and was billed by GT Xpres $83.70. This put me over my limit, seeing it was around Christmas time. Now I will call them in the AM. If that doesn't work, I'm hoping my credit card company will help.

1/10/2007 - Ed writes:
purchased product a couple months ago and like the other people on this website, it was smaller than kathy made it out to be. i was stupid enough to upgrade for my free one to a larger model. it was automated system. yesterday i received 3 more cookbooks and a bill charging my credit card for 15 dollars. the cookbooks are worthless and i did not order them. i called the company and they told me "they are automatically ordered" when you upgrade and cannot refuse them on the automated system and i will receive them every couple months. i told them i did not order them and even spoke to a supervisor who told me i would have to pay to return them. thank goodness that credit card was cancelled before the charge was placed on it. i told them that credit card is no longer valid so good luck trying to get money, i will not pay. if credit card company sends me bill i will dispute charges for this scam. shame on you gt express. shame on you kathy!

1/7/2007 - Richard writes:
Circa June 4, 2006; I was enjoying an afternoon of informercials when the "GT 101 Express" ad came on. The product looked great and they had a fantastic offer, buy 1, get a 2nd one for just S&H only. I'd seen that lady Kathy on infomericals for years and figured (incorrectly) "Well, I can trust Kathy, she wouldn't steer us wrong. How can I lose?". I know that sounds corny and stupid, but it's really what I felt. I figured if you're on TV for like 15 years, you couldn't get away with screwing people over. BIG MISTAKE. First of all, I made the order via an automated system. There was no friendly "Debby, the Time-Life Operator" type to talk to. It was a cold automated system. I incidated I wanted to make the "2 easy installments" of roughly $ 44.50" and it said I'd get my merchandise in 3-6 weeks. OK, fast-forward a week - they charged me the ENTIRE amount of approx $ 89.00 and since I used a Visa-DEBIT card connected to my checking account, it overdrew my account and I was hit with a $ 19 NSF fee by Bank of America. Well, I wanted the product, so I ate the NSF fee. Then around 10 July, I called GT 101 Express and asked for a status on my order. They said it was cancelled. I said, "Who the hell told you to cancel it???". I advised them they better refund my money if they weren't going to send me the merchandise. They advised me I'd get a "full refund" within 3-5 business days. Ok, fine. I was pissed, but what can you do? Well, the "full refund" ended up being for only $ 49.00! I called the company back and they advised me that I had already received a refund. Then I got ANGRY. I "disputed" the partial refund with Bank of America (my bank) and because BofA messed up the paperwork on THEIR end, it was sometime in SEPTEMBER before the claim got submitted. Then they lowered the bomb, it would be around Nov. 28 before I finally got my money back!!! At NO time did BofA indicate that it was unreasonable for me to wait 5 DAMNED MONTHS for me to get my money back. *I* was the victom here, and yet I was treated like a GD criminal by the bank! Meanwhile, I figure the GT 101 express people get to enjoy substancial interest earned in screwing people out of their hard earned money for long periods of time before they are finally forced to return the funds. And GOD knows how many people just gave up, not wanting to deal with the nightmare one begins when trying to get THEIR money back. Which means that I'm SURE many millions of dollars have been essentially GIFTED to GT 101 Express' parent company and all they had to do was defraud people to get it and it's perfectly legal, apparently.

12/27/2006 - Nancy writes:
I purchased the GT Express from the infomercial. It looks like a great product, when Kathy demonstrates it. When the product arrived, I realized immediately that the unit was much smaller than the one shown on the TV commercial. Too small for a hot dog, etc. I was very disappointed. When I returned the product, they only refunded me $30.00, as they charged me 19.90 for shipping handling. It cost me another $10.00 to send it back. So, I have spent 29.90 and don't have the product. It is the last time I will ever purchase anthing Kathy advertises. She is an experienced cook and she is aware the product is not what she advertises.

11/6/2006 - Karen writes:
I bought two of these units, under their special offer. Did check the reviews of the product on [] before buying, but they were unfortunately not bad enough to warn me off. Wish I knew about this site then! Wanted one for home, one for the camper. I seasoned both of the units as recommended, but I did it twice befure using. Also oiled the units before each use. Didn't matter. The food still sticks terribly, and there is absolutely no way to clean them without the cheap, inadequate, "non-stick" coating flaking off. And as soon as I opened the top of the second unit, a part fell off the hinge! It's too bad: the concept is interesting, and a lot of the recipes I made were actually pretty good. My recommendation if you are really interested in something like this? Download the recipes PDF off their site, then look at the similar Salton Short Order Cook, from [], a reputable company.

10/25/2006 - Debbie writes:
I placed my order with the company website and right away found them available way much cheaper []. So I called them the very next business day and tried to cancel my order. They said that once an order is placed it can not be cancelled. They don't have a cancellaiton policy. My order was not even process or shipped and they would not let me cancel. All they are trying to get is the shipping and handeling charge of $30 for 2 machines. This is an dishonest company and I would not recommend dealing with them. It is too late for me even though I even tried calling my credit card company to stop the payment to go though. As for their 'no cancellation' policy which is not mentioned anywhere on their website, I consider it a false advertisement. The staff at customer service were not professional either. Well, I tried to understand how awful they must feel everything to work for such an unethical company. Hopefully the machines will work well becasue they are highly recommened by a relative....

10/9/2006 - Carolyn writes:
I own the GT Express Deluxe and have enjoyed using it. However, recently I had a serious incident with the unit. There appeared to be a short circuit inside the unit that caused the unit to severely overheat. If I hadn't been closeby to disconnect the unit it could have resulted in a serious fire. I contacted the company and they will not stand behind their product.

7/23/2006 - Doug writes:
Saw the infomercial, but did not buy from it did research on the web, and found one on [] for about $30, and ordered it. Once I got it I found many of the misconceptions. First off this thing is small, small is bad when trying to use normal sized food items one finds in the store. The half moon cups which heat the food are 4 3/4" at their longest point. I ask you who can find a 4" tortilla for a low carb wrap? This product uses the best of 70's technology wrapped in 90's hype to make it sound like a deal. At least most waffle makers have heating plates that can be detached from the unit. Not on the GT, infact it can't even be cleaned in a regular manner, one of the most annoying parts of cleaning it are these 1/8" crevices around the heating plates. Even if you don't drip batter or sauce in there, often fried cheese loves to melt into that space, along with cake batter, or any number of ills. The only thing I could find to clean that space was a toothpick or some sort of ice pick. You can just imagine how nasty baked on, or dried food can be. The special little spatula they give you is about a joke, it is as flimsy as a piece of cellophane, however with the odd half mood sized cups, not much else works getting the food out without scratching that precious non stick surface. The silly egg shaker they give you is another joke. If I had to whip eggs in that piece of crap everyday I would shoot myself first, plus who wants to clean 4 pieces of plastic verses a whip & a bowl? Lastly the recipe book is another joke, it is part of the instruction manual, and includes such mouth watering delites as how to make fried eggs( if you need instructions to make eggs you better not be in the kitchen), fried meatloaf sandwich, pizza buritos, quiche, and rice. It is beyond me what moron would want to cook rice in a glorified sandwich maker anyways. Suffice it to say, anything you can make in a pan, or sandwhich maker is included the cookbook of about 40 recipes if you don't count how to make tartar sauce, and 10 or more variations on omlets. Lastly they say you can make desserts in this thing, well in a word you can, but nothing you would really want to admit to made to friends. I tried the chocolate cake, and you make about a dozen 1/2 moon sized cakes which aren't done in the middle. You are better off you spending your money on a good sandwich maker, or a panni grille cause at least they both would have more uses than this laughable wonder machine.

2/18/2006 - Jorge writes:
Me mom bought the GT Express because it looked like such an awesome product on TV.  It took almost two months to get it and when we finally got it - it was a complete dissapointment. Cleaning this thing is quite a workout. Everything sticks to it and nothing on it cooks completely without burning.  After throwing it to the side for a year - my mom begged me to get rid of it by selling it []. I can't get anyone to bid on the darn thing and I do not blame them.

10/23/2005 - Krista writes:
I bought this product from the shopping channel. Not a good move. Seems great but the non stick peels off and stuff sticks to everything in it. I tried seasoning it but it didn't do anything. I don't use it anymore. The thing sucks and wouldn't recommend it. Hopefully a good company take the idea and makes an actual decent appliance out of it. I would buy it from [] if it was made by Kitchen Aid or something.

Aileen writes:
The GT Xpress isn't worth the price I bought it for ($40.00 retail), and it certainly isn't a meal maker if you're making a meal even for a small family of 3. The wells are too small and a dish that takes 20 minutes to cook, not yet including prep time mind you, (Chicken Cordon Bleu, for example, or Quiche Lorraine, 15 minutes cook time) will take you twice as long in fact waiting time in the kitchen if you want to make more than 2 in quantity. Making chicken in the GT Xpress is also quite messy since each well can't handle the size of a regular chicken breast. Gross chicken juice and cheese leak out from the wells (its sides and rear) and cleaning up of the kitchen counter and the actual Xpress gadget is constant. Making quiche with the gadget is also pathetic 'cause the quiche comes out too thin (about less than half of what a normal quiche should look like). Bottom line is, the wells in the GT Xpress are too small. They shouold be wider and deeper, so cooking time is less. And since the GT Xpress also can't be immersed in water or under running water, nor can it be put in a dishwasher, cleaning is a pain.  It takes an extra 15 minutes wiping up the wells and the outside of the thing after cooking. Build-up or cooked-on food in the wells harden and can only be removed by pouring water in the wells and turning the unit back on. You stand and wait for the unit to heat up the water and then you pour the hot water out and immediately wipe the wells with its softened food on it with a cloth or a clean sponge.  This takes 15 minutes easy, yes. It's good for making the pesto-tomato sandwiches, I give them that, but I could've just gotten myself a sandwich maker for $9.99. In conclusion, the GT Xpress' heated top and bottom wells is a great idea to cook food but the wells need resizing to cook more in less time.  And the gadget also needs to be water-proof as cleaning up the build-up food every after usage is the real time-consumer and makes it inconvenient to have. 

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