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Hair-ZX Scams
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Mike writes:
they said it was free...just a $7.95 per bottle shipping fee!  I asked how many bottles!  They said three! I said Ok that's about $24 dollars.  They said I guess that's about right. A couple of days later I checked my credit card account and it was charged $95.40.  I called customer service almost just before they closed and waited about 20 minutes.  Finally a man answered asked me for my name and zip code.  I told him the problem and he said his dad used it and it's worth it!  I said I wanted my money back because I was baited and switched.  He said the product only comes in a four month supply! (Not what the order clerk told me)  I said I want my money back...the said well...our computer is down tonight...call back in the daytime when the technician is at work.  I called back the next day and the line was busy for as long as I tried.  I hope I get the product...just so I don't feel totally screwed!  If I don't I'm going to contact the Federal Trade Commission! 

Joe writes:
I placed an order for Hair ZX over 3 months ago, and it was suppose to be free except for shipping charges. They charged me $234.55 on 1/25/02, and I did not receive anything.

Anne writes:
I ordered HairZX from 800-457-0825 for my brother with the promise made on the tv offer that the first month's supply was free except for shipping charges of $19.95. The customer service representative tried to sell me more months supply of this product, plus many other "offers" having nothing to do with this particular product. In fact, I emphatically stated that I wanted nothing but the offer which my brother had seen on tv. When I received my Visa bill there were charges of $95.40 on my bill from HairZX. Now, shipping from nowhere in the United States could amount to that sum! When I tried to call this number again for customer service assistance, of course I only got a recording. But I was advised to reach them by e-mail at familyproductsllc.com. When I looked this address up on the Internet, I came across this page. IS THERE ANYTHING THAT CAN BE DONE ABOUT THIS AND OTHER SCAMS?

Chris writes:
saw and ad on t.v. for hair zx. four month supply for the cost of shipping and handling for $7.95 (seven dollars and nintey five cents). one and a half month later it arrives. I opened the packing slip. the product was for zero $ the shipping and handling charge was $190.80 [one hundred nintey dollars and eighty cents] i called customer service they listen to me and then hung up after i was on hold for one hour and ten minutes. hard to beleive something like this can go on.I iam going to pursue this. shame on the networks for airing the product. bad NBC bad. shame on the post office who allowed them a bulk mailing permit. and i will never buy anything over the phone nor the internet again.

John writes:
I ordered the Hair ZX Product that was advertised on TV on a commercial. I ordered the Hair ZX product on 12-2-01 and have not received anything in the mail in 4 months. I was told by the Customer Service Rep at 1-800-555-1148 that I would receive this order in approximately 6-8 weeks. I gave the Customer Service Rep my check number #1067, the account number and it was taken out of my account. Hair ZX (Vitafree) took out $95.40 out of my checking account and I have not received anything by the mail so far. This has been 4 months, not 6-8 weeks and I still haven't received anything in the mail. I am not a very satisfied customer at this point. I have called the Customer Service Number numerous times at 1-800-457-0825 and I get a recording or a menu. If you press 1-8 on the menu, the phone will give me a continuous busy signal. If you get the recording, the message is usually hours of operation, then the phone will hang up automatically.

Mark writes:
I ordered Hair-zx (for hair loss) in Feb, 2002 for only one month try. But they sent me the amount for a whole year and charged me $226.60. Besides, the products were different from what they showed on TV. Then I required refund via email because the 800 number never worked. A representative named Alex Aceituno told me to send the products back and to wait for 2 billing cycle. I paid $10 to mail it back and then the company vanished from the earth. It's my first time to meet the scammers. What should I do?

Kris writes:
My story is not that different from the others. A representative of HAIRZX told me that I would receive a four monts supply for the modest amount of $25. This "promotion" was advertised on TV. As I received the package, I discovered that my credit card was charged for $95.40. I tried the 800 Customer Service #: busy during the day, recording during the night. I even went that far to write a letter. Then I gave up before I've read the messages on this page. Let's do something about that scam. Could those guys just cash and vanish in the country with the most developed judical system?

Robert writes:
I used this product, it dosn't Work, the company is Totally unwilling to give any money back, If you pay them They will keep the money!!! They practice Bad Business, the tell you it's FREE so they can say they don't have to refund your money. it's all postage!!! But as We All Know, it dosn't cost 7.50 to send 1 bottle of anything in the mail, it costs approx 1.75 to send all three... So they really charge 22.50 per month supply including postage, non-refundable. with a 4 month min. LET THE BUYER BEWARE!!!!

Justin writes:
Wow, I had an idea that this was a scam but now that I'm reading your stories, I KNOW IT's A SCAM. I ordered the product off tv just like you all did with the 7.50 shippment fee. COme to find out that My card was charged for $75.00 and a 4 month supply. "I must have got off easy" and the crap don't do anything. There has to be something we can do.

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