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Hercules Hook Complaints
Total Complaints: 7
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2/14/2007 - Diane writes:
On Jan. 3, 2007 I was told that I ordered Hercules Hooks. On Jan. 16th $194.94 was removed from by checking account. I called and reported that I did not order the hooks. My mistake was getting mad and hanging up telling the computer I didn't want a set of hooks. The box of hooks finally arrived on 1/30/07. The same day I mailed the hooks back Priority Mail. It arrived 3/31/07 at 3:31. I have called and called and no money returned to my account. I was told that besides the $8.10 it cost to mail back I would be charged a restocking fee. Thats when I blew. Well..Hercules Hooks upper management would take my complaint under advisement. Today is Feb. 14th Happy Valentines Day and still no money. I will never order anything over the phone again. Never do business with Hercules Hooks.

1/29/2007 - Michelle writes:
Ordered Hercules hooks first week of Jan, 2007 and paid for the "rush" delivery in 3-4 days. It is now 3 wks later, and no hooks. When you try to find a ph# on their website, some things you click on are not there! They say you can fill out this form, no form. I emailed "[email protected]" no response. I did a 'live chat', they didn't offer anything but the support email address! Do Not Order these things

1/29/2007 - Wilda writes:
Hercules hooks sounded so good on TV that we ordered 10 for $14.99. It took a while but we did receive 30, a bonus laser level, and our card was charged with $31.90. I called the complaint number given on their website and was given a cancellation number for future mailings. If it ends here, I think I got by a little better than some of the other complaints on this scam site, but I will never order anything from an infomercial again!

1/27/2007 - Rod writes:
I ordered this product about 8 weeks ago and do not have it yet. To order, you have to sit through 10 minutes of automatic sales upgrades, especially a faster delivery upgrade that cost a lot more before the order is completed. Do not deal with these people.

1/3/2007 - Janet writes:
The Hercules Hooks infomercial said $14.99 plus S+H of course. It was an ALL automated phone call and said nothing about the cost of S+H. It only cost $2.07 for them to ship it but they charged us $16.99 for the handling. So we called them and they said it cost $2.07 for shipping but $14.93 for handling!!!! I was outragged!!! Their 10 little hooks you shoved into a little bag, how does S+h cost more than the product!! What a scam, unfortunately they got my $32.

1/3/2007 - Karen writes:
I called sounded great.Holds upto 150lbs.So I thought will not hold a little wall lamp moreless a 150lbs mirror or anything.Was only to pay $14.95 was charged on my credit card $57.82.Then last week was charged $6.34 for shipping charges for me being a life time member??? I called when i finnaly got thought they say that i signed up for that membership,and that i wouldn't be getting a refund, so i asked to speak to a manager. i wanted to be refunded the over charge of $42.87 and the $6.34 that was taken, customer sevice person sayed he could not find a person in charge.NOW WHAT?

12/15/2006 - Sandra writes:
Hercules Hooks is a rip off. They send out products that you do not order and charge ungodly shipping and handling charges. The package was marked $4.73 in US postage... I was charged over $60.00 for shipping and handling. Note the package was an envelope less than 6x9 in size. And to top it off I never ordered the items enclosed. NONE!!!

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