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Hollywood 48 Hour Miracle Diet Complaints
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10/30/2005 - David writes:
This product does work but not exactly in the way you are lead to believe. Basicially it is a laxative. Your colon "the organ that holds feces" can be holding a few ounces up to a couple of pounds of waste that just sits in there for a long time. When you drink the "miracle diet" it just cleans out your colon. That is how you are able to lose a bit of weight quite fast. Once you use it once however, thats all the weight it will help you lose. It takes months or years for you to get the buildup in your colon again, so it is not something you can keep drinking and keep losing weight. There are lots of other products you could buy from a grocery or drug store that will do the same but will be cheaper, so dont waste your money on this AND dont expect great results. You might lose a pound or so but it wont make you thinner cause its not burning fat, just cleaning your system.

Tamara writes:
I was so desperate to loose the weight that I tried every think from Exedrine pills to Slim Fast diet drinks/shakes. One time I bought about 4 cases of the Slim fAST DRINKS/SHAKES AND ONLY FINIOSHED ABOUT 1 1/2 Cases before I realize that this styff was not working on some one has a big appetite for a little person. So I gave the remainding cases to my Aunt eho is a diadetic and then the nutrition in the drink. A waste of my money. When it came to the 48 hour drink I was so comfident that it would work becayse I heard that what ever you eat comes right out of you literally. So it has to be taken on a day or weekend where you have a lot of time to sit at home and use the bathroom all day. That does not sound good ,but I figured I'll by the drink a local health food store and use my card there to save money. Loose weight and save money,very good!!! I thought. Not to be true it did nothing for me at all. The drink was not bad tasting, but I did not go to the bathroom like people told me I would. If something looks to good to be true then it is a scam and just for get it. Only exercising and eating a right meal is the key to weight lost. 

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