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Hollywood's Hottest Video Scams
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Chris writes:
I ordered the Hollywood's HOttest videos off of the TV late one night.  My girlfriend is uncomfortable with "actual porn" and said she'd be more comfortable with these tapes because they are tastefully done...etc...ANYWAY, they don't even show the whole scene - only a few seconds of it, and between scenes, a guy comes on the screen and talks about the scenes and rates them. Both tapes are almost completely the guy talking about the scenes. I feel like I was totally mislead because the commercial made us think that you would see the whole scenes. A TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY! To their credit, it did arrive more promptly than I'd even expected.   We are sending the tapes back (5.95 s&h x2!) and will hope that everything goes smoothly as far as that goes. 

Sebastian writes:
Do not buy Hollywood's Hottest video. Not only the scenes are bad and extremely short, but you have a comedian that'll pretty much make fun of you for buying their product. I was seeing the video thinking: How much worst can it get? Now they just sent me another video when I expressely told the representative to NOT SEND ANYTHING ELSE. They'll also charge you credit card monthly, it obviously doesn't matter what you tell them. Their webpage was moved, there's no contact number and luckily I got the order number and they gave me the 'customer's service number.' I will contact FTC, block my credit card and any other agency I may encounter. The 'customer's service' number is 1-818-4853016. I encourage to take action and do not get humilliated by this people.

Luis writes:
Hi, I was reading what you guys wrote about the scams for Hollywood's Hottest videos. I don't have a problem with the videos but the thing that really bothers me is that they'll keep on sending stuff and charging my credit card aferwards. Sebastian said he contacted the FTC to get them to block his credit card. My question is: What is FTC and how did you get them to block your credit card? I'm thinking I have to do the same thing. I'd appreciate it if you guys can help me out with this one; all I wanted was a few minutes of viewing pleasure and now I've had to deal with this crap for a while.

Dan writes:
I saw the preview for Hollywood's Hottest and thought that wouldn't be too bad. The first time I watched it I realized how much of a waste of money it was for the stupid jokes the guy was making. Furthurmore I had never even heard of half of the movies and the clips were only a few seconds. I found a 24.98 debit off my credit card twice now and I'm a college student who can't afford to be f***ed over every month. This unchecked aggression cannot stand, man!!

Nathan writes:
These videos are ridiculous.  I bought the original body shots video thinking it would be a funny cd to show friends and just a pretty cool video to have.  I was wrong.  The video is horrible and is narrated by some wannabe comedian who ruins the film.  Also, the company sent me an extra video when I did not ask for one, charging my account without asking.  If you'll notice, the website has absolutely no number for you to call in a situation like this.   It is ridiculous and a scam.

Thomas writes:
My wife wanted the hollywood hottest video. So I ordered it and told them I just wanted the first one. Now I got 2 more and I dont want them. They are a waste of money. I tryed calling the number I used the first time and it doesnt work now. There web site is not at all helpful because it dont exisit.

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