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Igia Finally Gone Complaints
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2/9/2006 - Tiffany writes:
I have tried Igia Finally Gone and No It Didn't Work I read the instruction as it was , but still nothing and I felt a slight shock and it was pretty painful and no the hair didn't removal as easy as they say . And I would like to say  the company  I purchase this from when I sent the product back I did not received my refund of my money back and they changed there 1-800 number so   I couldn't call back to ask why they didn't send my money so is been just about a year since then so please don't make the mistake that I did . Thank you for giving me the opportunity for expressing myself about this  rediculus company who would sell products to people who waist there hard earn money on products That Don't Work!

Jeff writes:
Ordered the finally gone hair removal system from igia.  used it exactly as directed.  first they "claim" painless.   the whole time you have it on, its giving you uncomfortable and sometimes painful shocks.  after the electrical treatment, you should be able to effortlessly and painlessly pull the hair out. couldnt be further from the truth.  doesnt do anything at all.  its just like yanking the hair regularly.

Helen writes:
I agree with the previous account, except I didn't get shocked, but I did feel uncomfortable tingles and a pulling of the skin that had me slightly worried. I was very relieved when the timer went off. I also noticed no change in hair removal. I should have known when I read the instructions that you had to "pull the hair out" after. What is the point? It also did not come out any easier which I would have accepted if had. I also didn't like the warning that you might taste something bitter from any fillings in your teeth... SCARY. I have also tried at least four Igia products in the past, and none ever worked as they claimed.

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