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Igia Hair Removal System Complaints
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Agatha writes:
7 years ago I ordered the IGIA Hair Removal System after watching a commercial that demonstrates how its safely and permanently removes hair. After I received it in the mail, I tried it and it didn't work. I called IGIA customer service long distance requesting for a refund. I enclosed a letter in the package requesting for a refund and shipped the package back by certified mail as IGIA customer service instructed. Three months past by had not yet received a refund. I contacted IGIA customer service long distance again and they said they had not received it. I went to the post office and filled  a "lost/missing package location form request"; and received news a few weeks later with documentation that it had been received by the company. I contacted the company that they never received it. This company is a scam rip-off with products that don't work and they don't give you back your money when you request for a refund (even though I had documentation that they received it!!, I lost about $200 in total!!)and their customer service department are incredibly rude, unknowlegable of their company's procedures and uncooperative.  This company shouldn't be airing commercials on TV and am quite surprised that no consumer protection organization hasn't yet done an investigation on them?

Cindy writes:
Igia is a big scam!  Their hair removal system does not work at all.  It's cheaply made and basically a joke!  I cannot believe the claims they made!  It was supposed to be money back guaranteed, so I called their customer service and asked what I had to do to get my money back.  They gave me an address to send the product back to and told me that once they received the product, they would credit my credit card.  I sent the product to the address they gave me, but months went by and I never got any credit back.  I called them numerous times, and got the run around.  Eventually, the phone would just keep ringing and no one would answer.  Then I wrote them an email describing what happened, but never got any reply.  I wrote a second email threatening to report them to the Better Business Bureau, but still got no answer.  Eventually, I got so frustrated that I just gave up and decided that this is a $100 lesson I will remember.  Never buy products from Igia again!

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