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Igia Instant Cover Complaints
Total Complaints: 4
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11/20/2006 - Tara writes:
I too had the same issue. Last year I did order this product and I did receive it but was not happy with the product. I kept it and this past July I received another order of it. I never placed this order and was charged on my credit card for this. I called them and they informed me that I did order it. I told them I wanted to send it back and they told me that they would reimburse me. It has been over three months and everytime I call, I get hung up on after 10 minutes. I also e-mailed them, and didn't receive any response. Very discouraging and I would not recommend anyone buying anything from this company.,,

9/4/2006 - Jessica writes:
I thought that it only happened to me! I am very happy to learn that I'm not the only one! It's been over a year since I ordered instant igia, thinking that soon my problems would be over. With high hopes, I waited without complaint for three months and finally began to call and email. Nothing happened. I would be hung up on, and all my money was wasted! Don't buy this product!

6/20/2006 - Gloria writes:
I ordered Igia Instant Cover almost 3 months ago and have never received the product. I sent a postal money order via Priority Mail. I tracked the money order and it was cashed in by Igia. When you call the phone number on their website, it puts you on hold for about 5 minutes then disconnects the call (tried this several times -- same result). I sent their customer service several emails but haven't gotten any responses (their "auto-response" reads that you'll receive an answer in 24 hours -- not). I will file the usual consumer complaint forms (BBB, etc.) to warn others, but I guess I have to write off the money. I will never again order anything from them. Thank god I didn't use a credit card and give them access to that!

Jamie writes:
About Five months ago, I ordered makeup from Igia. I have never recieved any of it. The money for my order was taken out very quickly, but I still haven't recieved my makeup! I e-mailed them and told them what had happened, and they said I should get it in about three weeks. Well, it is past three weeks, and I still haven't gotten it! I have been trying to call the numbers they have listed for customer service, but no one answers, it just rings or says you need to call this other number for customer assitance. When I call the other numbers they give me, the same thing happens! No one answers!! I am very mad that I wasted money on ordering something from Igia. I will never order from them agian!!! 

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