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Igia Permanent Kiss Complaints
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D writes:
This lipstick is awful! Please don't buy Igia Permanent Kiss.  Unlike most lipsticks that fade as you your day goes on, Igia Permanent kiss drys and literally crumbles off of your lips minutes after application.   These lipsticks come in four unnatural colors that only a child would use to color with.  Oh, and heaven forbid you should accidentally taste the lipstick on your lips.   It's very bitter and stays with you all day. Once again, please be smart and don't try this product. 

Anita writes:
Igia PermaKiss IS AWFUL!  This is such a terrible product that you can't even mix the lipstick in the container in its liquid form!   SO BAD!  I know a really good one from HSN.com ... it's Jerome Alexander Aqua Shine Lip Color. Stick to lighter colors as best you can! That one is VERY liquid in the container and lets me know that's the biggest problem with Igia's Permanent Kiss--what a contrast! Do not EVEN waste your money on the Igia version of this product!

Aremi writes:
I purchased igi permanent lipstick, information provided led me to believe that the product was worth purchasing.When I received the product my disappointed, the product is awful. It dryes up my lips, the taste is terrible. The colors are also not the one that they promised,I tell you is a rip off your money it is a shame that this people are still in bussiness. I would never purchase the product again, i cant even get a refund on this product it was money put in the trash.

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