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Igia Pore Cleanser Complaints
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1/20/2006 - Sulia writes:
A small downtown store was selling this product and I thought ''why not, it was on tv'' I should of kept my money in my purse, this product was a complete peice of junk! You can't go over your face with a hard bristle brush WHAT WERE THEY THINKING!? , and that U-v light, they must get a good laugh out of the people that get suckered into buying their cheap dollar store inventions.   Not even those ''attachments'' worked, they wouldnt stay on the spinner thing, as soon as i lifted it up the would start wobblin and bounce off some place, what a complete waste of money.

1/7/2006 - Carol writes:
Back when this was a new concept, I tried to purchase it from the TV commercials through the 800#. After waiting the 4-6 weeks with no item showing up, I called them and was advised it was on backorder.  When I asked why I was not advised of this before, they told me it didn't show it when I placed my order and they don't have the manpower to notify customers of backorders (postcard maybe??). I cancelled my order and awhile later, purchased it for less (they always charge way too much for shipping and handling anyway. I've never been impressed with Gunthey-Renker) at my local drugstore.  The thing did not work, even using different techniques.  The Biore strips work much better for less.

Joe writes:
I got this product quickly but after the initial use of it, it broke.  So I called the Customer service, they told me to ship it back with this reference number on it and they would replace it.  A couple of weeks later, I received a new one in the mail (I was actually shocked that a Infomercial company didn't mess that up).  However, the commercials portray this product as being quiet and easily gliding over your face and cleaning your face.  Well, they don't have it ON in the infomercial.  The product is VERY noisy and LOUD, and it doesn't work very well.   It doesn't clean your pores by sucking dirt or whatever out of them.  And, the machine can make red spots on you if you're not careful.  I wouldn't recommend this product because it doesn't do a very good job and is too loud.

Amy writes:
Same old story, got it as a gift from my husband and the thing is horrible. I used it 4 times a week and still didn't see anything different. It was just an expensive piece of funny looking machinery. Don't waste your money.

Elise writes:
I purchased this useless product at [] pharmacy.  I have blackheads and I believed the infomercial description of this product.  I tried the machine immediately when I got home but did absolutely nothing for my skin but just made a lot of noise.  The instructions said that if you have trouble you should use it after a long bath or shower when the pores will be open.  I took a very hot bath for 1 hour and I still didn't suck anything out of my skin.   What a waste of time and money.  Just glad I didn't have to pay shipping, handling, and whatever else retarded charges they come up with when you order off the tv.

Kim writes:
My one year old daughter loves playing with this useless waste of good money...at least she enjoys it,right!?

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