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Instant Fisherman Complaints
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10/15/2006 - Sabrina writes:
The worst piece of crap i ever bought, i got it and tried it out, it seemed beautiful and looked good. seemed to cast nicely, until it was used as a fishing rod. it is the worst piece of garbage on the market, it jammed, tangled, casted out about 20 feet not sixty. it was a ruined day. i finally threw at away and went to a tackle shop and bought a real rod and reel and saved the day. Another problem with it is, if you open the reel housing, and put it back it never works right after that. A piece of junk. they should form a class action suit to get all the money back that people are spending on this scam item

10/9/2006 - Rich writes:
Disgraceful. This product has got to be a joke.A really bad joke. But as ridiculous as the actual fishing rod turned out to be, the customer service/support was even worse (mostly nonexistant). I am amazed that it is even for sale still. Folks, do yourselves a favor: if you want to but a small, inexpensive fishing rod, you're better off going to []. You might even get a better deal, simply because [] won't charge you $40 for shipping (when FedEx told me it only costs $7.50 to ship it back to them).

9/11/2006 - Kathy writes:
I purchased this product as a birthday present for my boyfriend. I ordered it over the phone on Aug. 28. My boyfriends birthday was 8 days from that, but I purchased the extra $10 option of rush delivery (guaranteed 2-3 day delivery) to insure that it would get here in time. Needless to say, by, Sept. 5, I had received nothing. It finally came 2 days later! In addition, I opted for a payment plan of 3 monthly payments, but after checking my online banking, found that they took out all $93 in one swoop, which resulted in an overdraft fee of $35.It took a lot of work to get in touch with them, as the number on their website is non-active) I am livid. I am very, very angry. But that's not all. We finally got around to fishing yesterday, and the look on my boyfriend's face was so sad. It took about an hour to get it out of him, but he finally broke down and told me that the "fishing pole" was horrible. One of the cheapest, loudest, bulkyest, most awkward rod he'd ever seen. (He's been an avid fisherman since he was 5 or 6). The saddest part was that he felt so bad about having to tell me this, but I made him. Basically, he said you could get something of the same quality at your local []. I'm returning it today, LESS $40 SHIPPING & HANDLING. **Do not even entertain the thought of purchasing this wad of cheap plastic! Trust me.

8/30/2006 - Anonymous writes:
I am an avid fisherman. I happened to catch an infomercial about "The Instant Fisherman", and the Fishing Rods seemed like a perfect stup for myself. I called the number on the infomercial and tried to order the product. I was told that I could only get information on the Fishing rods after I gave them my credit card information. I refused to give any credit card numbers untill I had more details about the product. I was told that is not possible. I went to their website and read about the items I would be purchasing. Feeling confidant in the product I ordered them on-line. One month after purchase, No items were delivered to me. I tried to contact the company to check on status of my purchases. The number listed on their website is not a valid number. I tried to see if there was any other way to contact them but to no avail. There is no working phone number and the only way is to send them a letter, which of course I got no RESPONSE from them. I am now fighting with my Credit Card Company to cancel the payment, but because I had waited 30 days the charges have already cleared. They offer a 30 day guarentee for their products but 30 days has passed and I have yet to recieve the products. DO NOT PURCHASE "THE INSTANT FISHERMAN" because you WILL NOT recieve the products.

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