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Internet Treasure Chest Complaints
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10/12/2005 - Ty writes:
I purchased this program thinking it could be a great opportunity to make money at home to help buy my family a house. Once I discovered it was a scam I tried to call the 1-800 telephone number to cancel and I was giving  3-4 telephone numbers which led to the first number. Fortunately I didn't pay anything but $40 for the program. However, I was told by the acct. rep. that if I cancelled within 30 days I would be given a full refund. How is this possible if I can't get through to talk to anyone? I am still waiting for my $40. I think these infomercials should be banned and the owners need to be imprisoned so that they could see how it feel to be bent over and F'ed. Ty

Laura writes:
They made promises on the infomercial of easy set up and an inexspensive way to start your own business. Neither is true. Itctv does not tell you of all the hidden costs ( which are exspensive )and when you try to use your 30 day money back gurantee...well, all I can say is, "good luck." 

Mel writes:
I too got scammed by these guys. Paid th $39.95 + a rush fee. Then paid another $500 up-grade for them to design my web-page. They do give a web-site, but all the search engines they promise your site will be on, never show up. Then you get a call fro someone telling you that you need to get the next level of service for only $2,500 you will get people to your site. BULLSHIT it's all a scam, don't buy into it. There's also a charge for accepting credit cards, as well as a monthly charge for having the site that gets no business at all. STAY AWAY FROM THESE GUYS.

Derek writes:
The internet treasure chest made alot claims that were all FALSE! They said that the internet treasure chest package is all you need for a low price of $59.95. Wrong! they forget to mention all the hidden fees. once you buy the product you need to purchase upgrades and such. Let's see, you need to pay $395.00 for a merchant account. And if you decide to cancel your merchant account it costs $300.00. There are more details to that that im not goin to get into. Oh and if you want to cancel your account, they have on their support site that the website id and your phone # are OPTIONAL to fill out, but i guess they don't know what the word optional means because if you hit submit, a little window pops up requesting you to fill out that info. Also i recently found out about the FTC (federal trade commissions) they have lots of things regarding the internet treasure chest. For more info go to, http://www.ftc.gov/opa/2003/07/itc.htm check for yourself. If you would like to try it out for yourself and waste alot of money be my guest. its a long ride. It may be the most horrible ride you've ever been on but its a ride :).

Daniel writes:
On May 12, 2003 I purchased Internet Treasure Chest from the TV infommercial.  I received the package May 22.  After realizing it was nothing but a scam to get hundreds more out of me, I cancelled the package.  I returned the package June 22, 2003.  After a month I contacted them to find out where my refund was.  They told me to phone Meridian One Technologies, as they were handling refunds.  They in turn referred me back to the original people.  This went on several times for the next 4 months.  On October 22, 2003 a customer service person by the name of Mary told me they had no record of me, and that if I faxed proof to her I'd bought and returned the package a refund cheque would be mailed to me.  It's now Nov 17 and have been unable to contact this person.  She doesn't return my phone calls and I've been ripped off.

Alan writes:
Internet Treasure Chest is an internet scam all the way. What started out as a program for under $100 turned out to be an upgrade for a better web site & sell more of their junk. The total cost I paid was over $1800 for my complete turnkey website. The only sale I made was my own to test it, bought the cheapest item , tupperware imitation crap for $15.00. Then, the Merchant account, that was $35 a month. I held on to this site exactly 5 months & 3 weeks before I called the merchant account to cancel. They never said if you wait one more week, we won't penalize you $350, so I got whacked a $350 early cancellation fee with the visa/mastercard merchant account. Every item in the package for sale on "your" site, you could obtain on Ebay for 1/3 the price & cheaper shipping. All the ITC is is a middleman. What sold me was the convincing people showing their site on TV. I looked at the counter & saw 80,000+ hits on the visitor counter so it looked promising. Then, upon setting up my web site which the only good thing is it was very simple to do, I noticed I can set my counter to any number I want, so as to give the appearance I was in business a year or two. Thats when the light went on & I knew I had been scammed. Oh, heres a kicker. After about 4 months, a guy called from the treasure chest & they wanted me to be on a TV infomercial about my success. That was the only humor I got out of that call & said to him what do you want me to do, lie for the company? He said, no, you tell the truth. I said if you look at your F'ing statistics you'll see I didn't sell a damn thing except to myself & even what I received was dollar store junk. Then he tells me I have the "wrong attitude" & approach for success. I had some more nasty words for him before I hung up. Luckily for them at the time, they were distant enough for my travel or lightening would have definately struck. There should be a class action suit against these scamming bastards. But that was 2-3 years ago, I probably don't have a record on a credit card receipt & I'm sure they lose that transaction file anyways. They'll rip off the wrong one someday who will happen to stop in & go postal, then maybe there will be government standards set forth to make sure things are on the up & up before they falsely advertise. All I can do now is hopefully warn others in advance to NOT WASTE THEIR MONEY. I only wish I typed in "internet treasure chest scam" first in the search engine before thinking of buying. I hope I saved someone some big cash. Treat yourself to the best dinner out because if you had bought into this scam, you'd be eating McHeartattacks for a long time.

David writes:
The Internet Treasure Chest is the BIGGEST SCAM of all.  I purchased the basic package about 5 months ago after I watched that FALSE advertisement on TV at the middle of the night.  It sounded awefully good, but as I started to explore it, I saw NO CHANCE of building a successful business using the Internet Treasure Chest except the company itself!  If you look at the selling price the company offerred you on the website, you will find the exact same price on eBay or sometimes even less.  How could you possibly make profit on eBay if the general selling price is the same as what they offerred you?  The Internet Treasure Chest makes the profit but not you.  Don't forget the fact that eBay and Paypal also have their charges.  If you don't sell high enough to cover all the charges, you are actually lossing money.  To Internet Treasure Chest, it makes no difference.   They are still making the money whether you make a sell or not because they also have the monthly service charge or even better if you make a sell although you are not making any profit while they are! I've been trying for about 5 months, but it's simply impossible to make a sell that can give me even the minimal profit!  They've been calling me with the pre-recorded advertisement but I didn't fall for it this time. I am actually calling them while I am typing this report.  They've been passing me back and forth through different people with different numbers as you can expected it.  I posted the company address and the phone number you can call to cancel your service.   Don't even try their customer support number because they will put you on hold and give you another number to call after you waited for 30 minutes or so!  When you call them, don't choose any option regarding to billing question or problems reporting because you will end up talking to the answering machine!  Choose the option related to sell and upgrade, there is always someone to talk to you.  To me, this has been a total failure experiment with my first e-business.  I am just about finish typing and that representative still hasn't call me back yet which he promised me to call me back in about 20 minutes.  I am going to give him another call until he helps me cancel my service and I am going to put a block on their transactions so they can't make any more charges to my credit card. I quit and I should have quitted long time ago.  Although I didn't loss as much money as the rest of the victims, I lost my confidence toward e-business!   Should there is one day that someone is filing a class action lawsuit aginest this company, please count me in!  The world has enough troubles as it is and it doesn't need more companies like this to make it worst!  If you want to start your business, start somewhere else!  If you haven't pull yourself out of this mess, it's about time.  Good luck if you still want to give them a try!

Jamie writes:
I also fell for the Internet Treasure Chest Scam. It is truly a scam. One person stated on here that all you are is a middle man. That makes sense because they never explained to you how the system really worked. I asked where all these products are coming from and I was told "our warehouse" and this man took this attitude like why would I ask such a question. I again said to him "I'm not sure I exactly know how this all works" They want you to not inquire about the company or how it all works. They have you believe that there is this magical warehouse that is just there waiting for your customers to want something from it, and all you have to do is have a website, advertise it and poof...your making six figures in a month...please! That is when I realized it was a mistake...luckily I didn't spend the "big" money, but I did waste my money on the kit. If they cannot include a history of the company or how you'd be working within it along with their so called "treasure chest" it is all just a scam. It is basically affiliate marketing, which anyone can do on their own. Oh and get this, the guy actually said to me that the website that their people make are a great deal, as compared to spending say, $10,000 if you were to have one made yourself...please, $10,000...they are such Bullsh** artists it's unreal. Beware, Do not buy the Internet Treasure Chest!

Justin writes:
First of all, I'de like to say, all these promises, for example, Very inexpensive way to start a buisness, are bull!! I paid over 2,500 dollars trying to get this set up, and it was G-A-R-B-A-G-E!!! Also, I kept on calling them back, over and over for about.. 2 months... and I didn't get anywhere. All I have to say is, do not listen to anything like this, you only lose.

Kim writes:
I seen the informercial of the Internet Treasure Chest on late night tv one evening. I said to myself it looks pretty good and I should give it a try. I call them up and place my order. I said to myself I am going to really see what type of company this is on the net. ( I should of checked this out way before purchasing) Then I found this site and saw nothing but negative reviews and then I was searching throughout the net and noticed that there were alot of site with negative reviews and that this company has a bad rep for the BBB. I got worried and first thing in the morning I called them to cancel. They told me to call back in 4 hours for it needed to be "Updated" in their database. I said okay. I call back exactly 4 hours later and I said I would like to cancel my order. The lady said okay, it is canceled and didn't give me a confirmation # or anything, then she said for me to call back in an hour and I will see if I can catch it from being shipped out (Any normal company would have made sure that the package would not go out the first time a customer calls to cancel). She tells me to call back in an hour, so I called back exactly an hour again. Then I told them I noticed the money was taken out of my account. She said yes and was furious at this point. I told them I have been trying to cancel my order all dam day!!! I confronted them on how much of a scam they were and told them, I am going to the press about there outfit they are running( Which I am still going to do) She told me when the package comes to my house, to refuse the package and return to sender, then she would credit my credit/debit card a full refund of the money. I said not good enough!!! I was extrememly pissed at this point!! I didn't feel comfortble with that company knowing my card info, so I called my bank and blocked my card and got new cards. The internet treasure chest is a total and complete scam and should be reported to the press and to the authorities a.s.a.p. That is my story.

Paula writes:
I purchased the Internet Treasure Chest package for $109.95 which was charged to my credit card.  Then they repeatedly sent the application for the merchants account to me which I could not open.  In fact when I returned it to them, for a full money back refund, I have not yet received anything.   This is from over a year ago.  Also, they are still charging my credit card whenever they want for $29.95 website hosting fee which my credit card company keeps taking back off after about two months.

Suzanne writes:
I orded the internet treasure Chest 5 weeks ago and was sent first off two of them when I refused it, they took over a month to credit my account. Then I struggle to set the website up. I finally got it up and running only to find out that they had very few products in the warehouse plus they charged $7.50 for each item they handled making the shipping and handling say double example a $8.45 item cost $13.56 to ship outrageous. My daughter tried to order and item and asked why each item cost so much to ship they never mentioned this charge in the beginning then they have no products on top of that what a total scam and a waste of money I truly did not have to waste. Oh yes a guy called me and tried to get me to use a credit card and as he put it leverage my account for $1200. to get on the so called fast tract. I told him I didn't have a credit card he quickly got off the phone. They are a total rip off. Thanks Suzanne

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